Who Is Amanza Smith’s Ex-Husband?

May 23, 2020
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Selling Sunset‘ came back with another season, and with it, it brought back the fierce women who work at The Oppenheim Group. The second season was filled with even more drama than the first, and we got to see some old friendships getting frayed while new ones were being formed. Amid all this drama, we were also introduced to Amanza Smith, new as a realtor and fresh to the show, but an old friend for some.

Amanza has known Mary Fitzgerald and Jason Oppenheim, President of the firm, for almost 20 years. The single mom to two adorable children revealed how, when she had trouble renting a place that accepted her and her situation, Jason even co-signed on a home with her. Now, even with all the drama going on in her personal life, Amanza avoided speaking her ex-husband’s name, so you must be curious to know who he is, right?

Who Is Amanza Smith’s Ex-Husband?

Amanza’s ex-husband is the former NFL star, Ralph Brown. The two actually met when Amanza was working in the entertainment industry and was an NFL cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts, in addition to modeling in both print media and on television. In July 2010, the couple tied the knot and, after that, they had two kids together, Noah, 10, and Braker, 8. However, they couldn’t make their relationship work and divorced shortly after their children were born.

Ralph Brown played college football for the University of Nebraska and was drafted in the NFL in 2000. He played as a cornerback in the NFL for a total of ten seasons under different teams, such as Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, and Arizona Cardinals, throughout his professional career. At the age of 30, after a successful career in the NFL, Ralph decided to retire and to settle down.

Amanza and Ralph had gotten married after his retirement. They were thrilled to be together and married until their relationship started having problems just after the birth of their younger child, Braker. They got divorced when the kids were 1 & 2 but remained cordial so as to co-parent and give their kids a stable home. Unfortunately, we saw that even though Amanza mentioned that he is a great dad despite their short-lived marriage, his absence recently, with him being off the grid, has been bothering not only her but her kids as well.

We don’t know much about where he is or what he is up to now, but we hope that Amanza, being the amazing Mama Bear that she is, has everything under control when it comes to her kids. Because Amanza is now an integral part of ‘Selling Sunset,’ we will definitely see or at least hear more about Ralph and their relationship on the series in the coming times.

You can check out Amanza and Ralph’s Wedding Trailer below:

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