Assassination Classroom Season 3: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyōshitsu) is a Japanese comic science fiction manga series which first started airing in July 2012. It is illustrated and written by Yūsei Matsui. It is one of the funniest shows in Japan which also includes drama. Aired and loved by people all over the world, Assassination classroom depicts sensitive issues in a funny way. Funimation Entertainment is responsible for licensing the Blu-ray and DVD versions of the series in North America. It came out in May 2016. Assassination Classroom was hailed as a strong performer throughout its two seasons and the same will be expected from season 3 when it is renewed. However, as of now, there is no news if it will be.

Assassination Classroom Plot:

Assassination Classroom has a plot laced in humour, twists and unexpected turns. The story follows around Koro-sensei and his name which means un-killable teacher. He has taken permission to teach a class called E-3 in Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He is a bright octopus-like creature who has come to earth after destroying the moon. He has claimed that he will destroy earth within the time span of a year. Although seeing so many people on earth and some of them being really nice people, he decides to give earth and the mankind one last chance to reclaim their misfortunate fate. He is allowed to teach this school on one condition, and that is not to harm anyone. He starts working at Kunugigaoka Junior High school as the homeroom teacher of class E-3. They taught them regular subjects and also the ways of assassination. The government also gets sees this as an opportunity to assassinate him.

The students of the class of E-3 who are also called as “misfits” are badass students of this school. The misfits are taught in a different building than their counterparts and are given the responsibility of killing Koro-Sensei. The government has offered 10 million yen to whoever assassinates Koro-Sensi. They want to kill him so as to prevent him from devastating the planet earth since he already claims that he has destroyed 70% of the moon leaving the moon to look like a crescent permanently. After several failed attempts, students of class E-3 realize that killing Koro-Sensei was almost impossible given his enormous superpowers and his March 20 speed to move. Students realize that Koro-Sensei was the best teacher they ever had. He understood their troubles and never treated them as misfits. He genuinely made efforts to help them perform better in their exams and improve their grades, personal life, self-development and helped them visualize their future better.

Many characters including Nagisa, who was initially portrayed as a weak member of the class was greatly motivated by Koro-Sensei. Koro-sensei is there to look after troubled students and helps them grow throughout the season. He teaches some helpful and important lessons to students. Nagisa, like other students, also has the motive to kill Koro-Sensei and had failed many times. Although, as another attempt, he plans to make a list of weaknesses that his teacher has and he thinks of attacking him with all his weaknesses in mind. Nagisa manages to turn out nothing as he was made to portray at the beginning of the series. Rather, he rises as one of the most skilled assassins of the class. After the kids finish their island vacation, the students now have to battle with exams. This series also introduces Reaper in the second season. The plot goes through a roller-coaster of emotions as several other assassins come into play to kill Koro-Sensei. Some of these assassins had no motive but money behind Koro-Sensei’s assassination while others had personal reasons for why they were after his life. Reaper wanted to assassinate Koro-Sensei for a long time, and he has been targeting Koro-sensei by using Bitch-sensei as a decoy. This time, the students of class E-3 save their teacher and defeat the reaper. The students of class E-3 eventually learn the reason why their teacher had to destroy the moon, and they also discover his connection with their previous homeroom teacher. They find the answer to the question they have always wondered about – why should Koro-Sensei be killed before the school year end?

After learning all the hidden secrets about their homeroom teacher, Class E-3 makes the final decision to kill Koro-sensei after they are put through tough training and tiring lessons. The teacher has lost almost all of his powers in the fight with the reaper in the last season. To save the earth from being destroyed, Nagisa takes the final death blow. After his death, he gets reincarnated. His role is shown as an evil demon king. Koro-sensei returns to earth with his new demonic missions. This season will also focus on the relationship between Karma and Nagisa.

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Assassination Classroom Characters:

Koro-sensei: He is an anti-hero and the main protagonist of this anime series. He is a teacher in E-3 class in Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He wants to destroy the earth. Every student respects him due to his connectivity with every individual student. He is an alien who looks like an octopus. He can change his skin colour according to his mood.

Nagisa Shiota: He is the main student character of this series. Due to his small height, he is seen as one of the weakest students in the class. He later becomes one of the most talented assassins in the class.

Kaede Kayano/ Akari Yukimura: She is the closest friend of Nagisa as well as his classmate. She is shorter than Manami and Nagisa.

Karma Akabane: He is the smartest and strongest student of E-3 class. He does not trust Koro-sensei because of his demonic past and has a strong will to assassin him.

The Reaper: He is the number one assassin in the world and also the second god of death.

Assassination Classroom Season 3 Release Date:

The Assassination Classroom Season 3 which is called as “Koro Teacher Quest!” will have 12 episodes. It is a follow up to the movie “Assassination Classroom: 365 Days.” According to the statement written on the website of Fuji Creative, each episode will be only 10 minutes long. There is still no news of the release date of season 3. Weekly Shonen Jump is one of the credible sources to rely on for more details of the third instalment. For now, the air dates of the said season are unknown. Producers of the season should release information in this regard soon. In any case, we will update this article with relevant details whenever news comes out from reliable sources regarding a tentative release schedule, so do keep an eye out for us.

Assassination Classroom English Dubbing:

You can find all the episodes of Assassination Classroom dubbed online on Funimation. English Translation mostly leads to a loss of meaning, so people prefer to watch episodes with the original audio subbed in a language of their choice. These are available on Funimation and YouTube. English dubbing of this season was done by Lindsay Seidel who is the voice-over artist of Nagisa Shiota and Sonny Strait who plays Koro-Sensei.

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