Big Little Lies Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

‘Big Little Lies’ is an American mystery-drama television series that airs on HBO and first premiered on February 19, 2017. The series is based on the novel of the same name that has been written by Liane Moriarty. It has been adapted for television by David E. Kelley who has shows like ‘Boston Legal‘ and ‘Mr. Mercedes‘ to his name. Jean Marc-Vallee served as the director of the show for the first season, whereas Andrea Arnold of ‘American Honey’ fame took up the reigns as director for the second season. Pacific Standard, Blossom Films, and David E. Kelley Productions are the companies behind the project, while Barbara A. Hall and Liane Moriarty are the producers. David E. Kelley, Jean-Marc Vallée, Reese Witherspoon, Bruna Papandrea, Nicole Kidman, Per Saari, Gregg Fienberg, and Nathan Ross are on board as the executive producers of the show.

The series centers around three emotionally troubled women, living in Monterey, California, who manage to get caught up in a murder investigation. The show was initially conceived as a miniseries, but it quickly became so popular that the network requested more seasons. Naturally, the fan base is strong. However, it has also been critically lauded for the stellar performance from the cast members, and for being a funny, addictive, and thrilling ride full of nail-biting twists and turns. Having won eight Emmy Awards just backs the praise that critics have already heaped on the show.

Big Little Lies Cast: Who is in it?

The main cast of ‘Big Little Lies’ includes Reese Witherspoon who appears in the role of Madeline Martha Mackenzie, and Nicole Kidman, who plays Celeste Wright. Other cast members include the likes of  Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, Zoë Kravitz, Adam Scott, James Tupper, Jeffrey Nordling, and Iain Armitage.  Meryl Streep joins the main cast in the role of Mary Louise Wright, the mother of Perry (played by Alexander Skarsgard in Season 1). Douglas Smith is also a part of the cast in a recurring role along with Poorna Jagannathan, Crystal Fox, Mo McRae and Denis O’Hare for the second season. Kathryn Newton, Robin Weigert, Merrin Dungey, and Sarah Sokolovic are other members of the cast.

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Big Little Lies Plot: What is it about?

The main plot of ‘Big Little Lies’ takes a close look at the apparently perfect lives of the mothers of first graders, to the point where things begin to unravel and a murder occurs. While the show might have a lot of apparent trappings at first, it ultimately boils down to the women confronting a raging abuser.

There is something to be said for the thoughtful design and flawless execution of the show, where the initial episodes all build towards what is to come, and the most fleeting of scenes or inconsequential interactions seem to take on an additional burden that goes towards the resolution of the story. To be honest, when the series started, it came across as a glossier take on ‘Desperate Housewives’ and the subplots grew tiresome. Although the storylines were always nicely crafted, the scrambled up structure messed with the thing sometimes. Even the cutaway scenes to the police interrogation grew wearisome after a while. However, Kelley who has made several shows featuring a lot of women is known to script in a fair share of catfights.

‘Big Little Lies’ grossly benefits from this, and there is an element of comedy that drives the story forward over some of the bumpy patches. There are not too many bumps, however, as the show quickly progresses to take on an extremely feminist tone, and if the culmination of events can be summed up in one phrase, it would be ‘smash the patriarchy’. While this kind of revolutionary outbreak might not be expected of the one percent, the series portrays it as such, since tribe loyalty, or loyalty to one’s identity factors in, to a massive extent.

As the story goes on, viewers realize that a lot of the identity and loyalty breaks along the lines of gender. Coming to the volatile scene of confrontation, we realize that Perry is a monstrous man, and he tries to fight it even as the women gang up on him, eager to have their brand of justice. Skarsgård later went on to describe this scene as something animalistic, like a pack of wolves taking down a bear. While Perry is the big bad bear, the women come baring their fangs, and they come in a pack, supporting each other to obtain freedom for all. However, once the act is done, their support continues, and they decide to make it appear as an accident and stonewall the police. Before any of this, however, the meandering narrative shows us moments from all of these women’s regular lives, building towards this explosive moment, showing how well they constructed a veneer of normalcy.

At this point, it is imperative to mention Kidman’s brilliant performance as Celeste and the substantial nature of her character. Being married to the abuser, she undergoes most of the trauma, and there are plenty of red flags that the show hints at, including her seeing a therapist when Perry is not in town. The therapy sessions help in unraveling the story and her character. The acting is fantastic all around, which is unsurprising considering mostly A-listers are involved in the show.

Hopefully, the upcoming season will strive to keep the standards of the show, and we expect the story to pick off from where the initial season left off. The secrets are bound to have an effect on the survivors, their families, and the subsequent relationships, and this is something we will get to see now. Moreover, with Streep joining as Perry’s mother, maybe the show will shed more light on the mother-son relationship, and whether the clue to Perry’s monstrosity lies in his childhood. As of now, the show has been a visceral experience, a vibe, and has been extremely plot-driven and intense. The show promises to remain a mix of drama and comedy, but it has miles to go if it plans to top the stellar experience that the initial season provided.

Big Little Lies Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Big Little Lies’ Season 1 premiered on February 19, 2017. HBO renewed the series after its tremendous success for a second season. According to a statement from writer and creator David E. Kelly “nobody had thought about the possibility of a second season, it was conceived as a one-off”. Anyway, the good news is that production on the second season already begun in March 2018. The network announced that ‘Big Little Lies’ season 2 will premiere on June 9, 2019. As previously reported, the new season, consisting of seven episodes, will see the “Monterey Five” struggling to move forward with their lives in the aftermath of the major death that concluded the earlier season.

Big Little Lies Trailer:

You can check out the trailer for Season 2 of ‘Big Little Lies’ below to refresh your memories of what the show is about, and what lies ahead. If you have not seen the show yet, head over to HBO to catch all the episodes of the previous season.

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