10 Best Emma Stone Movies You Must See

So, what are the best movies of Emma Stone? Before we answer that question and list out best Emma Stone films, let’s look at her short career.

Emma Stone is the most sought after actress in the industry right now. At only 28 years old, Emma has a huge career in front of her. Since her start in the industry in 2007, she has climbed the ladder of success gradually with every performance. Her dream to become an actress was realized when she moved to LA at the tender of fourteen. Since then it has been no looking back, cementing her place in the business as one of the best. Her husky voice, sparkling eyes and flowing hair add to her immense acting capability with which she has captivated us since so many years. She lends tangibility to her emotions, and becomes a part of the audience through her performances.

Here is the list of top 10 Emma Stone movies to date.


10. The Amazing Spider-man (2012)

Stone starred as Gwen Stacy in the rebooted series of the original ‘Spider-man’. The infusion of the young and fresh cast definitely paid off as the film became one of the highest grossing of the year, and prompted very positive reviews and two sequels. Stone’s rendition of Gwen among the many others stood out head and shoulders above them. Her electrifying chemistry with Andrew Garfield and the kind and personified character traits of Gwen made for a satisfying watch. She not only managed to make the character’s feelings believable, but also lend a certain assurance to the film’s plot and story-line.


9. Magic in the Moonlight (2014)

The triumvirate of Emma Stone, Woody Allen and Colin Firth was anticipated to stupefy cinephiles and critics alike. But the clichéd screenplay and the lousy direction deterred the expected outcome. Stone played Sophie Baker, a clairvoyant and mystic who travels to the French Riviera to practice her supernatural skills on rich and desperate customers. But, Sophie is more than just a con-artist, and when Firth, the apotheosis of an illusionist comes along, the two can’t help but fall for each other. The hiding game that Stone manages to play to perfection is a highlight of an otherwise disappointing movie.


8. Paper Man (2009)

The film bombed helplessly at the box office. Amidst this quagmire of unfulfilled expectations and over the top performances, Stone shined like a star in the black sky. The plot followed a failed novelist played by Jeff Daniels who moves to a beach community for a summer to overcome writer’s block. There he meets 17-year-old Abby, portrayed by Stone and a strange yet necessary friendship blossoms. Playing the troubled high-school girl, Emma was capable to present us a vintage potpourri of innocent, frustrated and self-absorbed. Her constrained relationship with her father made for an uncomfortable and heart-warming watch. It was the apotheosis of an ordinary teenager, lest who wasn’t ordinary at all.


7. Irrational Man (2015)

The second film in the list to feature Allen and Stone, it also had Joaquin Phoenix in a starring role. The mystery drama was a disappointment among critics and cinephiles. Stone’s performance came in for considerable praise, for sharing the burden of carrying the film with Phoenix in an uncharacteristic Woody Allen feature. The clichéd screenplay and predictable story-line made for an uninteresting watch. The performances and the chemistry of the leads were the only two things able to salvage the movie from being a disaster.


6. Superbad (2009)

The feature was Emma’s debut performance. Even though she had a minor role, she took it up with utmost sincerity and utter seriousness. She portrayed the role of the ‘cool’ girlfriend of Hill’s character. Her portrayal made her minimal sojourn have a long-lasting impact. The little idiosyncrasies like squinting her eyes and looking straight into our eyes, or leaning back and just staring at us, made her performance absolute gold. Stone gained weight for her small role, showing her dedication towards bringing authenticity and realism to her character. One of the underrated Emma Stone movies.

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