25 Best Directors Working in Hollywood Today

Who are the best directors working today? Before we answer that question, let’s set the rules of the game. Filmography matters; but the more important considerations that we made to come up with this list were: Is the director at top of his or her game? Is his/her next movie awaited by critics and audiences alike? And does he/she have the ability to experiment and expand the horizons of cinema? Therefore, you will observe, a Steven Spielberg or even Woody Allen, who have the best filmography among all in the list, a figure lower in comparison to someone like Scorsese or David Fincher who are still at the top of his game and are not shy to take the risks. The relative newcomers like Shane Carruth or Ava Duverney may not have a long filmography but they are very exciting prospects and therefore have found a place on the list. Overall, the shortest way possible to summarize the method we utilized to rank down this list of best film directors is asking this question to ourselves:

“What is the likelihood of this director’s next film being great ?”

The less the likelihood, the lower the ranking. Of course, some consideration has been given to the filmography too, but the current form takes the precedence over experience. 

With that said, here is the list of top directors working in Hollywood today.

25. Darren Aronofsky

There’s no question that Aronofsky is a solid filmmaker. He has made some excellent films like ‘Requiem of a Dream’ and ‘Black Swan’ that show his class. But his last effort ‘Noan’ was a big disaster and that brought his stocks down. We’ll have to wait and see if he can come back from such a setback.

Notable films:
1. Requiem of a Dream
2. Black Swan
3. Fountain


24. Ava Duverney

Duverney’s first film ‘Middle of Nowhere’ was very well received. But it’s with her Oscar nominated film ‘Selma’ that she has been creating waves all around. It is widely accepted belief now that she is here to stay. Not only stay but dominate for next several years.

Notable films:
1. Selma
2. Middle of Nowhere


23. Sofia Coppola

Well, at least one Coppola made the list — and at this point of time, the more deserving one. Coppola’s Lost in Translation is one of the best movies of the 21st century. While her film ‘Somewhere’ may not be in the same league but it is still one of the best movies ever made on father-daughter relationship. We are waiting to see what more she has got up her sleeves.

Notable films:
1. Lost in Translation
2. Somewhere
3. The Virgin Suicides


22. Steven Spielberg 

Spielberg since the beginning has been a visionary with the consistently interesting subject matters he chooses for his films. His filmography is long and although some may not be as successful as others, he still is relevant even today. Though, arguably, his films don’t invoke the same excitement as it did a decade back.

Notable films:
1. Schindler’s List
2. Saving Private Ryan
3. Jaws


21. Shane Carruth

His first film ‘Primer’ made science geeks shit in their pants. His second ‘Upstream Color‘ floored everyone — from critics to the geeks.  He has the potential to become the next Christopher Nolan, but then, he has expressed his dislike of working with studios and get dictated by them. But may be not anymore ! His next film ‘Modern Ocean‘ is promising to be something spectacular on a grand scale. We’re waiting with baited breath.

Notable films:
1. Upstream Color
2. Primer

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20. Spike Jonze

Jonze’s last film ‘Her’ wowed everyone, from audiences to critics. His debut film ‘Being John Malkovich’ is still considered a genius work. Known for his inventive stories and brilliant execution, Jonze is a serious talent to watch out for.

Notable films:
1. Her
2. Being John Malkovich
3. Adaptation


19. Alexander Payne

Alexander Payne starting gaining recognition after  ‘Election’ wowed the audiences at Sundance film festival in 1999. Later Payne went on to direct “Sideways’ and a segment of the omnibus film ‘Paris Je T’aime’. He has still continues to maintain the good form in films as evident in the success of his last effort ‘Nebraska’.

Notable films:
1. Sideways
2. The Descendants
3. Election


18. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck was all but written-off as an actor. His second innings started when he turned director with ‘Gone Baby Gone’ where he showed his directing chops, which he was, and still is, great at. That also resurrected his movie-career, and soon he became one of the names to reckon with, so much so, that when he was snubbed by the Academy [remember he didn’t get nominated for Best Director for Argo] a wave of sympathy allowed him to take Best Picture prize.

