8 Best Movies About Hockey

Sport movies are fun to watch. The action of the game, the adrenaline pumped-up characters, a loser coach turned player and of course, the trademark miraculous comeback in the climax by an underdog team we all root for. Hockey is no different. These movies might not always be well crafted classics, or achieve cult status. Most of them are made with one, and one purpose only, entertainment. But that does not make them bad movies. According to me, any movie that serves it’s purpose is not a bad movie, and I’ll stress on this point, several times over the course of this article. If you’re looking for epic sport classics like a ‘Rush’ or a ‘Moneyball’, I don’t recommend you to read on. But if you want some popcorn, sometimes over-the-top hockey action, this one’s for you. Here is the list top hockey movies.


8. Youngblood (1986)

The film is well cast, and acted, there is a story, and the game of hockey is made clear even to those who are not fans. Some of the photography is way above the standard for an 80’s film, for example the scene of puck shooting exercises by “Youngblood”. Rob Lowe is a charming young guy. Gibb is winsome. Swayze plays a good older mentor like he does in Dirty Dancing. Keanu Reeves gets a small role early in his career. It has a couple of memorable scenes like the hazing. It’s not particularly outstanding but it does the job.


7. The Mighty Ducks (1992)

‘The Mighty Ducks’ is an uplifting story about competing, succeeding, losing, and loving the game of hockey. It is the not-so-original story about a coach and his team. I am not going to say this is an amazing movie, because really it is nothing all that special. No great directing, no great acting. The script is completely by the book and predictable all the way. But the intent was never to make a masterpiece or an award-winner. It is just a fun movie for kids, adults who like to blow their stream off and most of all, hockey lovers. The reason why it makes this list is that it achieves all its aforementioned objectives, no questions asked.


6. Mystery, Alaska (1999)

Too many times, we tend to get to far into sub plot, development, etc. and miss a fun movie with a good story. This happens mostly with sports movies. Same is the case with ‘The Mighty Ducks’, same is the case with this one. Mystery Alaska is just another fun hockey movie with a good story. It’s a plausible story, developed on real people with real personalities. It might not be the sports epic that ‘Miracle’ (which I’ll talk about later) became few years later the release of this one, but it has that genuinely friendly small-town sensibility making it not only unique, but also less glamorized. It’s easy to excuse a film with this much heart of all its quirks and flaws.


5. Slap Shot (1977)

‘Slap Shot’ is an expertly crafted comedy from the underrated George Roy Hill. Paul Newman plays the captain of an inept semi-professional hockey team trying to stay afloat in a dying industrial town. Despite being a cult film, it’s one of those movies that is also very commercial. It’s just not a really pretty picture. It takes place in hockey arenas, locker rooms and those aren’t the most picturesque places to make movies. Here’s some trivia, the movie was the first to have a script with liberal profanity used normally and sexually. So if you haven’t already, I recommend you to give it a shot.

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