American Chopper Season 13: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News

‘American Chopper’ is an American reality television series that airs on the Discovery Channel. The show premiered for the first time on March 31, 2003, and has since continued to engage and excite viewers for fifteen long years. It has been produced by the renowned production company, Pilgrim Films and Television, and has had Mike Rowe and Jim Pratt as the narrators. Craig Piligian, Sean Gallagher, Mark Finkelpearl, Judy Plavnick, and Christo Doyle serve as executive producers.

‘American Chopper’ revolves around a father and son duo. Paul Teutul Sr. popularly called as Senior and his son Paul Teutul Jr. also famously known as Paulie or simply Junior.  Together they run a business, of manufacturing and designing custom chopper-style motorcycles, by the name of Orange County Choppers. They are located in Newburgh, New York. The show is based on their company and how the father-son duo struggles to work together due to the differences in working style, imagination, and creativity. The show depicts Senior and Junior, and their difference in opinion that sometimes results in banter and sometimes in grave arguments. In the season that premiered in 2008, a major fight led to Junior quitting his old job where he worked with his father. He then went on to start his own chopper company and named it Paul Jr. Designs. The series has won ASTRA Awards for Favourite International Personality or Actor and ASTRA Awards for Favourite Program – International.

Over the years, the show has switched channels a couple of times. In 2007, it moved to Discovery’s sister channel, TLC, and remained there till it was canceled. TLC, however, announced Junior and Senior’s return in a new series, ‘American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior’. Despite premiering for the first time on TLC, the show moved to Discovery mid-season and ended in 2012. Six years after that, Discovery revived the show once more and Craig Piligan, who was on board to executive produce the initial show, was brought in to iron out things with Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr., when Discovery seemed displeased with how the reboot was coming along at first with someone else at the helm. Once Piligan righted the ship, it was smooth sailing and the reboot premiered in early 2018. Piligan spoke to Variety regarding his experience during the reboot, saying, “There was a lot of bad language between me and the two boys. But we were up there for about a day and a half, and eventually, we agreed it would be best if I took over the show, and the other company stepped aside. But it was rough. It wasn’t very much fun, and a lot of bad blood was spilled at the beginning of it all. And now everything’s great. Reboots aren’t that f–king fun, let me tell you.”

American Chopper Cast: Who is in it?

The cast of ‘American Chopper’ stars Paul Teutul Sr., Paul Teutul Jr., Rick Petko, Nick Hansford, Christian Welter, who are mechanics and fabricators of OCC, and former employees Vincent DiMartino (who left OCC to start his own company, V-Force Customs in 2007), and Cody Connelly (a former intern who went on to join DiMartino’s business after completing his internship). All of them together design and create hundreds of motorbikes and also customize them. The comic angle is brought to the show by Michael Teutul, who is popularly known as “Mikey”. He is also the caretaker of the shop and also the webmaster.

Since the arguments between Senior and Junior has been the fodder for the show for so many years, the upcoming season will definitely see these two return as they try to run competing businesses about whose customized chopper is fit to rule the roads.

American Chopper Plot: What is it about?

The plot of ‘American Chopper’ is centered around Michael Teutul and the father-son duo of Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr of Orange County Choppers. Together, they build and customize motorcycles in New York. They make the most stylish and innovative bikes not only for people who love such bikes but for celebrities as well. The father-son duo spends some considerable amount of time and effort in building the fastest, and best bikes together. The show depicts some amazing work which has got the viewers hooked. Although a team, they are both very passionate about their work and have their fixed approaches as to how a bike should best be customized. This often leads to arguments over creative differences and since both of them are impassioned about their jobs, the arguments get pretty heated.

In the seasons that follow, these arguments gain the spotlight. Senior is irritated with the ways and words of his son and decides to confront him. He even loses out on a major deal because of the recklessness of his son. Over the seasons, the duo along with their crew are forced to push boundaries and create some new age bikes. They celebrate success together and even face failures. But frequent arguments take a toll and lead to the breaking of the pair, and sees Junior start his own rival business. However, after the reboot, the show has tried to make the father and son come back and work together since they did some of their best work as a team in the earlier seasons. Thus, we see Junior and Senior team up, but it will surely only be a matter of time before passion gets the best of both men and we are back to witnessing the arguments that have become almost, if not more, fascinating than the bikes they customize.

Hopefully, in the upcoming season, there will be more bikes, more customizations and definitely more fallouts, which makes the show as entertaining as it is, as these experts try and customize the choppers to the best of their abilities.

American Chopper Season 13 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘American Chopper’ Season 12 premiered on February 12, 2019. While there is no news yet about Season 13 of the show, it has been running for a long time and has garnered a solid fan following. Moreover, for fans of choppers, this series is a go-to destination as it is packed with cool customizations, and people who actually know their way around the machines. In light of its popularity, Discovery is most likely to order a Season 13, which is likely to air sometime in 2020, in all possibility in February or March. We will update this section as we know more.

American Chopper Trailer:

We don’t have a trailer but we do this clip that gives a preview into what to expect from the show.

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