Notable films:
1. Argo
2. The Town
3. Gone Baby Gone


17. Bennett Miller

Bennett Miller might not have the biggest filmography but his films have all been huge critical success stories. It started with ‘Capote’ , a biopic about Truman Capote during the period when he wrote ‘In Cold Blood’ followed by ‘Moneyball’ and ‘Foxatcher’ that have both garnered huge support from critics. We are sure that we’ll continue seeing some great work from him in future.

Notable films:
1. Moneyball
2. Capote
3. Foxcatcher


16. Wes Anderson

Anderson is a director with a unique artistic vision. This writer-director probably doesn’t have the most commercially successful films on his résumé but his very definite style has gathered a core fan following and keeps increasing with each release. The themes of his films are generally lighter, quirky and many a time venture into fantastical territory. With brilliant set designs and art direction coupled with some great cinematography, his films have a specific look, which his fans have come to expect in all his efforts.

Notable films:
1. The Royal Tenenbaums
2. Rushmore
3. The Grand Budapest Hotel


15. Ang Lee

A two-time Academy Award winner, Ang Lee, may not be unique in his directing style but he has a highly efficient and powerful way of delivering the message through his films. Ang Lee came into limelight after his period film ‘Sense and Sensibility’ gained massive traction including a few Academy Awards nominations. He at times may wander off and direct something like ‘Hulk’ but when he directs something like ‘Brokeback Mountain’ or ‘Life of Pi’, he excels beyond words.

Notable films:
1. Brokeback Mountain
2. Life of Pi
3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


14. David O Russell

After the success of his indie dark comedy ‘Spanking the Monkey’ he moved on to higher budget films such as ‘Three Kings’. His ‘I Heart Huckabees’ didn’t impress the critics but since then has gained a cult following. His career got a second wind after ‘The Fighter’. Since then, he hasn’t look back and has been delivering one massive critical and box-office success after another.

Notable films:
1. Silver Linings Playbook
2. American Hustle
3. The Fighter


13. Kathryn Bigelow

Bigelow started off with short films and then went on to direct her first features length film ‘The Loveless’. Even though she kept directing films she wasn’t really noticed until ‘The Hurt Locker’, which catapulted her into one of the most sought after directors after she became the first female to win the Best Director Oscar. Her next ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ turned out to be an even better film and had the controversy not marred that film, we could have seen her win Best Picture again.

Notable films:
1. Zero Dark Thirty
2. The Hurt Locker
3. Strange Days


12. Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen, born in London, came into spotlight after his début film  ‘Hunger’ made a splash across film festivals. Steve McQueen has only made 2 other features since then namely ‘Shame’ and ’12 Years A Slave’. Although ‘Shame’ remains his best film, McQueen really was elevated into top ranks after ’12 Years A Slave’ won Best Picture at the Oscars. McQueen’s directional styles include long shots with minimal camera movements, slow pacing for more powerful experiences and unique narratives.

Notable films:
1. Shame
2. 12 Years A Slave
3. Hunger


11. Damian Chazelle

In a career spanning just three films, Chazelle has shown what a sparkling talent he is. Soon to become the youngest ever to win an Academy Award Best Director, Chazelle has not only announced himself on the biggest stage but also ensured that he will remain one of the most sought out directors in Hollywood for next few years at least. After all, it is not easy to give two back-to-back outrightly brilliant films.

Notable films:
1. La La Land
2. Whipalsh


10. Alfonso Cuaron

Cuaron catapulted into one of the most respected directors after his Spanish film ‘Y Tu Mamá También’ got cinema-enthusiasts interested — and is still considered a classic. However, he truly arrived in Hollywood and that too in a big way when he directed the brilliant ‘Children of Men’. Finally, he received the well-deserved Oscar for the space-drama ‘Gravity’, which has now made him one of the biggest names to reckon with in Hollywood.

Notable films:
1. Y Tu Mamá También
2. Gravity
3. Children of Men


9. Christopher Nolan

Unquestionably, the biggest moneymaker in Hollywood now. Also, the only director on the list with a near superstar status and following. With films like ‘Inception’, ‘The Dark Kinght trilogy’ and Interstellar’, Christopher Nolan has found out the formula to have a massive audience as well as stay within realms of serious cinema. He is taking on a different challenge with the World War-II based with next film ‘Dunkirk’.

