20 Best Movies of 2017 (So Far)

What have been the best movies of 2017 so far? Before I answer that question let me make it clear that the report card for 2017 doesn’t look very good. We are into August, we have seen many great movies come out in 2017. Yes, there have been a few sparks here and there, but in terms of what we can call truly great, there is not much to choose from. In fact, if you remove last month out of the equation, things look even more dire. Film industries, including Hollywood, seriously need to do something about the consistently bad quality of movies that release in the first half of the year.

Anyway, we can only hope that things start changing and we get to see more quality films throughout the year — and not just last few months. With that said, below is the list of best films of 2017. I liked all the films on this list — some more than others — and loved at least one (You can guess which one). Again, the top 20 movies of 2017 (so far):


20. Alien: Covenant

‘Alien – Covenant’ is a return to the original essence of the franchise, and even if it may not surpass the original films, it certainly offers a great deal of entertainment, especially when watched on the big screen. Driven by Micahel Fassbender’s terrific performance as a humanoid and director Ridley Scott’s innovative ways to keep the stories interesting, ‘Alien: Covenant’ isn’t path-breaking but it certainly is good one-time watch.


19. Raw

Director Julia Ducournau’s ‘Raw’ gained a reputation on the Fall festival circuit, when it was presented to the queasy audiences of the Toronto Film Festival. Reports indicated Ducournau’s film prompted walk outs and fainting spells. But truth be told, Ducouranu isn’t interested in making a gory film but rather she is after something much bigger: a film that’s is filled with symbolism and social commentary. She mostly succeeds!


18. Split

If there’s anything that M.Night Shyamalan has a grasp on as a director it’s how to build tension, especially tension to a climatic moment. In ‘Split’, he is no different. He builds the movie for a explosive climax and comes out with mixed results. In any case, ‘Split’ is worth a watch for the incredible James McAvoy performance alone. Rest everything is a bonus.


17. The Lovers

How refreshing to see an actress over sixty find a great role, one in which she is permitted to be a real sexual being. We saw it take place in Sarah Polley’s elegiac and haunting Away from Her (2007) but it is not a common theme on film these days. What makes it even more extraordinary is that three-time Oscar nominee Debra Winger is back in the role that could bring the gifted actress an overdue Academy Award. ‘The Lovers’ sensitively portrays older people showing that they can have interesting stories as well.


16. Logan

‘Logan’ is the first X-Men film to get an R Rating (aside from ‘Deadpool’) and it earns it. The film is bloody enough to explore the hazardous life Logan lives honestly and contains plenty of profanity without celebrating it. Its themes are also adult in nature. It is one of the best films in X-Men series, if not the best, but it surely is head and shoulders the best WOLVERINE film. Hugh Jackman couldn’t have had a better send-off.

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  • No place for David Lowery’s A GHOST STORY (with Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara) ? I think it’s one of the most original movies in recent times. But hardly for everyone, I know. My No.1 for this year, easily.

    It was pleasant surprise to see SONG TO SONG ranked so high on this list . Bravo !