10 Movies That Don’t Deserve to be on the IMDb Top 250 List

Updated June 9, 2018
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IMDb Top 250 is considered as a holy grail of quality movies by many. Of course, like any other list, IMDb 250 list is also a subjective opinion — more of a collective subjective opinion. That there are millions of regular IMDb users who also rate films on a scale to 1 to 10 lend credibility to the list. Or does it ? Yes, one could argue that people who vote are generally speaking movie lovers, but it is also true is that such public lists are open to manipulation. A group of “fan boys” can get together and vote the movie up – or down for that matter.

I’m not saying that’s the case with IMDb 250; all I’m saying is that open forum like IMDb are vulnerable to such manipulations. Having said that, overall, I feel IMDb 250 is a good collection of solid movies. Do I agree 100% with it ? Of course, not. And that’s why this article: to identify the rotten apples. Here is the list of movies that don’t deserve to be on the IMDb Top 250 List.

10. The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

Let’s be honest. The only reason why ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is one the list is because it’s made by Christopher Nolan. I can certainly make a case for ‘Interstellar’ being on the list — which, by the way, is on the list—but not this film. Not that it is a bad film by any means. It’s just that it doesn’t deserve to be in a list of Top 250 films ever made.


9. Braveheart


How the hell did it manage to find a place in top 250 ? Yes, it is well-made and is an Oscar winner. But who remembers the film now ? I doubt if even Mel Gibson remembers it. A war film that’s a good one-time watch. I can’t dare to revisit this again.


8. A Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind

‘A Beautiful Mind’ tells a beautiful story – or rather, attempts to.  It just doesn’t choose the right way to tell it. Melodramatic and overly sentimental, it feels dishonest rendering of a troubled genius’ story.


7. The Martian


This is honestly a laughable choice. Probably, it will drop off the list with time, but a rating of 8.0 to this decently-made-but-not-exceptional film seems ridiculous to me. And especially when a much better film ‘Gravity’ couldn’t find a place on the list.


6. The Imitation Game


A clear case of people voting for the central character of the story and not the film itself. Just because ‘The Imitation Game’ tells a story of a tragic hero figure doesn’t automatically make it a great film. It’s strictly an okay film.


5. The King’s Speech


“But isn’t it a Best Picture Oscar winner ?” You might ask. “Not all Best Picture winners are great films” I would reply if you ask. Though, I concede that it is an enjoyable one-time watch. When you try to watch it the second time, you can see right through the empty core of it.


4. The Avengers


It’s obvious why the film is on the IMDb 250 list: Marvel fans. How many of you can hold your hand on your heart and say this: ‘The Avengers’ is one of the top 250 films ever made. None, I’m guessing. Okay, may be a few who haven’t seen 250 movies yet.


3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2

Harry Porter

Clearly, millions of Holly Potter fans made this happen. Otherwise, inherently a kid’s film has no place on this list. Some good visual effects; some interesting characters; superb costumes and make-up. None of that guarantees a great film, which ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2’ is not.


2. Sin City

Sin City

How the hell did this action extravaganza manage to break into this list, I’m wondering. It’s stylishly made and is sporadically entertaining. But that’s about it. A mediocre action film on its best day.


1. Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

I’m not surprised by its presence on the list. Having said that, presence of films like ‘Life is Beautiful’ is the reason why I’m not a big fan of IMDb 250. ‘Life is Beautiful’ is the very definition of what “manipulation of emotions” means in cinema. Every choice that the director in the film makes is to make sure that audiences cry – well, at least the easily gullible ones. I would even argue that the film deserves place in IMDb Bottom 250 than IMDb Top 250. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But still.


  • This is an article that someone published. In public. On purpose. And not on their own blog. To a real site. At least, I think this is a real site. This article certainly doesn’t indicate that it is. Someone who clearly doesn’t understand film wrote this, and then someone else went “yup” and put it online. Not that I disagree with everything on this list, but the majority shouldn’t be here, and the commentary about them is ridiculous. I’ll use the writer’s word here: this article is LAUGHABLE.

  • Who ever wrote this , remember you are just an ASSHOLE ? If you dont like it you can just shut and write your own blog than writing in public

  • am i the only one here who agrees with this article!……or should i say the only one with any brains here?all the butt hurt fanboys …some must have stop reading just after the first title.

  • Who allows kids like this with zero knowledge of films and dumb opinions to write an article for cinemaholic? There is no material here …

  • To the author,
    I genuinely understand your plight to bring awareness to the kinds of mediocre film we here India have been gaping our mouths to and it must be very painful to see these people’s lack of willingness to accept that but do not wallow in it for there are people ike me and many others who do understand and hopefully these people will too when they’ve seen really great films like we have for we all know CHRIS NOLAN is just a gateway drug…
    With love,
    A subscriber 🙂

    • So you are one Tarkovsky or almodovar fan,huh?? This topic is totally absurd btw, IMDB allows so called dumb movie fans like us to rate a movie however we want..So, intellectual people like you will always find something that you disagree with. Don’t waste your precious time for that, instead look for the recently released blu ray version of Blow Up (1966). I tried very hard to bring myself to your level, hope it worked.

  • Hp and avengers in 250??? smh. I love a lot of the movies above but you made some very accurate points regarding Imitation Game, Beautiful Mind, King’s Speech.

  • Maybe you should not be in this planet…
    Life is Beautiful’ ? Seriously… there are shit films on that list but… Life is Beautiful’…. why don’t you go fuck yourself…

  • Sin City? Fuck you asshole. The only noir film shot like a genius and tints of red so masterfully captured, that they elate the overall tense environment to next level and here you think it doesn’t deserves rather the overrated shitfest Boyhood deserves why? Because it took 12 years to shoot….lol dumbshit, learn to criticize rationally than emotionally.