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American Soul Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

Updated September 17, 2019
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‘American Soul’ is the story of Don Cornelius and the famous TV show he created called ‘Soul Train’. It was an extremely difficult job for an African-American man to get a show during the 1970s because of the tremendous competition and the small number of channels available then. However, Cornelius made his dream come true and launched his show via syndication. ‘Soul Train’ became so popular that it ran for 35 years straight, debuting in 1971 and the final episode being aired in 2006. In ‘American Soul’, we see how Cornelius went past numerous challenges to make the impossible a reality for himself.

Jonathan Prince and Devon Greggory are the creators and co-executive producers of the show. The other co-executive producers include Tony Cornelius and Peter O’Fallon. Inphiniti Entertainment, Philoment Media, and Jesse Collins Entertainment are the companies behind the production.

‘American Soul’ season 1 premiered on February 5, 2019 on BET Network. Here’s everything we know about its next season.

American Soul Cast: Who is in it?

Sinqua Walls plays the role of young and enthusiastic Don Cornelius who is determined to get his show on television and can go to any extent if necessary. We have seen Walls in the series ‘The Breaks’, which is also a musical drama. He was also a member of the cast on Clint Eastwood’s movie ’15:17 To Paris’ (2018). Jason Dirden, Jelani Winston, Christopher Jefferson, Iantha Richardson, and Kelly Price are the other important members of the cast of ‘American Soul’.

Besides the regular cast members, ‘American Soul’ also brings us guest actors who play some of the most iconic African-American musicians of the era. Michelle Williams takes on the role of the famous singer and actress Diana Ross, Bobby Brown dons the character of the great Rufus Thomas. Ike Turner, the iconic singer and musician, is portrayed by McKinley Freeman, while Wayne Brady plays our beloved Little Richard. The guest actors and the ensemble cast add a unique flavor to the show which has become its most positive aspect.

American Soul Plot: What is it about?

‘American Soul’ depicts the life and work of the famous television personality Don Cornelius as he tries to launch his show ‘Soul Train’. However, launching a show on television is not a piece of cake, and we see Cornelius struggle constantly to make his dream a reality. The aggressive and determined nature of Cornelius is projected seamlessly by Sinqua Wall’s brilliant acting. Cornelius tries hard to obtain African-American producers for his show so that they let him have complete creative control which he would not have from a company owned by white Americans. We see Cornelius trying to acquire the famous group Gladys Knight and the Pips to be musical guests on the first episode of his show. Cornelius’ wit, charm, and words have a profound effect on the group and they agree to be his guests.

As the story progresses, things start becoming tougher for Cornelius. We witness how his family is affected by his ambition. His competitive nature and ruthlessness are made apparent when Cornelius hires an activist and plans to take down the popular show of his rival Dick Clark. By the time the series ends, we see that Cornelius is highly successful, and he has even managed to secure a deal for a second season of ‘Soul Train’. However, every success has a price. Cornelius loses his father while he is trying to solidify his position in the industry.

One thing that ‘American Soul‘ makes very apparent is the broad separation between white American and black American culture. When a show like ‘Soul Train’ is aired, there was hardly a single white star of the times who featured on it. Some may argue that this is racism because mainstream American culture has always been white-centric, and a black actor or musician, until very recently, never had the kind of voice or impact (barring certain exceptions) as his/her white counterpart managed to. This lack of representation of African-American talents in mainstream culture made it necessary that they were prominently featured in shows made by people like Don Cornelius.

American Soul Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘American Soul’ season 1 released on February 5, 2019 and went on for ten episodes aired once a week. The first season of the show gathered some momentum towards the last episode and ends at a place where Don finds himself with a contract for a new season. This onscreen story has also found its way offscreen, as the makers of ‘American Soul’ have already made the announcement that the network has picked up the series for a second season.  Regarding the renewal of the show, executive producer Jesse Collins, said, “We are incredibly grateful to continue to tell the American Soul story. Season one was so well received by the culture and we feel that season two will be even more fun and exciting”.

BET Network representatives also seem very happy with the content. Connie Orlando, Head of Programming at the network said, “BET Networks is invested in showcasing black excellence in our programming and we look forward to digging even deeper into the incredible legacy of Don Cornelius and Soul Train in season two.”

As far as the release date goes, we don’t have an official announcement on that yet. Our best guess is that ‘American Soul’ season 2 can release sometime in February 2020. We will update this section as soon as we hear more.

American Soul Trailer:

It goes without saying that the trailer for Season 2 will take some time to arrive. We shall be updating this section as soon as it does. Meanwhile, do have a look at the trailer of the first season to reinvigorate your memory:

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