12 Best Ryan Reynolds Movies You Must See

If Ryan Reynolds was asked to give the introduction of Ryan Reynolds, it couldn’t possibly register on this site. The former, or the latter in this case, is one of the most loved stars in the industry. His quirky wit and macho comeliness compliment each other like those 90 degree right angles. The supercharged combo they make has seen him rise in stature on a global level. His choice of movies has been well appreciated and documented. Covering almost all genres, right from an adult-satirical-sadist-comedy like ‘Deadpool’, to a solemn and taut thriller like ‘Buried’, Reynolds’ ability to adapt and change is unquestionable. Despite doing such good work, people don’t generally associate him with great acting. As a point for all of the above, we decided to present a list of top 12 Ryan Reynolds movies. Happy reading!


12. Paper Man (2009)

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Oh, yes. Contrary to popular belief that Reynolds donned a cape for the first time in ‘Deadpoo.. oh, spandex. Well, this was the first time he did, and fun it was. Playing an imaginary friend of a struggling novelist, Reynolds brings forth all of his affable charm to the fore, in making the film more accessible for the young ones. His comic turn in the movie was met with pleasant reactions, with many singling him out owing to their surprise. The film on the whole is a mediocre comedy-drama, with the former dominating the latter in uneven proportions. All in all, right in Reynolds comfort zone, which makes it a fun ride.


11. Woman In Gold (2015)

Now this is why I said before that Reynolds has a great range as an actor. The very next film in the list has Reynolds in a solemn and dramatic capacity, playing a young lawyer willing to help. The story features a syncretism of historical, thriller, and drama genres. In this finely crafted piece of cinema, every fabric of the plot gets a center-stage, culminating in a satisfying watch. Helen Mirren plays an elderly Jewish woman, of the Holocaust era, who seeks to regain what was rightly hers (not the Iron Throne): piece of land and jewelry, apparently a family heirloom. Reynolds plays a helping lawyer, who is determined on the path of getting her what she is entitled to. Overall, the star comes out strong with a credible performance.


10. Life (2017)

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The short-lived role, which almost qualifies as a cameo, was the only saving grace of the film. Among certain other performances, of course. He let us see his fun side again, playing a jolly mechanic-cum-astronaut abode the grandiose space station. He is one of the first ones on board to fall prey to the vicious extra-terrestrial life form, “affectionately” named Calvin. The film on the whole could never realize its full potential, wasting an interesting premise and an amazingly talented cast. Reynolds does well, both as a part of the ensemble, and his individual capacity.


9. Safe House (2012)

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Doesn’t life give you the most unexpected surprises when you are least suspecting them? Such was the bleak premise of the plot of ‘Safe House’. Matt Weston (Reynolds) is tasked with guarding an indicted criminal from onerous forces waiting to pounce, in a safe house. When the aforementioned hit, and threaten their existence, Weston is forced into forming an alliance with the criminal, Tobin, to fend off the impending danger. The taut thriller was effortless in bringing about our point of satiety, fiercely testing our threshold of hygienically chewing our nails. Reynolds finds a formidable partner in the great Washington, and he is vaguely up-to the task.


8. Green Lantern (2011)

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Whatever people say, Reynolds wasn’t bad in the movie. in fact, what made the film watchable was his chemistry with Lively and his individual charisma. The film on the whole was very disappointing, effectively burying any chances of the character Green Lantern making a come back. There’s not much to tell about the plot of the movie. Like every other superhero film, the villain has the former’s girl, and the latter scurries to ensure her safety. The nominal amount of though-process that went into mapping out the film is really baffling, Not focusing on the parts that were so hopelessly wrong, we shall focus on the ones that provided, at least a glimmer. Ryan Reynolds. That’s it.


7. The Proposal (2009)

‘The Proposal’ is a part of the string of rom-coms that Reynolds has starred in. One of the largely decent ones, the film deals with the forced marriage of a boss and her assistant, in consonance to avoiding deportation to Canada. No, this isn’t porn by the way. When the two finally go back to the boy’s home, a flurry of surprises and unexpected turns leave the boss flustered and short of breath. Talking about shortness of breath, the script suffered a similar fate, failing to gob up anything of substance and unprecedented. This is where Reynolds holds his stronghold with pride and dexterity, beautifully shouldering the film, sharing the burden disproportionately with an uninspiring Sandra Bullock. One of the underrated Ryan Reynolds movies.

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