Alan Santini: Everything We Know

May 21, 2020
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‘Labor of Love’ is a dating reality show for wannabe parents. 15 men try to woo former ‘Bachelor’ contestant Kristy Katzmann, who is on the lookout for a potential soulmate and future father for her kids. And we must say, rarely has a reality series featured such a talented, diverse roster of matured men. Today, we are going to have a deep look into the profile of Alan Santini — the poet with dreamy eyes. Intrigued already? Let’s get to know him better!

Alan Santini: Age, Background, and Profession

39-year-old Alan is a native from South Africa but currently a resident of Los Angeles. A writer and a poet by profession, he holds a knack for spirituality. His Instagram work profile is packed with creative posts that will definitely take your breath away. You can check out one of them below:

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Part 1 of 3: It is the very marrow of life that we are made to feel. To do so is to be human and to be human is to be moved by what we experience. It is through the very experience of life that emotions prevail upon us to feel everything fully, and we so desperately want to accept the intensity of what we feel as a prerequisite of what it is to be here, to be present. Yet we struggle so dearly to draw the through line between what we feel that lifts us up and what appears to us so intent on robbing us of that very elation. And to whatever situation or whichever persons these emotions seem to be directed or drawn from, whether people close to us, circumstances, unrequited lovers or perhaps even ourselves proves to be of little consequence until we have taken the time to slow and connect with what seems to ail us so and its underlying causation. But maybe it is when we have exhausted all our energy and vitality rationalizing, and we’ve spent enough time in our head deliberating to no avail, maybe instead we will learn to find our solace in what lies all around us, embedded deeply in the fulcrum of nature. Without even asking, standing in the rhetoric of her silence in nothing but absolute appreciation, it is then nature begins to gently pry away the suffocating fingers that have gripped us in those desperate moments that abound. Cont’d.

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Alan is also a fitness addict and regularly posts about his workouts and gives food tips. And he loves to cook. Here’s an image of one of his home-cooked platters.

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For those of you exploring your culinary skills during these interesting times, I want to draw your attention to this seemingly inconspicuous app which has revolutionized what I thought was an already pretty creative skill level when it came to cooking. @fitmencook has created an amazing app with a huge variety of recipes and foods for every palette and I haven’t strayed too far from it throughout this Corona lockdown. Challenge yourself to cooking one new meal each week you haven’t cooked before, get comfortable with being in the kitchen, prepare your meals in advance, or at least have some idea of what you want to cook throughout the week or at least for tomorrow night, that way you’re not scrambling at the last minute, or binge eating on crap snacks because you forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer. Take a little time to think ahead, get what you need for the week or the next few days from the grocery store, and find a way to enjoy the process of cooking. Play some good music, have a glass of wine, light a candle if that’s your thing, cooking can be as relaxin lg and therapeutic as you want to make it. Enjoy ✌🏻

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Alan is a dedicated follower of spirituality. As said by him, his mornings are his meditations. The early hours of the day set his path for the rest of the hours. A coffee lover, he loves his cuppa to be creamy, rich, textured, and delicious. Surprisingly, he also has an affinity for incense. And in the wee hours of the morning, he starts writing. Writing comes with reading and Alan is a prolific reader. Some of his favorite authors are Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry, David Whyte, William Stafford, Pablo Neruda, among others. Alan also practices meditation.

Alan is an animal lover as well, having rescued and adopted a pit bull. He posted one of his pics on his Insta handle, captioning it as follows: “So this guy is joining my one-man wolf pack! And he has a face that could break a thousand hearts, I mean look at it! Amazing the lessons an animal can teach us when we listen. Thanks to all the peeps.”

The star is friends with actor Casey Diedrick and actress Emmanuelle Chriqui.

Alan Santini Prediction: How Far Will He Go?

Alan Santini has the emotional understanding and the mind of someone who has embraced spirituality as a part of his life. With his calm demeanor and grasp on words, we bet, he can sweep any woman off her feet. Moreover, he enjoys spending time with kids. This is evident from one of his pictures posted from a shooting project, which he describes like this: “I find my heart goes to these little humans that have stolen my heart and keep me smiling through the tough days. I’m really missing those little moments when they wake me up in the morning to play on my bed or read them a story. If only they knew what it meant to me.” But what does Kristy think? Will Alan be able to impress her? We guess only time will tell!

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