Aggretsuko Season 2: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Interestingly enough, Netflix adopted the Japanese TV series that is a Japanese anime and musical comedy by Fanworks which was aired on TBS Television. Netflix launched this series worldwide in April 2018. This Japanese animated series was written and created by Rarecho. The first season that was released by Netflix consists of 10 episodes. Aggretsuko or Aggressive Retsuko is an anime by Sanrio. Sanrio Co. is known for coming out with adorable and cute characters such as Hello Kitty and others who are usually gentle, soft and quite characters. On the flip side, they created Retsuko who is completely different from their usual array of mascots. The show is about the life of Retsuko, a red female panda who is always angry and hates her life. She is an office going female. It is apparent that the creator didn’t just want to create a comedy anime series; he also had a clear message he wanted to send out to the viewers via this series.

Netflix would come up with the second season of the show in 2019, as they had promised in 2018. Fans are waiting with bated breaths to find out when they will get to watch their favourite show. It doesn’t seem like the release is far away.

Aggretsuko Characters 

The voices behind the English version of the show are Erica Mendez as Retsuko who is the main character of the show. Erica Mendez lent her voice to Retsuko’s character when she is in a normal mood in the show. Jamison Boaz does Retsuko’s voice when she is singing at the karaoke bar with all her rage. Josh Petersdof is the voice behind Ton, the pig who is the boss of Retsuko and is always giving her a hard time. Fenneko who is Retsuko’s closest co-workers is voiced by Katelyn Gault. Haida, voiced by Ben Diskin is a hyena who starts crushing on Retsuko as they have been friends for long.

Retsuko is a character that defines the body of Senrio’s work in a way—she is a perfect foil to the mouth-less kitten in Hello Kitty (a reference to the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland?) who can be literally anything just because she is nothing. Retsuko is the perfect opposite—she rises against all odds, keeps herself somewhat motivated and carries on with her work. Once, when Retsuko is fed up with office life, she is brought to the right track by Washimi and Gori, the two seniors who tell her that it would be a terrible idea to marry.

Aggretsuko also has a character called Tsunoda (the doe), who represents the employee who would do anything to climb up the corporate ladder.

There is Haida, the misunderstood good guy, who has a crush on Retsuko, and he is someone whom you would feel bad for because he has been forever friend zoned.

There are other characters such as Retsuko’s yoga teacher, who is all muscles and always seem to emphasize the word—“protein”.

There is a character called Fenneko, who is a bystander and has more of a wishy-washy presence in the whole show. He is more virtual than real—he follows other people online, but never really does anything when it comes to actually helping Retsuko while she gets bullied at the office. If you have not watched the White Bear episode of Black Mirror, please watch it, and you would know what Fenneko is all about.

Kabae is a character who drags conversations to such an extent that you get the feeling that if you are wasting your time listening to her, you are also neglecting your work. Thus, this character works, in a weird way, as your conscience.

Aggretsuko Plot

Aggretsuko is an animated comedy series that follows the life of Retsuko, a red female panda who is working a corporate job. At the office, she faces a lot of challenges. For starters, her boss is quite sexist. He makes her constantly bring him tea and even makes her pour his beer after work. If she pours incorrectly, he scolds her. This highlights how in the real world there is a widespread issue of gender inequality in the workplace. Retsuko is quite annoyed and frustrated. In order to escape all the issues she faces, she expresses her desire of getting married, that way she can quit her job.

On the positive side, she does draw support from her senior colleagues at work called Washimi and Gori. They always give Retsuko correct and right advice. They help and guide her by telling her that marriage isn’t the answer and she has to work her way up the corporate ladder and while doing so, not to show any weakness or emotions at the workplace. Another issue that is portrayed to us which is so relatable in the real world is that office politics. As shown on the show, an employee named Tsunado (who is the resented one) is living proof of office politics. She gets her way and goes ahead as she butters up the boss and always sides him. This happens in real too and is an issue regarding performances being reviewed on merit that should be addressed. Due to all these things, Aggretsuko frequents a karaoke bar where she can blow off some steam as she guzzles beer and sings death metal songs.

With Aggretsuko, Sanrio and Co. have produced something that is right on the money. With Netflix taking up the show from the original Japanese, this show has gained a global perspective and has rung true to a global audience of millennials. The show follows the life of Retsuko, or aggressive Retsuko, who is an employee in an office. She faces gender discrimination, as she is underpaid, and she blows off steam by listening to Death metal at a bar and lip syncing to them, shrieking—which serves as a nihilistic joke that seems to go down well with the disillusioned millennials. Retsuko faces sexism in the form of her boss, Ton (the pig), who thinks it is a woman’s job to bring in the tea.

Aggretsuko Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Luckily for the fans of this Japanese animated series, there is nothing but good news. In 2018 itself, Netflix confirmed that Aggretsuko would return in 2019 with the second season. Although we aren’t certain of the air dates of season 2, Netflix did drop a short sneak peek for the series in general, so that all those who missed the first season can see what it’s all about. It is all the more reason to rejoice until a premiere date is confirmed. It appears it should be scheduled around Spring of 2019. We will update this section with the latest news. Stay tuned.

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