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About The Cinemaholic

The Cinemaholic is one of the fastest growing entertainment websites. We cover cinema.. but with a difference. We make lists, review movies, express opinions like most other entertainment websites out there, but what separates us from them is that we cover cinema as a way of life. So, on The Cinemaholic, you will also find tips for better movie-viewing experience and explanation of the nuances of filmmaking. Our team of die-hard cinema lovers (“cinemaholics”) make sure that you get the most engaging and informative content from the world of cinema. In a nutshell, The Cinemaholic is the place to be for everything you ever need to know about cinema.

Team Cinemaholic

Gautam Anand

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Aditya Mandhane


Akhilesh Chakravartula

Associate Editor

Ashes Roy


Anmol Titoria