10 Best Independent Movies From India That You Have Not Seen

Beyond the glitz and glamour of Bollywood, there are movies which we overlook. Made outside the grasp of the studio systems, these movies are the result of the parallel cinema movement, which started a couple of decades ago. Devoid of any dance numbers or the typical Bollywood formula of storytelling, these films showcase the true artistic vision of a filmmaker. Presenting you 10 great Indian indie movies, which are uncompromising, realistic and sometimes disturbing.


10. Shuttlecock Boys (2011)

Directed by Hemant Gaba, ‘Shuttlecock Boys’ is coming of age drama that tells the story of four boys, who take a journey that is less taken. One thing that kept the boys together was their friendship and more importantly the game of Badminton. Through this beautiful game, they decide to do something of their own challenging the norms and conventions of the Delhi Middle-class society. The movie is a perfectly told tale of friendship, determination and lastly, the entrepreneurial spirit in the minds of today’s youth.


9. Liar’s Dice (2013)

A road drama, made by Geetu Mohandas, ‘Liar’s Dice’ is a perfect example of immersive storytelling.  Here, a young mother from a humble tribal community along with her 3 years old daughter, embarks on a journey from their native land in order find her missing husband. A socio-political commentary, the movie is a beautiful take on the theme of migration in India and how it is changing the fabric of human relationships. It stars Geetanjali Thapa and Nawazuddin Siddique in lead roles so power packed performances are to be expected.


8. Peddlers (2012)

‘Peddlers’ is a 2012 crime-thriller movie set in Mumbai. However, the movie shows the ugly side of the city through the perspectives of 20-year-old destitute boys who get caught up in a vicious ring of drug trafficking. Produced by Anurag Kashyap and Guneet Monga and directed by debutante Vasan Bala, the movie delivers what is expected from such names. Its gritty, hard hitting and is a brilliant take on the filth of urban society, which we do not get to witness. Packed with excellent performances, specially from Gulshan Deviah and a gripping cinematography, which is perfectly in sync with the film’s Neo-noir theme, Peddlers is a film that serious moviegoers should not miss.


7. Kshay (2012)

Directed by Karan Gour, ‘Kshay’ is a psychological drama, that explores the theme of feminism keeping religious fanaticism at the focal point. It tells the story of a middle-class housewife Chhaya, who becomes infatuated with an exorbitant sculpture of Goddess Lakshmi and determines to own it. The sculpture can be interpreted as her own reflection and symbolizes the respectable place of women in our society. Shot entirely in black and white, the drama is intense, realistic and features scintillating performances.


6. ID (2012)

Directed by Kamal K.M, ‘ID’ is as unconventional as it is gripping. With ‘human identity’ as its primary theme, the movie is told from the perspective of a woman named Charu played by Geetanjali Thapa. A laborer comes to her high-rise apartment in Mumbai and gets unconscious. The rest of the story is a goose chase as Charu strives to find out the laborer’s identity. As a social thriller, like Thapa’s Liar’s Dice, ID deals with the themes of migration, existential crisis and issues which are unforeseeable. With brilliant performances, ID is definitely a milestone in the history of Indian Independent Cinema.