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10 Best Alien Movies on Netflix Right Now

Updated January 23, 2020
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Some of us hope there is life outside of our planet. But would that be a good thing? Cinema has explored this question extensively. Whether through space exploration or alien invasion, it is a fascinating and mysterious topic to be explored. From UFOs to alien descending onto Earth, from sci-fi horror to a classic family film, here’s the list of really good alien movies on Netflix. The list also includes alien abduction movies and scary alien abduction movies.

10. Australien Skies (2015)

“Australien Skies” is a documentary that explores the sightings of unidentified flying objects and the people who witness them within Australia. Filmmaker Don Meers spends four days on a fascinating road trip with controversial “ufologist“ Damien John Nott, who claims to have the biggest collection of photos and videos of unidentified objects in the world. The film interviews witnesses and “photographic contactees” (people who allegedly receive a “feeling” as to when these objects are about to appear). It also examines the links between the object sightings and government involvement and how this affects people who experience this phenomenon on a personal level.

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9. Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction? (1995)

Widely considered to be one of the most controversial TV documentary specials ever aired in prime time, this famous FOX Network program investigates the claimed “Alien Autopsy” footage that was supposedly filmed by the U.S. military after the legendary UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. It contains many interviews and does a for and against the argument against the validity of the footage. An intriguing documentary for alien lovers.

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8. Terminus (2015)

Following a near-fatal accident, David Chamberlain (Jai Koutrae) makes an unparalleled discovery that will not only determine the destiny of his family, but of mankind. Although the acting is nothing extraordinary, it is an interesting, slow-paced film that explores how people think and feel, why they do what they do and how it affects the entire world. “Terminus” is very direct without making you lose interest in the plot. If you are looking for a low-key, intelligent movie, you will certainly enjoy this one.

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7. Lost in Space (1998)

In the year 2058, Earth will soon be uninhabitable after the irreversible effects of pollution and global warming. Therefore, Professor John Robinson and his family are going to the habitable planet Alpha Prime to prepare it for colonization. However, something unexpected happens on their spaceship. Based on the “Lost in Space” TV series, this is a great family adventure film. The acting is well done, the soundtrack booming, the writing and direction good and the visual effects very interesting. What is really exciting about this adaptation is its concentration on the psychology of the characters and their personal relationships rather than just centering on one main character.

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6. Europa Report (2013)

Europa, Jupiter’s moon is known to have potential to support life. Hence a manned mission is sent to Europa to search for data proving the existence of life there. We follow the sacrifices the crew has to make through their journey to successfully fulfill their objective. A movie for true sci-fi lovers, “Europa Report” is based in a believable near-future world. Despite the simplistic plot, director Sebastián Cordero refuses to follow a linear narrative. Even before the main title appears, we join the crew many months into their trip and are told that there’s been an incident onboard already. Its realistic approach and good acting make this a film that you have to watch.

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5. The Host (2013)

When an alien race implants a parasite soul named Wanderer into Melanie Stryder’s body, she resists the takeover and the two become reluctant allies. Saoirse Ronan is the lead actress and has an amazing performance in this one. The rest of the cast is also pretty good. It focuses on the romance as much as on the sci-fi part of the story, which is a different approach than we are used to. Despite not being action-packed, it still manages to keep you interested. However, the film is not for everyone: you either love it or hate it.

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4. Infini (2015)

An elite ‘search and rescue’ team transport is onto a mining-facility outside planet Earth to rescue Whit Carmichael, the lone survivor of a biological outbreak. “Infini” is a sci-fi/horror thriller that will leave you with a satisfying feeling. Besides having comic relief in the right moments, the suspenseful atmosphere is on point. The cinematography is smart and unique as well as the direction. If you are looking for a surprising film that will keep you on the edge of your seat, “Infini” is the right choice.

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3. Monsters (2010)

Six years after Earth has suffered an alien invasion, a cynical journalist agrees to escort an American tourist through an infected zone in Mexico to the safety of the U.S. border. “Monsters” is a road movie, a slow building drama, a mystery. Although sometimes compared to the plot of “District 9”, its execution is completely different. The journey through the dangerous zone leaves space for plenty of stunning shots, shocking stories, and suspense while focusing on two everyday citizens. The two main characters are very realistic, without falling into stereotypes or ignoring their flaws.

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2. The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)

An alien named Klaatu and his robot Gort land their spacecraft on Earth just after the end of World War II. They bring an important message that should be told to representatives of all nations. However, communication turns out to be difficult, so, after learning something about the natives, Klaatu decides on an alternative approach. This science fiction classic still has a refreshing, good story after nearly seventy years. It has an engaging plot with warm, interesting characters and some good performances. Director Robert Wise creates suspense to enhance the dramatic potential of the story by using rhythm and pacing masterfully.

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1. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

When a young boy (Henry Thomas) senses something watching him in the woods, he discovers a lost alien that was left behind by his spacecraft. The boy goes through obstacles to get his new friend escape Earth and return to his home world. If you haven’t already seen “E.T.”, what are you waiting for?  This 1982 classic captures the strange magic of childhood and the importance of loyal friendships. It is much more than just a family or sci-fi film. It is a masterpiece waiting to be watched.

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