13 Reasons Why Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Theories, Update

’13 Reasons Why’ is an American teen drama web television series that airs on Netflix. The show first premiered on March 31, 2017. It is based on the 2007 novel of the same name by Jay Asher. Brian Yorkey developed the show for Netflix, and the project is backed by July Moon Productions, Kicked to the Curb Productions, Anonymous Content, and Paramount Television. Joseph Incaprera is the producer, while Brian Yorkey, Diana Son, Tom McCarthy, Joy Gorman Wettels, Steve Golin, Michael Sugar, Selena Gomez, Mandy Teefey, and Kristel Laiblin are on board as the executive producers.

The series basically follows a recounting of the events that led to the suicide of a high school girl Hannah Baker, as heard on the tapes she recorded, by a boy called Clay, who was in love with her. The show stirred major controversy upon release for the depiction of the scene of the suicide and polarized viewers in both camps, who either argued in praise of the show’s realism or argued against it, stating statistical studies that suicidal people, upon seeing it depicted on screen, might be driven to the act itself. Controversies aside, the show is a very smart look at the bullying culture and petty politics in high school that might sometimes become unbearable for a person.

13 Reasons Why Cast: Who is in it?

The main cast of ‘13 Reasons Why‘ includes Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen, Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker, Christian Navarro as Tony Padilla, Alisha Boe as Jessica Davis, Brandon Flynn as Justin Foley. There are several other students with whom Hannah’s life intersected, and who each impacted her in different ways in the days leading up to her suicide. However, there are several supporting characters as well, who help the drama unfurl, and give each character a vivid richness in their life stories.

In the upcoming season, we expect all of the core actors to return, and while Hannah died before the start of the initial season, she was continuously shown in flashbacks, almost like a specter haunting the consciousness of those at her high school. However, the upcoming season might focus a little less on her.

Minnette spoke about the possibility of Hannah’s return, saying, “There’s a whole life that Hannah had, and there’s more we can learn about her. Overall, learning more about her is more important to the entire narrative”. However, the show maker wants to give other characters the limelight, and a chance to play out their stories in the same detailed manner that Hannah got to tell hers. He said, “The loss of Hannah will continue to be the inciting traumatic event for this group of kids and parents. It will always be part of the story. But I don’t see a tremendous continued presence for Hannah because I think we needed her to finish telling everyone else’s side of her story and we needed her so that Clay could get to a point of saying, ‘I love you and I let you go’. If the story does continue, and certainly there is lots more to know about a lot of these characters, then the spotlight focus on Hannah Baker is probably done.”

Langford, for her part too, seems to have said her goodbyes to the character but also added that Hannah’s presence would continue to be felt throughout the seasons. It is true that the others will keep her alive in their memories, and thus we might see brief flashes of the girl who set the entire show in motion.

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13 Reasons Why Plot: What is it about?

’13 Reasons Why’ is basically centered around two storylines which are linked by the tragic suicide of Hannah Baker. One storyline goes into the aftermath of her suicide, and how various characters who had interacted with her, are affected by this, and how they deal with her death. However, through the tapes that Hannah made, 13 tapes placing the blame on various people whose actions and behavior drove her to suicide and where the show gets its name from, we also see the past, that is, the events that all led up to her suicide.

The suicide seems to be a looming factor that permeates the entire show, and Hannah is always around the corner like a watchful spirit, ensuring that even if justice is not delivered, there is an acknowledgment of actions. Naturally, the graphic nature of the suicide, and the way the show’s narrative moves has drawn most of the viewers’ attention to that aspect of the show being primary.

However, I believe ’13 Reasons Why’ is one of the most smartly packaged shows out there, especially its first season. The sophomore season becomes a little insufferable thanks to the legal embroilments which tones down the powerful messages that the initial season was not afraid to shoot across to the viewers. The show took on a lot of pertinent and insidious issues that people face in high school, and at other stages of life as well. We see instances of outright sexual assault, sexual harassment, the persistence of the male gaze, and the otherizing of someone based on their sexual choices.

Moreover, Hannah is constantly subjected to a degree of objectification, from everyone, including Clay, who somehow seems to suffer from some kind of a savior complex, and sees Hannah as someone in need of rescuing. These are themes that would normally not be easy to grasp, or are often contested or outright dismissed in certain circles. However, the show smartly ties in suicide to all of these themes, forcing all viewers to care for it. A word must be said for Langford’s performance, who encapsulates hopelessness, fierce defiance, confrontational attitude, and back to helplessness in the most humane manner that will have your heart ache for her.

Hopefully, the upcoming season will continue in a similar manner, and we will see the rest of the story pan out for the characters involved. The show is hard-hitting and reflects the truths about how social biases work, and it is most evident in high school. The series is not afraid to show these truths, as we saw a bullied boy almost carry out a school shootout, something that is infamous in the USA. However, the series stopped a step short of that. Nonetheless, the message was well received, and we will see where all the characters go from here, and hopefully, there is going to be a long process of unlearning over the seasons where the realize the errors of their ways and try to change them. Notably, the show makers also had an idea of portraying the show in a manner similar to ‘True Detective‘. That means they would probably move on to a different group over the seasons. While it has not happened yet, that does not mean that in the future we will not see a different group, with its own set of dynamics and each character with their own secrets to bear.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 premiered on May 18, 2018. Netflix ordered a third season in June 2018 considering the popularity of the show. Even though no air date has been announced, our best guess is that ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 3 release date could be sometime in October, 2019. We will update this section as soon as we hear more.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Trailer:

While we wait for the next season, you can refresh your memories of the show by checking out the trailer for Season 2 below. If you have not watched the show at all, I would definitely recommend watching it, at least the first season, because there are very few hard-hitting teenage dramas out there, and this show stands with the best of them.

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