12 Best Trisha Krishnan Movies You Must See

Updated May 28, 2018
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Trisha Krishnan is one of the most popular, accomplished, talented and beautiful actresses of our times. The major share of her body of work comprises of South Indian films. She seems eloquent in all the South Indian languages and brings poise, strength, and expression to her characters. Her star power makes her unmistakably noticeable even in a temporally limited role. She has been a choice for A-list auteurs and has worked with the best of actors. She has the capacity to outshine her male costars.

Here is the list of top Trisha films that will make you familiar with the talent this woman has.


12. Khatta Meetha (2010)

A non-achiever, Sachin Tichkule, endeavors to become a successful contractor. In the wake of which, he engages in bribery and malpractices. Ridiculed by his family for his failure and incompetence, he shuns his moral high ground. It is when Gehna Ganpule becomes the new municipal that things take a turn. Revisiting his past and his present condition With fun and frolic, this. A movie directed by Priyadarshan that has Akshay Kumar in the lead.


11. Varsham (2004)

Venkat and Shailaja are deeply in love. But, Shailaja’s father wants to marry her off to Bhadranna. He is a cold-blooded, ruthless landlord. Shailaja is battered like a ragged doll between the ambitions of these two lecherous men, her father and Bhadranna. On her own terms, she builds a successful career as an actress. But, the decisions of her love and career are implicitly advantageous for her father. This Telugu movie stars two most attractive actors, Vikas and Trisha, as a handsome couple; with the great Prakash Raj, as her father.


10. Mohini (2018)

The horror genre is gravely underdeveloped in India. Well, Trisha has planned to change the way Indian Cinema presents the genre. An upcoming horror flick featuring Trisha and Jacky. It is a story of a disfigured man who falls in love with a mysterious woman. Trisha has the capacity and a star power to carry the baggage of an entire film on her back. An ambitious project, directed by Ramana Madhesh.


9. Yennai Arinthaal (2015)

Ajith plays a police officer who is resolved to put an end to organ trafficking. He’s unaware that the one who masterminds this crime was the murderer of his beloved. Trisha plays the role of a single mother, who marries Ajith’s character, Sathyadev. Although, in a limited role, Trisha makes her presence felt as a smart, independent, and fearless woman in a Gautam Menon directed action film.


8. Saamy (2003)

Trisha plays the love interest of Vikram in this politically charged film. Saamy is a DCP who tries to make the law and order situation favourable. But, not without trading his way through the unscrupulous local strongmen.  He accepts bribery and compromises. Later ending up in a turmoil. Directed by Hari, it is not merely a stereotype. With the music of Harris Jayaraj, it became an instant fan favourite.


7. Mounam Pesiyadhe (2002)

Gautham, a reclusive and reluctant person, falls in love with Sandhya, who is to marry his best friend, Kannan. He comes to know of Sandhya and Kannan’s Disinterest towards their marriage and Kannan’s love for Maha. He believes that Sandhya too has fallen for him. But, destiny has something else written for him. Directed by Ameer Sultan, this movie is known for the range of its character graph, intelligently built intrigue and twists interwoven in an innocent love story. The cast of Suriya and Trisha is its USP.

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