12 Best Olivia Wilde Movies You Must See

March 6, 2018
5 min read

This American- Irish actor is one of those rare gems who flaunt both beauty and brain. She is an impeccable actress with an equally good sense of script and substance. The actress stands out the hoard of shallow and characters who claim to be artists these days. Here is a list of top 12 Olivia Wilde movies.


12. The Longest Week

Olivia Wilde is Beatrice Fairbanks in this comedy drama directed by Peter Glanz. Not only her breath-taking beauty and performance but the Indian connection of this movie is reason to watch this movie. This movie was produced by Uday Chopra. If that simply doesn’t interest you, watch the movie for the vivacious Wilde.


11. The Words

Olivia Wilde is the demure and potential writer as Danielle in this romantic mystery drama. She is persistent in her job and Olivia is convincing as Danielle. She had an exotic charm which is quite rare and she utilizes her screen time to let a glimpse into the brilliance she possesses.


10. Deadfall

As Liza, a brilliant performance is delivered by Olivia Wilde. She is volatile as she goes on a casino heist and sensitive when she realizes the truth. Olivia plays both the side of Liza effortlessly and her calculated and measured expressions add to her charm.


9. In Time

Olivia plays Rachel Salas the fierce and magnetic who till her last breath fights to save her son. She knows how to utilize time in this dystopian science fiction about time and make her fans swoon over her. Her screen presence of mere minutes leaves a lasting impression on the audiences.


8. People Like Us

In this brief role olive shone brightly. She played Hannah the love interest of Sam Harper (Chris Pine). She is courageous and principled who doesn’t go the dirty way. Olivia is fierce and brilliant in her small role. She is a rare breed who has the potential of doing justice every role offered and turning even the meaningless one’s into substantial characters.


7. The Change Up

This black comedy had Olivia Wilde essay the role of Sabrina, the assistant to Dave (Jason Bateman). She is intelligent and sensuous. The brainy beauty skillfully shows that she is not to be messed with. In this movie with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, she shares an excellent chemistry with Reynolds and comes off as a very easy and breezy person.

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