11 Best Erotic Thrillers on Netflix Right Now

March 7, 2019
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Sex can be both thrilling and dangerous and that’s what a lot of movies teach us. Erotic romance and spine-tingling thrill, if pulled off well, can actually be the best combination. However, most erotic thrillers are just porn with a slightly more interesting plot but there are a few ones that manage to explore the true potential of this sub-genre.

While most erotic thrillers have their own set of clichés, some offer amazingly unique plots. These are the movies that are a little more self-aware than the other shabby and downtrodden representations of sex. Keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled some of the finest movies from this sub-genre. Here’s the list of really good erotic thriller movies on Netflix that are available to stream right now. The list includes sex thrillers, adult erotic thrillers.

11. Enemy (2013)

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, ‘Enemy’ has a fair share of erotic sex scenes in it. But apart from those, the movie makes you think and often leaves you feeling confused about what’s even going on. It’s the kind of movie you’ll probably not understand after your first watch or the second watch or maybe even the third. This the reason why we’re grateful to have explainers for movies like these. The film starts off with Adam, a college professor, who notices that a small-time movie actor looks exactly like him. He tries to track down his doppelganger but the closer he gets to find out more about this other guy who looks just like him, the more complicated his situation becomes. As the movie starts to move forward, it gets even more complex and harder to understand the storyline, so make sure that this one has all your attention and you are open to using your imagination because the ending will blow your mind.

10. Bad Match (2017)

You have at least once in your life had a dating application like Tinder on our phone. You may not have necessarily used it but it’s fun to experience the whole idea of dating synchronized in a way that makes something so complex, so damn simple. Dating applications like these are what Harris relies upon. One night stands and casual hookups are a regular thing for him all made so much easier by the dating app he uses. He spends his entire time living a laid back and relaxed life doing his work, gaming and of course dating the “right matches.” Everything is going great for him until he gets matched with a girl named Riley. Riley unlike any other girl he has been matched with, is here to stay and is not going away so easily. She gets extremely obsessed with him and starts sabotaging his entire life. Though the movie goes a little overboard with the unrealistic number of matches this guy gets, it’s a fun one time watch.

9. Under the Skin (2013)

Absolutely stunning and talented Scarlett Johansson plays the role of an alien entity. She roams the streets of Scotland looking for young men she can lure into having sex with her and then takes them to isolated places where she transports them into a different dimension in which they are stripped and ingested. The plot gets deeper when this alien entity starts questioning existence itself and starts to discover herself in a very deep sense. ‘Under the Skin’ is not the kind of movie that everyone will enjoy. Though it’s extremely beautiful and innovative, the movie leaves a lot to the viewer’s imagination. Watch it with the intention of trying to see the director’s perspective while making the film and maybe then you’ll see what you’re supposed to see. Look at more than what meets the eye, think and provoke your inner emotions.

8. Carol (2015)

The film is set in the 1950s, New York and revolves around the story of a woman named Carol. It’s been a while since Carol has been separated from her husband, Harge. Harge still wants her back but Carol is better off without him. Carol meets Therese Belivet who is a young woman in her 20s and works at a Manhattan Departmental Store. Something really sets off between the two from the first time they meet and they start to develop a deeper connection with time. Therese ends her relationship with her boyfriend Richard but Carol has bigger problems to face as her husband starts seeing her as an incompetent mother after finding out about her relationship with Therese and later uses this to win custody of their daughter. The movie tries to balance out the bitterness of life with dashes of hope here and there. It is subtle with well-placed scenes that will make you go through a range of emotions and the characters will, for sure, stick to your head.

7. The Trigger Effect (1996)

The film starts off with some steamy scenes of the lead Elisabeth Shue. What follows is one small event — a power cut that goes on for days setting off a series of events like a rivalry between two friends, spreading of a robbery epidemic across the neighborhood which forces the protagonists to buy shotguns, and later a criminal breaking into their house who later gets shot by their neighbor and then the couple finally deciding to move away to a place far away from this neighborhood but that, too, brings in more troubles along their way. Not too organized with the concept it tries to portray the movie comes off as a little mundane. But it has its share of nerve-wracking moments and also nip slips in the beginning.

6. Sex and Lucia (2001)

‘Sex and Lucia’ reminds me of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Nocturnal Animals. It is the story of a waitress who decides to move to a somewhat isolated Mediterranean Island after the death of her boyfriend who was a writer. On reaching the island, she gets to know her boyfriend Lorenzo’s ex-lover. A strange story starts to unfold when Lucia starts finding out more about Lorenzo’s past, his last dark novel, and all the incidents that eventually lead him to end his life because of depression. The movie is unusually unique and beautiful and expresses storytelling in the form of impressive visuals. Erotic sex plays a very crucial part in the storytelling of the movie and has explicit adult scenes that are for you since you’re looking at this list.

5. Charlie Countryman (2013)

Starring Shia LaBeouf in the lead role, ‘Charlie Countryman’ tells the story of a tourist who falls in love with the wife of a gangster. The movie is a mix of comedy, sex, drama, and crime with two really likable characters. It’s not a typical love story where but it reflects true human nature towards love and incidents that resemblance to real life. It shows how blinding love can be at times how a man discovers himself in a new city. You’ll enjoy this one even if you’re not much of a romance fan for its indulgence into other genres as well.

4. Cam (2018)

‘Cam’ tells the tale of an erotic webcam entertainer named Alice who wakes up one day to find that her identity has been stolen by an evil supernatural force that looks just like her and broadcasts from her channel. Alice finds out that the hijacker of her channel defies all of that and goes way overboard threatening her identity and completely ruining her life. The film follows an interesting concept that has not been executed too well. But apart from that, the character of the lead is given enough depth and the movie is overall a good time-killer.

3. Spring Breakers (2013)

Four best friends Brit, Candy, Cotty, and Faith live together in a dorm room. They wish to save money and make their spring break as memorable and adventurous as possible. In an accidental meeting, the girls end up meeting a rapper known as the “Alien“. He promises the girls that he will fulfill their dream of making this the best spring break ever but how far would they go only to seek thrill and adventure. Initially, the movie is all fun and games but as it moves forward, you realize that it’s not a typical movie about a bunch of Generation Xers partying their head off. It’s more about the sad reality of the extent to which a generation would go just for the sake of “fun.” It’s probably so underrated because of what most people expected out of it and how it turned out to be. Though the movie does have a lot of partying and some steamy provocative scenes, it does give out a much deeper message.

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2. Porto (2016)

‘Porto’ is the story of a man and woman both of who do not belong to the city of Portugal but have shared a brief connection before. The film explores their journey through a night where they explore their old connection and discover new depths of their relationship. The film is overall a heart-warming experience into the mysteries of the perspectives of two souls. It might also remind you a little of ‘Before Sunset’ with a little more passionate erotic scenes.

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1. Zipper (2015)

‘Zipper’ is the story of a man who seems to be at the prime of his political career when he discovers a high-end escort service. What was supposed to only a one time experience for him becomes an obsession and an addiction that starts to ruin his entire life and threatens the potentially bright future he had in politics. It also sends his relationship with his wife spiraling down into the darkest oceans of his enslavement of this new-found evil habit.

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