15 Amazing Actors Yet to Realize Their True Potential

August 9, 2017
11 min read

It’s not an easy thing for an actor to fully realize his true potential. Oftentimes it’s the directors who make them realize their worth and potential. But what an actor needs is good instincts at picking scripts that would enable him to exercise his skills to the fullest. A highly skilled actor could go unnoticed if he is not at the right place. There are many actors who are yet to full realize their actual potential. Perhaps it’s the directors who never really utilized them or it’s got to do with their lack of vision. Let’s take a look at 15 actors yet to realize their true potential.


15. Jesse Plemons

Best known for playing the deadpan teenage psychopath, Todd Alquist, in Vince Gilligan’s iconic crime drama television series ‘Breaking Bad’, Jesse Plemons is indeed a highly promising actor who is waiting for an explosive film role that would lift him off of obscurity. He was fantastic as Ed Blumquist in the black comedy crime drama series ‘Fargo’. He had a relatively minor role in ‘Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’ but Hollywood is yet to utilize his real potential. His consistently good work in Television should soon lead him to something very special in films as it would be a shame if someone as talented as him would go underutilized in an industry that has consistently produced the finest of filmmakers.


14. Michael Cera

Michael Cera is widely known for playing George Michael Bluth in the highly acclaimed sitcom ‘Arrested Development’. He hasn’t really been on fire in films but he sure is a highly promising actor who needs something really special to work on that would get him out of his comfort zone. Cera was superb in ‘Juno’ playing a teenager who impregnates his girlfriend and was also brilliant in ‘Superbad’ where he formed a memorable comic pair with Jonah Hill. While he is too young to be judged at this point of time in his career, it would be great if he realizes what he’s worth and gets to work on some more exciting projects with more amazing filmmakers in the years to come.


13. Carey Mulligan

Best known for her roles in ‘Shame’, ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, Carey Mulligan is one of the most exiting actresses we have at present. Her performance in ‘Shame’ was simply unnerving to watch as she fearlessly delves into a role that is unusually dark and disturbing. She was widely acclaimed for her role as Jenny Mellor in ‘An Education’ which was another superb display of her impeccable acting skills. But when you think of what she’s truly capable of pulling off, you can’t help but feel that she’s still far behind from being at her very best. We’d just love to see her essay a more variety of roles that would really help us know of her emotional range as an actor.


12. Idris Elba

Idris Elba is perhaps best known among TV freaks for playing the narcotrafficker Stinger Bell in the highly acclaimed HBO series ‘The Wire’. He has been consistently brilliant in Television and has also appeared in a number of films, notably ‘American Gangster’, ‘Thor’, ‘Prometheus’, ‘Pacific Rim’ but none of them got even close to bringing out the best in him. It’s almost as if Hollywood has no idea what to do with him or where to place him. It’s sad seeing an actor of such talent and class being wasted in massively bloated blockbusters that have nothing to do with character arcs or genuinely well constructed performances.


11. Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy’s case is a bit of a mystery, to be honest. He has been around for quite a long time now and has featured in many acclaimed films, giving fine performances in almost everything he’s been in. But the truth is he still remains a largely underutilized actor who needs more quality roles to prove his mettle. He is widely known for his iconic role as Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight Trilogy. The role did somewhat tell us of the kind of stuff he’s really capable of but then again Nolan’s films haven’t always been the most acting-centric films. He was unbelievable good in ‘Breakfast on Pluto’ where he played a transgender woman. The performance brought him high critical praise and earned a Golden Globe nomination. All we could do now is to wait and see if there’s something more in store for him that would really help him flaunt his raw acting prowess.