10 Best Jason Statham Movies You Must See

He is not loved by the critics. Most of what he does is almost the same, all the time. Watching his movie is like going to work everyday, we know what’s in the store for us. But Jason Statham’s stardom underlines the fact that there are amny who watch movies just for entertainment. Whether he jumps of a building, or he beats up a dozen armed men, you know he’ll succeed. But we watch it anyway. Here are 10 such movies where, (Spoiler alert) Jason wins. But what makes these movies worth a watch is the same formula that makes MCU and DCEU click. The super hero is going to win, but the way he wins matters. Here is the list of top 10  Jason Statham movies that prove he is an action superstar. If you are lucky, you can find some of these Jason Statham movies on Netflix.


10. Revolver (2005)

Brutally panned by critics, ‘Revolver’ is not as bad as its reputation might lead you to believe. That’s also why the film has gained a cult following since its release. Yes, Guy Ritchie does saturate the film with his non linear narrative to a point where it is reduced to a confusing rhetoric, but still there’s a lot to enjoy here.


9. The Mechanic (2011)

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‘The Mechanic’  has a huge amount of wicked viciousness and extraordinary action sequences, a number of which are mind-boggling. All things considered, Jason Statham is the English rendition of Chuck. Statham has been in many action flicks in last couple of years, a considerable lot of which stink. If you happen to like action, then his movies are for you. The Mechanic isn’t vastly different, in spite of the fact that it is a decent, respectable film.


8. Safe (2012)

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As mentioned before, the primary reason you watch a Statham film is for the action, and this specific one appears to have it simply flying up all over, essentially in the state of ridiculous quick paced, hard punching battle scenes where our lead mysteriously beats numerous awful folks at the same time to a mash, and also summarily executing some others. In the middle of all the fight sequences lies somewhere a story;  but you would hardly care. Jason Statham, as always, fully commits himself to the film and comes out unscathed. If you happen to like Statham’s adrenaline pumping action, you will love this one. And those who scrutinize him for his lack of acting talent might be in for little to no surprise.


7. Crank (2006)

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‘Crank’ has fairly-tale comic book feel to it — there are split screens, uproarious in your face music, macho acting, tilted camera angles — all of which give a cool feel to the film. The action scenes are sufficiently enjoyable yet perhaps could have been something more. There are many jump cuts, and a few car pursuits yet nothing that you haven’t seen in films. Though, the climax is really crazy that Statham fans will certainly enjoy. There’s a lot of savagery here and some gut including moments, some violent gunfire wounds including somebody getting their fingers shot off and somebody’s hand stalls out in a sewing machine and gets cut up. Phew!


6. The Bank Job (2008)

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‘The Bank Job’ is far from Jason Statham’s typical movies — not that I mind them. It is an unexpectedly pleasant movie in which we see him “act”. Based on the 1971 Baker Street robbery in central London, from which the money and valuables stolen were never recovered, the film received glowing reviews from the critics. My lone complaint about The Bank Job is its running time, which is lomnger than required. However all in all the film is unquestionably worth a watch.

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