16 Anime Like ‘Toradora’ You Must Watch

‘Toradora’ is the story of Ryuji Takasu. He is a nice person. However, his delinquent looks make him prone to the subject of misunderstanding among his classmates. His best friend Yusaka is the only one who truly understands him. Ryuji has a crush on Minori and wants to develop a friendship with her, but an unexpected run into Minori’s best friend Taiga messes things up for him. While initially, Taiga takes a disliking to him, she decides to help him with Minori under the condition of him helping her with Yusaka, who she has a crush on. As they start spending more time together, they begin to develop some feelings for each other. Things get more complicated when a new student joins their class.

‘Toradora’ is the comedy that revolves around the lives of these people and how their relationships develop over the course of time. A slice of life style anime, ‘Toradora’ is heart-warming entertainment. Now that we have quickly refreshed your memory, here is the list of anime similar to Toradora that are our recommendations. You can watch some of these anime like Toradora on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu.

16. Kaichō wa Meido-same! (2010)

This is one of the famous romantic anime. The story sees student council president Misaki trying to maintain order in the school and prevent problems from happening. She has a tough job to do since the school had recently become coed. Even though she is tough and all she has a deep secret inside. She works as a maid in a café to support her family. Things begin to change when a boy named Takumi finds out about it. Will he use this secret to mock her? Is he here to make her life heaven or hell?

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15. Kareshi Kanojo no Jijō (1998)

This anime kinda reminded me of Toradora. The story follows the life of two people Miyazawa and Arima. At school, Miyazawa is the perfect student, polite and nice gaining everyone’s praise. But on inside she is arrogant and would do anything to be the best. Enter Arima, a boy who starts becoming the top student. This pisses off Miyazawa. To add to her trouble Arima finds out her façade and uses her to get his work done. But slowly things change as it is revealed that Arima loves Miyazawa and both slowly get into a relationship.

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14. Doukyuusei (2016)

‘Doukyuusei’ is a fairly recent anime movie that deals with homosexuality between two male characters. This is a really great romantic/drama anime which touches on some really deep stuff. Rhito Sajou would have never met Hikaru Kusakabe but fate pulls them together. The boys are completely different one (Hikaru) a guitarist in the band and other a studious A-level student. Hikaru helps Rhito in preparing for the chorus. Slowly they start meeting more frequently and before anyone knows it, they fall in love. This is a must watch if you love romantic stuff.

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13. My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected (2013)

This is another story set in a high school and following the life of a couple of teenagers as they try to tackle their problems. Hachiman and Yukino are both loners. However, on a personal level, they are two completely different types of people. Despite these differences, they are in a constant interaction with each other, due to their school’s Service Club. This anime shows the events that shape their lives.

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12. Love Com (2007)

Being the tallest girl in school doesn’t help Risa. Similarly, being the shortest boy is a bane for Atsushi’s existence. They are a constant butt of jokes to their classmates. Things change in summer school when Ryouji comes to school. He is tall and Risa immediately takes a liking to him. Around the same time, Atsushi falls for a girl. They both decide to join forces to help each other.

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11. Nisekoi (2014)

Raku and Chitoge are the son and daughter of the leader of the gangs that are each other’s rivals. An incident between them which leads to the loss of Raku’s locket that he very much valued, they begin to hate each other. However, the rival gangs decide to end their feud by pairing up their children. And so, Raku and Chitoge are stuck together, pretending to be a couple in order to preserve the pact between the gangs.

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10. My Little Monster (2012)

Shizuku knows what she wants from life and has focused all her attention towards studies. Haru doesn’t care much about studies. Shizuku has the reputation of the one with the cold heart and no emotions. While Haru’s intimidating physique has led people to think that he is a violent person. A chance encounter between them results in a friendship that slowly blossoms into a romance.

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9. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (2012-2013)

Sakura Dormitory is home to the most trouble-making students in school. Sorata is one of them. He was kicked out of the normal dormitory for keeping a pet and since then, he has been staying and adapting to the environment of Sakura Dormitory. Things change when Marisho enters the picture. She is a famous artist but she is very unkempt in her daily life and Sorata is charged with the responsibility of acting as her handler.

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8. Nodame Cantabile (2010)

Shinichi is a perfectionist. He is a talented piano and violin player and is the top student in his school. However, he is arrogant and so, stays distant from people he considers his inferiors. Megumi Noda is another student who is also talented, but she is messy and doesn’t play by rules. ‘Nodame Cantabile’ is the story of how these two, despite having completely opposite personalities, find love with each other.

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7. Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions (2012)

When Yuta was a small boy, he used to believe that he possessed magical powers. These delusions led to him being isolated. Now that he’s grown-up and free from delusions, he starts anew by entering a new school. There he meets a girl who, owing to her tragic past, is delusional. After finding out about her problem, he decides to help her and begins to like her, in the process.

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6. Golden Time (2013-2014)

An unfortunate accident resulted in Banri suffering from retrograde amnesia. He doesn’t remember anything that happened prior to his accident. He has admitted to a private school and on the day of ceremonial events meets different people whom he doesn’t remember but they know him. One of them is Koko. She is Banri’s childhood friend who enrolled in the same college because of Banri. As Banri begins to remember his past, his old relationships re-emerge and new friendships develop.

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5. Rainbow Days (2016)

Natsuki likes Anna. He tries to find ways to make her aware of his feelings. His three friends act as more of a nuisance than help in his love life. The four boys are a tight-group who don’t belong to any school group and stay among themselves. When Natsuki initiates his relationship with Anna, he feels the other three meddling more and more.

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4. School Rumble (2004-2008)

A love-triangle begins when Kenji falls in love with Tenma who already has a liking for Karasuma. However, both Kenji and Tenma are unable to express their feelings to the ones they love. While Tenma keeps her actions in control, Kenji’s create a wave of misunderstanding and confusion which only complicates their triangle.

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3. My Love Story (2015)

Takeo is a good person. However, he has a tall and muscular physique and he is constantly overshadowed by his charming and handsome best friend, Makoto when it comes to girls. Things take a surprising turn for him when a girl finally falls for him. Rinko is a shy girl. One day, when Takeo saves her from trouble, she takes a liking for him. Thus, begins an unusual loves story.

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2. True Tears (2008)

Shin’ichiro has a very complicated life. He was childhood friends with Hiromi. After her father died, she came to live with Shin’ichiro’s family. But she has a cold exterior now and he can’t dare to even talk to her. At school, he meets Noe who at first dislikes him due to a misunderstanding between them, but later they reconcile and become friends. Apart from this, he likes to spend time with his best friends who have problems of their own. Shin’ichiro learns to juggle his life and solve his problems.

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1. Special A (2008)

Hikari and Kei are the top students in school, but Hikari is a bit behind Kei. Due to a wrestling match that she had lost from Kei, Hikari has a strong rivalry with him. Her only goal is to beat him and be at the top due to which she enrolled in the same, expensive school as him. While trying to make herself better than him, she doesn’t realise that Kei has feelings for her.

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