5 Actors Who Could Play Cable In Deadpool 2

Updated April 8, 2017
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Cable is a name that has skyrocketed in the past year or so, after being mentioned in the sequel for 2016’s blockbuster ‘Deadpool’. To audiences who aren’t aware of this time traveling mutant’s identity, he is the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey’s clone (Madelyne Pryor). Nathan Summers a.k.a Cable was created in 1986, but it wasn’t until 1990 that we got to see the real Cable. He was intended to be Professor X’s successor, to lead the New Mutants and as a man of action who was the opposite of Charles Xavier.

Though Cable has usually teamed up with the X-Men as they fight for the same cause, the rights of mutants, his stance in ‘Deadpool 2’ might be antagonistic. He shares Colossus’s views on importance of morals, being a trained warrior and hopes of a better world for his kind, but is exactly the opposite in executing that and will destroy anything that comes in his way. Cable will not let Deadpool’s antics get in his way and may try to wipe away the beloved antihero. But, these are just assumptions and we can only be certain once the movie releases. Till then, let’s look at the 5 Actors Who Could Play Cable:


5. Pierce Brosnan

The hype around Brosnan to play Cable started when the veteran Bond actor shared a photo with Wolverine and Deadpool, and people were already dreaming of the three badass mutants sharing the same screen. Brosnan has always been an action star, and though he may not possess the physique to boast about his exploits, he surely has the experience and charisma. With a silver mane, the actor does give a natural rugged look to Cable, and isn’t at a stage where he cannot undergo physical transformations (take a look at J.K.Simmons as Gordon), which can always be enhanced by the very effective CGI that was visible in Deadpool.


4. Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm. The man your girlfriend’s got on the wallpaper of her phone. Jon Hamm can be brash, suave, chivalrous or a stern ethics-concerned man. Not all of these qualities are required for the role of Cable though, but the upright sternness and brashness surely are. Hamm is also the personal top pick for Deadpool director Rob Lefield, with Lefield himself posting an image of the actor as Cable, on Twitter. Hamm has in the past, always kept himself at a distance from superhero films, considering himself as a person, unaccustomed and a bit old for such material. But the role of Cable is a very adventurous one, he’s got the morals of Superman and the guts of the Punisher. Add his incredible powers and time traveling capabilities, and he is an invincible figure which may intrigue Hamm. But as of now there has been no comments from his side.


3. Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman is no stranger to superhero movies. With an antagonistic role in ‘Blade II’ and his portrayal of Hellboy, he has made quite a statement using his commanding physique and expletive laden vocabulary. Throw the biker persona in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ into the mix and you get the brash savageness the role desires. Since Stephen Lang cannot be a part of the project because of conflicting schedules for ‘Avatar’, Perlman remains the fan favorite. Perlman is very handy with heavy artillery, a process that takes months for actors to get used to. His experience with roles that require extensive make-up may turn to be a plus point, since the creators can then turn to a practical alternative for Cable’s get-up instead of CGI. ‘Hellboy’, ‘The Name of the Rose’ and ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’ are some films that any Deadpool fans must watch in order to grasp the level Perlman can elevate the movie to.


2. Russell Crowe

Though Russell Crowe is well past his prime and has only played the tough guy on 2-3 occasions, ‘Gladiator’ being the popular one. He is on the list because he showcased his interest in playing Cable, during a public conversation with Rob Lefield. The actor even went to the extent of posting a mock-up image of himself as Cable. With his stocky physique and baritone voice, and if he can bring back that Maximus-like authoritative aura, he would turn out to be a great choice. Recently, in ‘The Nice Guys’ he did compliment Gosling’s whacko-ish shenanigans very well and could strike a decent pairing with Reynolds. Also, quoting him “I like villains because there’s something so attractive about a committed person – they have a plan, an ideology, no matter how twisted. They’re motivated.” Though Cable isn’t a villain, he shares a similar viewpoint and it wouldn’t take Crowe much to adapt to a role that adheres to his strengths.


1. Michael Shannon

Going by the latest sources, Shannon is the front-runner for the role. I mostly came across negative reactions on any page that published this news. This is pretty surprising considering how good an actor he is. Shannon is one of those rare specimens who can imprison the best actors in his shadow. He doesn’t get publicized as much as the other heavyweights in the industry, but believe me, the guy’s a beast when you unleash his creative restraints. Director Jeff Nichols has acknowledged this fact and has utilized him to his full potential. Talking about his physique, a concerning factor among fans, he was visibly muscular as General Zod in ‘Man of Steel’. Plus, someone with his level of commitment can always beat their best. He has shown his worst side in movies like ‘Take Shelter’ and ‘Revolutionary Road’, toying with the highest range of human emotions. Also known for his dark humor, Shannon would complement Reynolds’s own twisted sense comical approach and maintain a rocky rapport, which is quite necessary.

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