5 Best Movies With Ambiguous Endings

“Wait!!! What just happened”? Haven’t all of us been in such situations in the past while watching a movie? Sitting through a fairly candid movie only to find out that the line didn’t go where it was supposed to go. The ambiguity of the climax made us scratch our heads for days. We came up with self-made theories only to content ourselves.

Here is the list of 5 best ambiguous movie endings that are open to viewer’s interpretations. Mind you, SPOILER ALERT!!!


5. Total Recall


This movie can be termed as ambiguous on a whole. Arnold Schwarzenegger visits a special facility to implant fake memories of his non-existent mission to mars only to find out that those memories already exist. He then tries to find out whether the recall messed with his mind or whether those memories really existed. In the end both Arnold and viewers are on the unsure side.


4. American Psycho


Who can forget Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in this psychological thriller. A Wall Street guy who is very conscious of his appearance occasionally commits brutal crimes or does he? A movie which is pretty much straight forward till the penultimate scene leaves you puzzled in the final scene. The scene where you realize that Patrick may or may not have committed those heinous crimes is as confusing as it ever could be.


3. Birdman


The best film of 2014 is a film-viewing experience of a kind. This movie is known for its linear storytelling, where the scenes are blended together without any cuts, and the ambiguity surrounding the climax. Michael Keaton tries to desperately come out of the shadows of Birdman, a superhero character which he portrayed during his heydays. What puzzled the viewers is the window scene in the climax where Emma Stone looks down from the window and up into the skies and smiles. Did Keaton actually die or what was it that Stone saw? (We tried to answer that for you)


2. Inception


Everybody saw this coming. How can this movie not be on this list. Leonardo Di Caprio as Cobb is hired to implant an idea in a target’s mind using dreams as a medium. Cobb accomplishes the task successfully and as a part of the deal gets to reunite with his family in the end or does he? Numerous articles have been written all over the web explaining the climax of the movie but the answer to which only the spinning totem knows.


1. 2001: A Space Odyssey


This movie has truly the mother of all obscure climaxes. David Bauman and his crew take a space mission to Jupiter in order to investigate a mysterious monolith. Things go wrong when the AI murders the entire crew except Bauman due to a slight malfunction. In the final scenes Bauman is thrown though a wormhole and is seen floating in space as a star child. This last scene gets everyone. What happened inside the wormhole? Did Bauman become god? Trust me this requires repeated viewings.

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