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18 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies on Netflix Right Now

Updated October 27, 2019
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There is something very alluring to us about the end of the world as we know it. Imagine you were the Will Smith of ‘I Am Legend’ and you were one of the few last people alive on the surface of Earth. What would you do, if you were the only last faith of humanity? Now c’mon, you cannot deny that being the last person on Earth would have its own advantages: you could do whatever the hell you want to do. But it sure is a struggle when you have to sit trapped inside your own house because the world outside has all kinds of weird monsters lurking around and also the people who are not exactly people anymore, they’re the walking dead.

Some movies like ‘Zombieland’ and ‘Shawn of the Dead’ give us a rather funny approach towards this not-so-funny situation that makes us realize that the world may not be such a bad place even when there are half-dead bloodthirsty humans all around us. Then there are others that give us a speck of the depressing reality of a post-apocalyptic world. This includes movies like ‘10 Cloverfield Lane‘, ‘2012’ and ‘World War Z’. So we’ve made a list of all kinds of these movies that available on Netflix right now. You can watch some of these on a fun night out with your friends or some just for the scares and the thrills. Whatever your reason may be, just scroll down and choose what suits you best. Here’s the list of really good post-apocalyptic movies on Netflix that are available to stream right now.

18. Aeon Flux (2005)

Starring Charlize Theron ‘Aeon Flux’ is set up in a world where a virus has almost wiped out the entire human race. The main character Aeon Flux is assigned with the task of assassinating a government official. But as she sets out to do this, she discloses deeper secrets and conspiracies that might even force her to change her mind. This film has some great action scenes and has a very goth feel to it. A must watch for all the Charlize Theron fans out there.

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17. ARQ (2016)

couple gets stuck in a time loop inside a lab where they get attacked by a bunch of mask raiders at the beginning of each day. They have to adapt and learn to fight off these raiders and at the same time develop a technology that can act a power source to save the world from its Judgement Day. Every time the couple wakes up to find themselves at the beginning of the time loop again, the film offers a new plot twist that will keep you engaged and at the edge of your seat. The concept of time loops has been repeated a lot of times now and this is one of those movies that does to its ideas.

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16. Train to Busan (2016)

‘Train to Busan’ is a Korean film that offers a very different taken on the common zombie apocalypse theme. It tells the story of the passengers of a train who are on their way from Seoul to Busan. But while they are on the train, the entire world is gripped with a virus that spreads like wildfire and even catches up to a few passengers, turning them into bloodthirsty violent beings. One of these passengers is a man who will do anything to save his daughter and get her to safety, away from the chaos and darkness that have grasped the world.

15. Bird Box (2018)

This movie went viral and got close to 45 million views after its release on Netflix. But the reviews of the movie have been rather mixed and controversial. Starring Academy Award Winner Sandra Bullock, ‘Bird Box’ shows the struggle of a single mother in a post-apocalyptic world where she has to cross a treacherous river with her two kids and the biggest challenge that they face while doing all this is that they have to do all of this with a blindfold on. The plot sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it’s very much like the movie, ‘A Quiet Place‘, which tells the story of a family stuck in a post-apocalyptic world full of sound-sensitive beasts that get attracted to even the slightest of noise. The film has had a lot of mixed reviews and a lot of critics seem to have a problem with its ambiguous ending. But then there are others who actually enjoyed this thriller for its amazing concept and also the parts where too many things were not revealed because they give us an insight into the protagonist’s mind who herself was trying to unravel the mysteries around her.

14. Automata (2014)

Set in the year 2044, with only 21 million people left on Earth after a solar storm kills most of the world’s population, this one tells the story of a ROC agent named Jacq Vaucan. The world is full of robots that are helping humans rebuild the entire world all over again. These robots have a set of security protocols which includes them not being able to reprogram themselves or others of their kind and they cannot even harm humans in any way. But one robot gets shot one day by a man who claims that the robot was trying to alter itself. Jacq Vaucan is assigned the job to investigate this case. What Jacq finds out during this investigation may have a deep impact on the future of humans on the planet.

13. V for Vendetta (2006)

The film depicts a dystopian post-apocalyptic world where half of the Earth has been destroyed by a nuclear war. The movie is based on a book that goes by the same name and is written by Alan Moore. The movie portrays a story that is set up in a futuristic totalitarian Britain where the government is beyond corrupt. This is when a masked freedom fighter, ‘V’, emerges and plots to bring justice back to society by defying and overthrowing the conformities of the government. On his journey, he is also joined by a young lady, Evey who gets closer to unraveling V’s real identity but along the way, gets inspired by his motives and starts to support his intentions. This film is absolutely brilliant and the ending might even bring tears to your eyes. One of the best films on this list and it deserves to be watched more than once.

12. Extinction (2018)

A man is haunted by nightmares of a post-apocalyptic world. These dreams get so real after a while that he actually starts believing that they are signs of something in the future. Everyone starts to doubt his sanity including his own family but he later emerges as a hero when all the events that once haunted him start turning into reality but he is well prepared for these. ‘Extinction’ revolves around a man who does not ignore his intuition and later uses it to protect his family from an army of extra-terrestrial creatures who are trying to invade Earth. The film is so good and so well directed it actually sets an example for all the alien invasion apocalyptic movies out there. Micheal Pena does a great job playing the lead but the ending of the movie has a twist that may either disappoint you or make you fall in love with it.

