Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack of Titans) Season 3 (Part II): Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Attack on Titan, or Shingeki no Kyojin, is a Japanese manga series composed and outlined by Hajime Isayama. Attack on Titan is known to go big on their premieres, but what season three will witness would be taking things to new extremes. This July, the anime will make its season 3 public, which will surely make the fans crazy.

Attack of Titans Plot:

Mainly because it looks like all is lost in the Season 2 finale, “Scream”, and after Mikasa has confessed her thanks and affection for Eren, this individual attempts to summon his Titan form once more, but is unsuccessful. What he is able to do, nevertheless, is hook up to the minds of the other general Titans in the area and order them to attack both the Titans who devoured his mother and then armoured the Titan himself. (It’s no wonder Reiner and Bertolt were under orders to bring him in.) Eren performs this without ever transforming, though the lines that appear on his face are similar to those seen on Shifters when inside their Titan form.

It turns out that Eren is known as the “Coordinate”, a kind of Titan that serves as a point of convergence for all other Titans. This will likely be explored further in Season 3 and over and above, so to not get deep into it much here except to say that Eren’s other Scouts take the right path in thinking that he now has some control to exert over the mindless monsters which have plagued humanity for so long. Using his power, he might be able to fix the broken wall, to keep humans safe, and in doing this, prevent more Titans from being formed.

Talking about the first episode of the Attack of Titans Season 3, it began with an invasion of giant monsters who have the shape of humans. They broke through the hundred years old wall which was safeguarding humanity. The attack motivated the protagonist of the show, Eren Yeager and his group of friends to join a military group called the Scouts who would venture beyond the walls in order to engage with the Titans directly. The theme of season 1 and season 2 mainly focused on exploring the dangerous world that lay beyond the humanity protection walls and also unveiling different mysteries which lead to the origin of the Titans along with including the internal politics of the human society. All of these happened at the backdrop of some epic actions which kept viewers glued to the series.

So far, the storyline has mainly highlighted the heavy political part rather than the actual titans. Some new rules have been introduced in the series like when a human is eaten with the powers, the titan would transfer those powers to the one who ate the human but coming to the actual actions, there is much more upcoming, gore, violence and scenes that the viewers are waiting for. The only titan that has been introduced so far is the one that Eren gets transformed into but even that is because of the practice of some activities that did not give fruitful results. The viewers have seen some fight scenes that took place between Captain Levi and his mentor turned enemy Kenny. The upcoming episodes are expected to be more exciting as the viewers would be able to see some great battles to save humanity and it is expected that the storyline would build up to give something really big.

Attack of Titans creator Hajime Isayama is on a roll ever since he expressed disappointment with his work. “After writing Volume 12, in the period between 13 and 16 was when I felt the most disappointed with my work,” he said. “Hopefully, now that season 3 is being made, I’ll have the chance to wipe away that regret and replace it with something I’m proud of,” he had said. He must be a proud man now that the current seasons of the series are fairing excellently.

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Attack of Titans Characters:

Eren Yeager: He is the protagonist of the story, and after witnessing his mother being devoured by a titan, he dedicates his life to their eradication.  Eren has a great physique and Hajime Isayama compares him to the middleweight mixed martial artist, Yushin Okami.

Mikasa Ackerman: Mikasa is Eren’s friend since childhood and Eren’s family took her in. She is a quiet and shy girl and maintains a stoic expression but not in case of Eren. She is known to go berserk when Eren is at risk.

Armin Arlert: Armin is Eren’s friend who joins him in the Scouts in an attempt to make an important difference in the world, and also to fulfil his desire of seeing the outdoors world. Armin is plagued by an inferiority complex, given that he had barely passed the combat graduation exam, despite the fact that he was top of the class academically. He is known to occasionally cry about being cowardly and having to rely on his friends all the time.

Reiner Braun: Ranked second of the trainee class, Reiner is described as strong as an ox, and able to earn the trust of his comrades, but is motivated in his desire to get back to his home. After being assaulted by a titan, he begins to claim to be from a mountain town southeast of Wall Maria.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack of Titans) Season 3 (Part II) Release Date:

The Attack of Titans has a total of 7 volumes among which the 1st and 2nd volumes have already released on 17th Oct 2018 and 5th Dec 2018 respectively. The 3rd and the 4th volume would be released on 9th Jan 2019 and 6th Feb 2019 respectively. However, the dates of release for 5th to 7th volumes are yet to be announced by the production company.

Before season 3 part I was to air, the producer of Attack on Titan’s had confirmed on Twitter that the number of episodes had been extended to 24 – that’s twice the number of episodes of season 2. The tweet had also highlighted a new season 3 poster, showcasing the main heroes. The long-awaited Attack on Titan season 3 Part I premiered last summer on July 22, 2018. Funimation then announced the early premiere of Attack on Titan season 3 Part I, but that meant you would have to spend a few extra dollars from your pocket.

Now, as part I is done and dusted, the focus is on the next part that has already been confirmed. A promotional image of Attack of Titans Season 3, Part 2 features Eren who is seeing the ocean for the first time. This could probably mean that the Scout would succeed with their mission to reclaim their very own territory from the Titans and would be able to explore the outside world. This would mean that the dreams of Eren and his best friend Armin of exploring the wonders of the world would get fulfilled. The previews also indicated that the Scout might face some huge tragedies in the way to fulfilling the mission of retaking Wall Maria. Attack of Titans Season 3, Part 1 has lefts its viewers with many questions which would only be answered on the return of the series with Part 2. Viewers can catch a glimpse of the upcoming season here.

Part II has been scheduled an air date in April 2019. A tweet on the official page of the series confirmed the news – “See you in April.” Not only this, Funimation is planning to announce to the world the new premiere of Attack on Titan Season 2 Film: Roar of Awakening and Attack on Titan in some areas of U. S. and theatres of Canada. There is excitement abuzz amongst fans. Bookmark us to find out the exact air date of Part II in April 2019.

Attack of Titans English Dubbing:

One particular manga that is cherished by many people is Attack on Titans. The Attack on Titan fandom had many views on the English lay of this amazing show. Some like the new cast and others do not. In any circumstance, fans can watch it for free on Crunchyroll if you don’t have an issue with the Japanese audio with English subtitles. If you can spend some extra money then watch it on Netflix for the dub and Hulu as well.

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