At Home With Amy Sedaris Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Host, News

‘At Home With Amy Sedaris’ is an American surreal comedy television show that airs on truTV. It first premiered on October 24, 2017. The show stars Amy Sedaris herself, playing different characters, and taps into her love for entertaining, cooking, and crafts. She showcases her expertise and absolute uniqueness in mastering the art of homemaking.

In today’s world, people may undervalue homemaking, but as far as the fans of this show are concerned, they swear by her principles and believe that a home without an excellent host is not a home at all. The series has been created by Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello and is backed by PFFR (season 1), A24 (season 2), and Buck Tooth Productions companies. Jodi Lennon, Ryan Cunningham, and Daria Scoccimarro are the producers, while Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, Cindy Caponera, Alyson Levy, John Lee, and Vernon Chatman are on board as executive producers.

Upon release, the show quickly garnered a strong fan base, and won critical acclaim, with The New York Times saying, “each episode is a self-contained distillation of Ms. Sedaris’s talents and HGTV-meets-Adult-Swim sensibility. Even in an age of oddball TV experiments, there really is no place like At Home.”

At Home With Amy Sedaris Cast: Who is in it?

The main cast of ‘At Home With Amy Sedaris’ includes Amy Sedaris in multiple roles as herself, Ronnie Vino, Patty Hogg, and Nutmeg. The recurring cast includes Heather Lawless as Ruth or the Lady Who Lives in the Woods, Cole Escola as Chassie Tucker, David Pasquesi as Tony the Knife Guy, and Paul Dinello appears in the role of Hercules and Barry Teaberry. The guest stars have included notable names like Paul Giamatti, Stephen Colbert, Neil Patrick Harris, Matthew Broderick, and Christopher Meloni.

Hopefully, in the upcoming season, the show will see more guest stars make an appearance, but we do know for sure that Sedaris is going to return and keep amazing us with her unique brand of kooky humor.

At Home With Amy Sedaris Plot: What is it about?

The plot of ‘At Home With Amy Sedaris’ remains the same. It deals with a particular theme for a given day. From cooking abstract recipes to teaching how to make handmade crafts to gossiping on her life hacks, Amy Sedaris makes this amazing show fun and a relaxing family watch. The themes include poverty, grief, lovemaking and most importantly, being the best homemaker and its benefits on the guests and the society at large are.

What stands out about the show is how it makes things refreshing, comforting, and darkly funny at the same time. As Sedaris walks us through the episodes, we see her manic peaks and depressive valleys, harmonizing effortlessly into her presentation of regular activities. While it makes the show’s appearance perverse, it has its share of striking humor, including an episode about a funeral which has some fine gallows humor. The show is more intriguing than just informative and has taken a turn from the homemaking bit into an area which is strange, and more haunting than it is humorous. Of course, all this is facilitated by Sedaris’ own morbid contemplations of death and her obsession with solitude, that turns the setting of her home in almost a Southern Gothic.

The New Yorker summed her show up very well, saying, “At Home with Amy Sedaris” (truTV) might be best described as a deviled egg spiritually possessed by an imp of the perverse. It’s a homemaker’s talk show elaborated as a Dadaist carnival.” If viewers tune into Sedaris’ show for actual homemaking tips, they are bound to walk away from it a little disappointed. However, if they wish to enjoy the bizarreness of the show, Sedaris dishes that out in shovels, and there is a strange degree of comfort in how weird the series is. Sedaris has always eschewed conformity to remain weird to the truest sense of the term. It is most evident during the episodes as she cannot seem to get by one episode without something going awry, which then requires her brand of humor to be rationalized and presented to the audience.

Hopefully, in the upcoming season of the show, we will see Sedaris continue in a similar fashion, as she invites more celebrities to her show within the show. While the show is not exactly a spoof of other homemaking shows, it does poke fun at some of the impossible standards they set for the viewers to match up to. Personally speaking, we all like to come with our own brand of weirdness, and seeing Sedaris embrace hers in all its glory while urging viewers that they can make homes in whatever way they please, is something that is attractive and comforting at the same time.

At Home With Amy Sedaris Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘At Home With Amy Sedaris’ Season 2 premiered on February 19, 2019. While there has not been any active talk about Season 3 of the show yet, there is a strong possibility of the channel renewing the show for another season. This is primarily because the production costs of the show are not very high, and with Amy’s brand of humor coupled with the celebrity presence, it is a huge crowd puller for the network. Our best guess is that it might take Sedaris and Dinello some time to come up with ideas that match the acclaimed initial seasons, so season 3 might release sometime in June or July, 2020. We will update this section as soon as we hear more.

At Home With Amy Sedaris Trailer:

While we wait for the release date of season 3, you can check out the trailer for Season 2 of the show to get an idea of the kind of kookiness to be expected in the upcoming season, and from the host, Amy Sedaris, herself.

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