Notable films:
1. Memento
2. Inception
3. The Dark Knight


8. Alejandro González Iñárritu

Inarritu, with his first film ‘Amores Perros’, came into limelight after the film got nominated for Best Foreign Language Oscar. After that, he continued his exploration of love, revenge, and death through his dark-themed movies like ’21 Grams’ and ‘Babel’. His foray into dark comedy was welcomed with open arms when ‘Birdman’ received a universal acclaim for his vision and courage. His next ‘The Revenant’ further proved his talent. Now, he is a two-time Best Director Oscar winner — a feat achieved by only a few directors in Oscars history.

Notable films:
1. Birdman
2. Amores Perros
3. 21 Grams


7. Denis Villeneuve

Is it possible to make five consecutive great movies. Well, yes. If you are Denis Villeneuve. The kind of run Villeneuve is having for last few years, has never been seen in recent past. Even if directors make consecutive great movies, they do so over a long period of time with considerable gap between movies. But not Denis Villeneuve. He has made five movies in last five years.. all of them great. And one more thing: His movies belong to all genres and budgets. That’s important.

Notable films:
1. Arrival
2. Prisoners
3. Sicario


6. The Coen Brothers

If there are two names that reeks quality, they are Joel Coen and Ethan Coen. For the last 25 years, they have given us one great film after another. From  ‘Fargo’ and ‘The Big Lebowski’ to ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, the Coen brothers have such an individualistic artistic stamp over every film of theirs that you don’t need more than a scene to realize who directed them.

Notable films:
1. Fargo
2. The Big Lebowski
3. No Country for Old Men


5. Richard Linklater

If you really want to learn about the beauty of life and its small insignificant moments, take some time out to listen to this guy. His observations about life are incredibly enlightening. Not surprisingly, he has made films like Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight and Boyhood that are nothing but extracts out of ordinary life. No fancy story-telling, no car crashes, no heroes, no villains. His films have just humans: flawed and real. Richard Linklater might have lost the Oscar (he may actually never win one, just like the two directors before him in the list), but he will go down in history as one of cinema’s greatest filmmakers.

Notable films:
1.  Before trilogy (Sunrise, Sunset and Midnight)
2. Boyhood
3. Dazed and Confused


4. Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Anderson found success and fame with ‘Boogie Nights’. From there on, Anderson has gone into the different genres of filmmaking and come out with products unexpectedly entertaining to watch. Films such as ‘Magnolia’, ‘Punch-Drunk Love’, ‘There Will Be Blood’ and ‘The Master’ all are essentially as different from each other as they can get. His last effort ‘Inherent Vice’ was disappointing, but that doesn’t mean we have lost hope in him.

Notable films:
1. Magnolia
2. Boogie Nights
3. There Will be Blood


3. Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino is one of those directors who has studied film history in detail and derived a completely new style of his own. Tarantino also has the added advantage of being a very talented writer as we have seen in cult classics like ‘Pulp Fiction’ or any other film of his as a matter of fact. Every single film in his filmography is nothing short of brilliant and calls for multiple viewings. He has legions of followers who in themselves are a proof of his immense talent.

Notable films:
1. Pulp Fiction
2. Inglorious Basterds
3. Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2


2. David Fincher

Fincher started out as a music video director and from there on he has created some of the biggest cult movies of all time. David Fincher seems to be more attracted to the darker aspects of life and he sure does manage to pull it off in style. Be it his classics like ‘Fight Club’ or ‘Se7en’ or his later films like ‘Zodiac’. With ‘The Social Network’ and most recently ‘Gone Girl’, he continues to deliver one quality film after another.

Notable films:
1. Zodiac
2. Fight Club
3. Se7en


1. Martin Scorsese

Right up from ‘Mean Streets’ up to his latest ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Scorsese generally takes challenging projects and genres and makes it his own. He is the only director working for more than 40 years and yet hasn’t lost the touch with either the audiences or the critics. His 70 and 80s peers like Coppola may have gotten lost in the oblivion, but he continues to produce movies that collect more than 100 million dollars at the box-office and also, get nominated for ton of Oscars. Unarguably, one of the greatest directors of all time, Scorsese knows how to reinvent himself with every film and that’s why he sits at the top of this pile of directors.

Notable films:
1. Taxi Driver
2. Raging Bull
3. Goodfellas

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