12 Best Adult (TV-MA) TV Shows That You Must See

America churns out hundreds of TV shows every year, out of which many disappear into oblivion. However there are a few that stay with us years after their release. This article will talk about the best adult tv shows ever. Here adult basically means those shows which have been given a TV-MA rating due to depictions of graphic violence, nudity, profanity or any other frightening or disturbing content which could be too much to take for younger viewers.
Here’s the list of 12 best adult (TV-MA) TV shows:


12. The Americans (2013-)

This riveting spy thriller set in the Cold War has been a fan favourite right from its first season. Made by Joe Weisberg, who had written a book on similar lines, this show is taut and gripping. Revolving around two Soviet spies who pose as Americans in order to find out the secrets of the USA under the Reagan reign. Its fifth season, the penultimate one, concluded a few months back leaving people in anticipation for the final season.


11. Homeland (2011-)

Homeland is one of the finest action thriller TV series to have come out this decade. Focusing on a CIA agent Carrie Mathison and her pursuit of an American who she thinks has joined the Al-Qaeda, the story progresses very well and the various sub-plots too don’t seem far-fetched or unnecessary and add to the brilliance of this show. Being the winner of two consecutive Golden Globe Award for Best TV series-Drama, Claire Danes is simply outstanding in this. The seventh season is scheduled to start in 2018.


10. Daredevil (2015-)

This was the TV Show which made Marvel a force to reckon when it comes to TV. After an absolutely disastrous rendition of this superhero by Ben Affleck in the movie Daredevil, Charlie Cox is tailor made for this role. He plays Daredevil/Matt Murdock, a blind man who becomes a vigilante by night and fights criminals.A spinoff on the villain in the second season, “The Punisher” is going to be out soon and we cannot wait any longer! Another Marvel show, The Defenders which has Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist opened to great reviews.


9. Arrested Development (2003-06/2013-18)

One of the most wittily written sitcoms to have ever come out, the unabashed and farcical Arrested Development has developed a cult following over the last few years, forcing the makers to come up with a new season so many years after the original came out. Bateman, Cera, Arnett and every other actor had impeccable comic timing.This comedy is so appealing because it isn’t just any stupid sitcom relying on just slapstick. It is witty and filled with dry humour and you cant help but laugh through almost every scene in the show! So if anybody ever questions the value of this show I will just pull off a Lucille and say “I don’t understand the question and I wont respond to it !”


8. Narcos (2015-)

This show is one of the most entertaining ones to have come out recently. While the first two seasons focused on drug lord Pablo Escobar, the third and latest one focuses on Cali Cartel. Though the show starts off slow, it picks up tremendous pace towards the end of each season. Wagner Moura is simply outstanding. Words aren’t enough to describe the talent of this man. From expressing his anger to showing his angst on realising his game is over, Moura adeptly shows a plethora of emotions and manages to pull off a convincing performance as Pablo.Though it is partly fictionalised, the use of real footage as a part of the show just makes it more persuasive and compelling.


7. Fargo (2014-)

When a TV adaptation was announced, I was really sceptical because the original is one of the finest movies I have ever seen and it is very difficult to adapt this Coen Brother’s classic. But when the show released all my doubts were put to ease because this show not only matches the movie but in a few aspects manages to be an improvement on the original. The first season was a class apart from the other two seasons. Billy Bob Thornton has given us a performance that will be remembered as one of the finest tv show performances in this decade. While the second and third season are brilliant in their own way, none of them is able to match up to the energy, quirkiness and wit of the first. Though Ewan McGregor was genuinely memorable in the third season. A must-watch show for those who love suspense combined with a pint of humour.

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