Alone Season 6 Filming Locations

June 2, 2020
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History’s ‘Alone’ is a reality TV series that calls into question the survival skills of its participants. Unlike other shows that have a dedicated crew that follows people as they spend time in the wilderness, ‘Alone’ leaves its contestants completely alone in some of the most trying places in the world. They are allowed to take ten things of their choice with them, along with a camera with which they are to film their entire experience.

In the sixth season of the show, we find the contestants in snow-covered environs where they have to battle cold and hunger, among other things. While their journeys are riveting, they also make us question whether they are actually filmed in real locations? Here’s the answer.

Where Was Alone Season 6 Filmed?

While the premise of ‘Alone’ makes it an exhilarating watch, it also makes it harder for the production. With every season, they not only have to find the contestants who are fit enough to be sent out alone into the unknown, but they also have to find a suitable location for them. Hence, finding a perfect location becomes the biggest challenge of the series.

The production usually looks for the places where they have enough land to divide territories for the contestants, while also leaving buffer areas between them so that they never come in contact with each other. Moreover, they also have to take care of the resources available in these places. They don’t want to throw the participants in a place where they have nothing to go on with. Things shouldn’t be made so hard for them that they drop earlier than they should, which means the show would be done in a matter of days.

In every cycle, the show makers begin with a list of possible places and narrow it down to 3-4 locations. Then the scouting begins, where they check-off all the necessary things in the list. They also have to be careful of the restrictions that differ with every location. And the task becomes more challenging with every passing season.

In the five previous seasons, the show already offered varied places to the contestants, as well as the audience. When it seemed like they had exhausted the best of their options, their attention was turned towards the cold and unforgiving lands of Canada. The Great Slave Lake area was chosen as the next site where the ten participants would engage in a battle of survival.

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And so it ends, and another part of the Alone journey is over. It has been a long, challenging, and rewarding one with many phases- from the selection process a year and a half ago, to the madness of prep last summer, to the journey itself, then 9 months of holding that journey close to my chest and "keeping the secrets" of my time out, to sharing it with the world, edited and on the screen. I am not going to lie and say I wasn't disappointed with a lot of the edits, especially the final episode, and the way so many of my most profound moments, especially at the end, got left on the cutting room floor. That said, I think a lot of the real me and my spirit and motivations did come through, and I'm infinitely grateful for that. 73 days by myself in the arctic with 10 items of gear and only 2 lbs if it food. 10 1/2 weeks of mostly arctic winter. I gave it my all, all my heart, all my prayers, all my tears, all my laughter. 50 lbs and 33% of my body weight. I wouldnt trade any of it for all the money in the world. Every moment of my time out there was precious, even the hard ones. You can see it in my face in my final moments. The joy of choosing my health, the sorrow of leaving. I loved every second, loved it all. And in the end, even with the deep intuitive knowing that it was down to me and one other person, knowing i might be on the brink of "winning", I came to see that as much as I loved being there and the idea of "success", I loved myself more. If that isn't winning, I don't know what is. #aloneshow #aloneonhistory #aloneseason6 #arctic #arcticsurvival #arcticlove #laughingandcrying #myheartisinthearctic #landconnection #natureconnection #neverthesame #infiniteloveandgratitude

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Great Slave Lake, Canada

The sixth season was the first time when ‘Alone’ turned towards the subarctic as a filming location. The Great Slave Lake’s East Arm, near the Lutselk’e in the NorthWest Territories served as home to the contestants for the next couple of months. The location is around 250 miles from the Arctic Circle and more than 70 miles south of the Arctic tree line, which is described as “the northernmost place where trees grow”, and temperatures witness a staggering fall below zero degrees.

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