12 Actresses Who Have Filmed Full Frontal Nudity

Man has forever been enchanted by the naked female form. Since the advent of cinema, countless film makers have pushed their female stars to go naked in front of the camera. Not sounding sexist, it is true that female nudity is more sought after than male nudity in cinema. Some call it an objectification of women while some call it artistic freedom. As cinema has evolved overtime, nudity is being used as cheap publicity as well as for artistic reasons. As an ex-teenager, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Kate Winslet stripping for the all iconic scene in Titanic.

Since then, I am sure all ardent cinema goers (especially men) have sought out films and scenes where the actress goes fully naked. Here is a list of 12 of them. This is by no means a definitive list or a best to worst list. It is just to give you a teeny-tiny idea that all these exceptional women dared to bare it all on screen in front of a film crew and yet were comfortable in giving a perfect shot.

12. Betsy Rue (My Bloody Valentine 3D)

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This slasher reboot relies on sex and nudity to sell itself. It’s a typical teenage-camp-party-turned-violent kind of film. Betsy Rue who is best known probably for this role has a full blown sex scene along with a couple of long shots of her being fully naked as she runs after her boyfriend. Crassness apart, Rue looks insanely sexy and gives the movie a much-needed viewing chance.

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11. Elizabeth Berkley (Showgirls)

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There is something about strippers that enthralls men to no end. Logically, it makes no sense to just sit there and watch girls get naked for you and you are not allowed to do anything. But watching the beautiful Elizabeth Berkley stripping, teasing and eventually getting fully naked in front of a couple is a different ballgame altogether. Though the film was box office bomb, it has gained a bit of a cult status in recent times and her performance was lauded all over.

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10. Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street)

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The new chic on the block and probably Martin Scorsese’s best blonde bombshell discovery yet, Margot Robbie appeared in the Wolf of Wall Street along with Leonardo DiCaprio. While watching a Scorsese film, you are bound expect some sexual activity in a weird sort of way. But Robbie appeared completely naked in one of the scenes just before she and Leo have sex. It was a bit of a shocker as Robbie was just 23 when she did that, but boy has she pulled that one off.

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9. Adrienne Corri (A Clockwork Orange)

I have purposely included this name on the list. The only entry in the list where the actress getting fully naked is nowhere close to being sexy. Though Adrienne Cori has done quite a few notable roles in her life, she is known for her short one in Kubrick’s disturbingly dystopian A Clockwork Orange. In a horrifying scene she is stripped down completely naked and raped by Alex (Malcolm McDowell). After two actresses quit the role because it was too humiliating, Kubrick praised Adrienne’s patience and comfort while shooting the scene in which she had to stand on a guys’ shoulders completely naked for weeks and was repeatedly hit by Malcolm to get Kubrick the perfect shot.

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8. Kelly Preston (Mischief)

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Mischief is a light-hearted teen comedy drama where three teenagers are shown dealing with their raging hormones. Kelly Preston has gone the distance when it comes to nudity in one of the scenes as she seduces the young and shy Jonathan. Though most of the scene is with Preston being topless, you can see her fully naked as the camera zooms out.

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7. Heather Graham (Boogie Nights)

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A film about the porn industry without any nudity would be an exception. But instead of relying on tricky camera angles and object placements to hide the nether regions, we can see Graham take of all her clothes and jump in bed with Mark Wahlberg. Though there is Julianne Moore in the movie she isn’t seen fully naked, well at least in this movie. The appropriate place to find Julianne Moore naked would be the film Shortcuts (1993).

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6. Kate Winslet (Jude)

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There are too many movies to mention where Kate Winslet hasn’t taken her clothes off. In fact, she has gotten naked in 4 roles out of the 6 for which she was nominated at the Academy Awards. Her famous drawing room scene in Titanic would forever be etched in the minds of the average cine goer but few would know that she bared her entire body for her role in Jude (1994) where she allows a guy to take her virginity. Another notable mention where she is fully naked would be The Reader.

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5. Helen Mirren (Savage Messiah)

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Like Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren isn’t someone who is averse to nudity. Though she has done umpteen nude scenes, her monologue in Savage Messiah stands out as she poses nude for a painter. Seldom you would find anyone delivering a short monologue without their clothes on! She is so comfortable taking off her clothes even in her ripe old age that she herself confessed that beyond a certain, one really stops caring what men in the audience think about your naked body.

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4. Eva Green (Dreamers)

A Bernardo Bertolucci film has to have nudity and Dreamers (2003) has no dearth of it. The film follows twins Theo and Isabelle (Eva Green) and an American student Matthew who bond and entangle erotically among one another. Green has given multiple full frontal nude shots and the film even has a scene where she performs oral sex on one of her co-stars. Another fairly contemporary mention would be Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For(2014) where Eva Green plays a conniving seductress and has bared it all in many scenes.

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3. Maria Schneider (Last Tango in Paris)

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Another Bertolucci entry, this very controversial film has Maria Schneider go fully nude with Marlon Brando. A very graphic rape scene follows where Marlon Brando assaults Schneider. Apparently, Schneider was not of legal age then and the film as a whole is full of debatable moments.

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2. Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct)

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Well, I don’t need to say much here. Surprisingly though, I don’t remember of a single scene in this film where Sharon Stone has shown her full frontal naked body. We can see quite a few scenes with Stone rolling in bed naked with Michael Douglas but the reason I included her name in this list is for the one iconic scene alone. As a suspect, she is interrogated by the cops as she makes a changeover of her crossed legs and gives the audience a full view of what lies underneath the white dress.

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1. Monica Bellucci (Irreversible, Malena)

Who else? She is the queen of nudity.

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