Abuse of Power Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

The popularity of true crime as compared to the rest of the mainstream genres on reality TV has never been linear, and until recently the scene was dominated mainly by game shows. With the new influx of true crime originals every spring slate on significant networks like Investigation Discovery and Oxygen, however, true crime is back on its feet as one of the largest mainstays for casual, unscripted TV (as opposed to the more academic docuseries). Nevertheless, even at the peak of its popularity, true crime is rife only with covering highlighted crimes and scandals that were among the most infamous of its decade – the category in which, it can be argued, even historical assassinations like that of JF Kennedy can be incorporated.

As a result, the smaller commonplace crimes, minuscule in magnitude, but no less in cumulative impact, get overlooked. And save for crime, many of the shows only measure their presence by shock value and the degree of transgression in one instance. The less immediate and more systematized acts of violence and abuse are thus more obscure. This is exactly what Oxygen’s recent addition to its true-crime roster wants to bring to light. ‘Abuse of Power’ takes a look at some of these systematized and long-term crimes that go unreported more often than not.

Abuse of Power Season 2 Cast: Who’s in it?

‘Abuse of Power’ makes use of the documentary format for the most part, except for the narrator, which it tweaks to make almost absent. In the first three episodes, Lauren Sivan’s commentary serves as an interlude between the enactments. So if a second season brings in more events to investigate in another four-episode special, Lauren Sivan will possibly take up the central commentator’s spot again as far as casting is concerned. As for the actors in the emulated character roles, it features mostly young entrants into the silver screen – including Allie Donnelly (who played Sadie in ‘Sins Are Scarlett’) as Theresa and The Sauce Boy-starrer Lauren Biazzo as Virginia Messick. These actors generally are not cast in more than one episode for major roles, so it is difficult to stipulate whether any of them will be back for the second season. We will have to wait for Oxygen to disclose the official cast.

Abuse of Power Season 2 Plot: What is it about?

In the four episodes, Abuse of Power attempts to explore four instances where power was abused to perpetuate some mercenary motives over a period of time. Possibly the best example is the second episode, which features how a young girl’s life was trapped in submission as she grew up in a polygamist community. For the second season, the curtain will be drawn up for a scathing exposition of more of these internalized crimes enabled by positions of power.

Abuse of Power Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Abuse of Power’ covers an area of crime that hides in plain sight, and which many other shows overlook. For this reason alone, the show may potentially have a long shelf life on the weekend primetime slots for Oxygen, and we can expect another season by 2019. However, the show is still awaiting a renewal. An official air date for season 2 is therefore unknown.

Abuse of Power Season 2 Trailer

With no news of renewal in sight yet, it is safe to assume that filming has not yet begun for the show, and the second season has not been scheduled as such yet. So naturally, there is no promotional content like trailers or teasers available for it yet. Instead, what you can do for now is watch the official trailer for the debut season here for a glimpse into the show.

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