 11. Halo Legends (2010)

‘Halo Legends’ is a series of seven short films adapted from a famous video game called Halo that was developed by one of the greatest minds in Japan. The first film in the series is “The Origins,” which shows the history and expansion of the universe. The second part is “The Duel” followed by “Homecoming”, “Odd One Out”, “Prototype”, “The Babysitter” and the final one being “The Package.” Halo Legends is overall a very good film, especially for those who have played the games and have experienced the Halo universe before.

10. IO (2019)

‘IO’ shows a post-apocalyptic world where the Earth has been completely destroyed to an extent where humans cannot live on it anymore. Almost all humans have abandoned the planet and moved to Jupiter’s moon called IO. But one young girl named Sam is a scientist and believes that the planet can still be saved. She broadcasts a message on a common frequency to get the attention of the remaining humans and that’s when a man named Micah, who is also on his way to boarding the last spaceship to IO, comes and meets her. While Micah will have to rush his way to the ship, Sam must decide whether she wants to stay or move to IO like other humans. This film is a lot like ‘I am Legend‘ apart from the fact that this one does not have zombies. But sadly, it’s not as good as ‘I am Legend’ and in a way, ended up wasting a very good concept. Still, you can watch it once as it does give you the whole post-apocalyptic feel. The only thing it lacks is some significant material to the plot.

9. The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ is one of the three movies in the Cloverfield series that discloses the origin of the strange creatures in ‘Cloverfield’ and ‘10 Cloverfield Lane‘. It all starts off with a bunch of scientists who are working inside a space station revolving around the orbit of the Earth. Their goal is to create an energy source that can provide unlimited energy to the Earth. But the whole experiment goes disastrously wrong and opens gateways to an alternate reality that will bring the world closer to its doomsday.

8. Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (2017)

You must be wondering what a ‘Godzilla’ movie is doing on this list. This one is a little different from the other Godzilla movies we’ve seen: it’s an anime movie, and its plot revolves around a post-apocalyptic world where most of humanity has left because the Earth is ruled by the leader of the Godzilla force, Kaijus. A group of refugees comes back to Earth with an intention to restore faith in the planet and fight the dark forces of gigantic monsters. Will they succeed with what they intend to do? Watch this action-packed anime film to know.

7. How it Ends (2018)

The movie tells the story of a young man who’s trying to find his way back home to his pregnant wife in a post-apocalyptic world. The world is not the same anymore and it’s full of chaos. Will he be able to reach home to his wife? This movie starts off on a very good note and seems quite interesting in the beginning. But it slowly starts to lose track of the plot from where it had initially started and fades into dullness. Many scenes and decisions made along the movie will make you wonder where the film is heading and why is it even heading that way. But it is still a time-killer and you can watch it once because it does have some really good action scenes.

6. Cargo (2017)

A very touching zombie apocalypse story of a man who looks for a new home for his newborn daughter after finding out that he may only have a few hours before he gets infected by a spreading pandemic. You don’t find a lot of zombie films with heart but this one does a good job in bringing about a whole lot of emotions along with thrills to it. I wouldn’t say its an Oscar-deserving movie but it certainly is a breath of fresh air.

5. Blame! (2017)

‘Blame!’ shows a futuristic world where humans live a life completely integrated with cyber-technology. But a deadly virus breaks out slowly making all the technology malfunction and steadily starts wiping out the entire population of the world. The anime is about a fairly new and fresh concept and has also been executed really well. Some extreme sci-fi concepts go unexplained in the movie, so if you’re new to such films, then make sure that you have access to Google.

4. Spectral (2016)

The world is threatened by supernatural beings that are invisible to the naked eye and destroy anyone who confronts them. The movie centers around a special-ops team that battles these unknown entities that could be spirits of the war or a government’s arms experiment that went wrong. Spectral offers some really good special effects, a great plot and some decent acting. It is not a perfect film but decent enough for an enjoyable one time watch.

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3. The Worthy (2016)

‘The Worthy’ is actually a good appreciable movie considering the fact that it comes from a place where cinema isn’t all that big. The movie is about how most of the world’s population gets completely wiped clean after water sources are contaminated by deadly viruses. The only few survivors live near a trustable clean water source that later gets infiltrated by some people who don’t hold the best of intentions. All of it turns into a violent game of survival when the remaining humans fight over the only water body that can keep them alive.

2. Snowpiercer (2013)

The world-renowned Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho is some who always loves to experiment with his films. And with his first international project, the filmmaker imagines and explores a dystopian world brilliantly. The most unique aspect of the film is that here, the earth has been rendered uninhabitable, and thus all the people who are alive are on a massive train. This huge train takes people all around the earth all through the year, and in the entire length of the movie, everything takes place inside this train. The population inside has over the years started seeing divisions as are present in our societies as well. The poor have been shifted to the coaches at the back and there they live in abject conditions. At the front, however, luxury is the order of the day. The story centers around one of the leaders of the poor people encouraging his comrades to rise in revolt against the rich and sieze control of the train. The film is as brilliant with its set designs as it is with its sociopolitical commentaries. How divisions in a society are created and how the powerful use the illusion of power to dominate over the rich is one of the major themes of this film.

1. Here Alone (2016)

‘Here Alone’ is another drama horror thriller that follows the zombie apocalypse theme. This one tells the story of a young woman who struggles to survive deep inside the wilderness after an epidemic hits the world, turning most humans into bloodthirsty zombies that will kill anything in sight. The film has a good share of gripping and brilliant moments like other zombie movies but overall it lacks substance to the plot. The initial emotional appeal of the character will keep you hooked and the rest of it will just help you pass your time.

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