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Bad Guys Vile City Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News

September 2, 2018
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Released in 2014, Bad Guys is a South Korean TV series. It is an action-packed thriller combined with being a crime series. It originally aired on OCN on the 4th of October 2014 and contained 11 episodes. This series was written by Han Jung-hoon and created by Kim Jung-min. Netflix acquired this international show and now hosts the rights to broadcast it on a global level.

Bad Guys 3 Cast: Who is in it?

Much feared detective Oh Goo Tak is played by Sang-Jung Kim. Ma Dong Suk plays a gangster known as Park Woong Chul who is loyal and tends to rush into situations. Lee Jung Moon played by Park Have Jun is a brilliant serial killer. Jo Dong Hyuk plays an extremely skilled contract killer who is the best at what he does, and he goes by Jung Tae Soo. Yoo Mi Young played by Kang Ye Won is a moral detective on the show.

Bad Guys Plot: What is it about?

Bad Guys is about two detectives who order the release of 3 criminals, all of whom are murderers, to form a strong team to catch other dangerous criminals. As the show unfolds, the most obvious question, can the cops unite with criminals to do something good, gets answered. This series is action packed and has some solid drama revolving around crime. It does seem to get darker than other drama shows which makes it stand out. Things can get a bit violent and gruesome at times, but that is in line with the theme of the show. Detective Oh Goo Tak is the one who assembles the team of criminals and cops. He is quite intense and even fierce as he is known to use excessive force. Bad Guys is a show that is not too predictable which helps in keeping viewers engaged till the end. Even the most dangerous and violent criminals have stories to tell which can get quite heartbreaking.

Bad Guys Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere? 

Fans of this show will be delighted to know that Season 2 will be released soon. The exact dates are not given to us yet, but Bad Guys Season 2 is expected to be part of OCN’s fall line up. While OCN had been gearing up and getting ready for Season 2 since last year, it was the show’s original writer Han Jung Hoon who had to be available. It is no shock that there will be a season 2, as the show got nothing but good reviews. It had done a great job in giving the message it wanted to in the first place. What can be said with certainty about season 2 is that it is expected to focus on better teamwork among the ‘special’ team. Ma Dong Suk who is one of the main characters also teases about a return with season 2 during a BTS clip. In fact, even season 1 drops hints at us that there is a good chance of a season 2 being made. The entire team will be expected to return with season 2.

Bad Guys Trailer :

Watch the trailer of season of Bad Guys below until we can feast your eyes on a teaser from the upcoming season. Stay tuned.