12 Best Jennifer Connelly Movies You Must See

January 3, 2018
7 min read

American film actress Jennifer Lynn Connelly  began her career as a child model. Born on 12 December 1970, she won Academy award for supporting role for movie “A Beautiful Mind” in 2002. She also went on to win Golden Globe and BAFTA for the same movie ( though her best performance according to me is in “Requeim for a dream”. Here is the list of top 12 Jennifer Connelly movies.


1. A Beautiful mind (2001)

This movie won 4 Oscars including the Best picture Oscar. It was based on the life of mathematician John Nash ( played by Russell Crowe) who won Nobel Prize in 1994(after being diagnosed with schizophrenia). Jennifer Connelly plays role of his wife Alicia Nash. Jennifer Connelly delivers a stellar performance and her chemistry with Russell Crowe is praiseworthy. It was actually first mainstream role for Jennifer Connelly and she pulls it off brilliantly. She was widely praised for her performance.


2. Requiem for a Dream(2000)

Darren Aronofsky’s controversial chronicle of addiction starred Jennifer Connelly, Ellen Burstyn and Jared Leto in lead roles. She plays the role of Marion Silver who is girlfriend to heroin addict Harry(Jared Leto). In the movie, she prostitutes herself to pay for addiction. She went on for a full frontal nudity and lesbian orgy in which she shares dildo(quite shocking).It is the boldest role for Jennifer Connelly and the best one according to me. It is the most depressing movie you’ll ever see!


3. Blood Diamond (2006)

In this Edward Zwick movie set during Sierra Leone Civil war. Jennifer Connelly plays the role of an idealistic journalist Maddy Bowen who is determined for change. The story revolves around diamond mining in war zones and their use in financing conflicts and gaining profits for African warlords and diamond companies. Jennifer Connelly plays her part quite confidently (in exposing the diamond companies). She shares good chemistry with lead Leonardo DiCaprio who was nominated for Oscar for his role.


4. The Hotspot (1990)

Actor Dennis Hopper directed this sexy film noir (based on Charles Williams’ 1952 novel “Hell Hath No Fury”). Though this movie was a commercial failure, it is remembered for its  bare skinny dipping scene featuring Jennifer Connelly who delivers a sweet and beautiful performance ( she was just 20 then). She plays sweet and soft-spoken 19 year-old Texas car dealership office secretary Gloria Harper who is blackmailed over a dark secret in the movie.


5. Waking the dead (2000)

It is one of the most under rated movie starring Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connelly in lead roles. It is again known for the erotic scenes between the leads. Set in a political scenario, Jennifer Connelly plays Sarah Williams,  a rebel who believes that a real change can’t be brought within a corrupt system (her love interest wants to be President in this movie!).The couple is romantically close as they are politically apart, divided by Fielding Peirce’s( Billy Crudup) desire to work within the system and Sarah’s conviction that the system is the root of all evil.


6.  Shelter (2014)

Directed by her husband Paul Bettany, this movie tells a story about two homeless people on the streets of New york who fall in love with each other.She delivers a believable performance and her chemistry with co- star Anthony Mackie is laudable.  It is a thought provoking and most profound movie you’ll ever see about homeless people.Shelter has  lot of emotions and that’s largely due to Connelly’s solid performance in portraying the plight of a woman who has nothing left, and because she has nothing left, will do anything to survive.

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