10 Best Olga Kurylenko Movies You Must See

A Ukranian model, Olga Kurylenko started her modelling career at the age of 13 and made her cinematic debut in 2005. She attracted international attention for playing a Russian prostitute in Hitman (2007) and a Bond girl opposite Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace (2008). After that, Olga didn’t look back and went on to star opposite Tom Cruise in the blockbuster dystopian drama Oblivion (2013).

This Ukranian Beauty will undoubtedly continue to show her talent in many future movies. Before that, however, we wanted to quench the thirst of her fans with her best films to date. Here’s the list of top movies of Olga Kurylenko. Cheers.


10. Kirot (2009)

Living next to each other in an old dilapidated building are two women fed up with their lives. Galia, a slave for the Russian mafia has to assassinate people every time her masters want. Eleanor, on the other hand, is an oppressed wife exploited by her husband every day. In an attempt to escape their captive life, both women plan to kill their tormentors.


9. Max Payne (2008)

Based on the famous PC game of the same name, Max Payne is the story of a police detective whose wife and baby have been murdered. He wants to find the people responsible but isn’t getting any leads. A fateful encounter ends Max up with Mona Sax who thinks he has killed her sister. After the misunderstanding is cleared the couple team up to find the people responsible for not only the deaths of their dear ones but also for a massive drug operation in the city.


8. To the Wonder (2012)

On a trip to Europe Neil falls for Marina, a young divorced mother. Filled with passion, the couple moves to Oklahoma where relationship problems start brewing. Marina falls for the local pastor, and Neil rekindles the love with her old flame. Amidst the relationship problems, will the young lovers find their spark back?


7. The Correspondence (2016)

Ed an astrophysics professor and Amy his PhD student are having an extramarital affair. They correspond using emails and bare their heart to each other while they are not on their romantic escapades. However, strangely Amy keeps receiving messages from Ed even after he dies from a Brain tumour mysteriously. A suspenseful and romance-ridden mystery, this movie is one of the best performances of Olga Kurylenko.


6. The Ring Finger (2005)

Iris who used to work for a bottle washing factory has changed jobs after losing her ring finger in an accident. She has gotten a new job at a weird laboratory. It is not long however that Iris finds the work strange and the place stranger. After Iris begins a troubled relationship with her boss, she starts to peel the layers of secrecy beneath which the truth lies.

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