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Boy Band Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

Updated August 19, 2018
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Boy Band is a new American music reality TV competition which first aired on ABC on 22nd June 2017. The first season had ten episodes, featuring male singers who have to compete with one another to become members of a Boy Band. The show is highly inspired by famous boy bands like “Big Time Rush,” “The Beatles” as well as “One Direction.” It is hosted by our darling singers, Rita Ora, Timbaland (Tim Mosely), the Spice Girls’ Emma Bunton as well as the Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter. Their only motive on the show is to be a mentor and guide the contestants throughout the series. The five finalists of the show constitute a Boy Band and further get a chance to obtain a contract from Hollywood Records. During the finale of the show, they can release their first debut album as part of a boy band.

The first season was aired for two months on ABC channel. The winner of the previous season was In Real Life which contained finalists like Chance Perez, Brady Tutton, Drew Ramos, Michael Conor and Sergio Calderon. They also performed their first single “Eyes Closed” for the first time on the show. There were a total 30 contestants of which 12 got eliminated in the first episode. The remaining 18 contestants were divided into groups. Throughout the first season, each group was asked to perform, and at the end of the week, some singers would get eliminated. The audience played a crucial role during the elimination round because they had a chance to save one contestant.

Boy Band Season 2 Cast: Who’s in it?

The singers for the season 2 remain unannounced. Rita Ora along with Timbaland (Tim Mosely) will be the presenter of the show. The contestants who could make up to the 10th episode in the final episode of the season 1 are Sergio Calderon, Drew Ramos, Jaden Gray, Marcus Pendleton, Chance Perez, Mikey Jimenez and Brady Tutton.

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Boy Band Season 2 Plot: What is it about?

Boy Band, the reality show features undiscovered singers who are divided and put together in teams. They have to enter a face-off with their opponent groups. To save themselves from elimination, they are required to indulge in teamwork. Thirty contestants are selected to compete with each other to win 18 spots which form 3 bands on the show. Every episode is different from the previous one. The architects of the show are Nick Carter and Emma Bunton. They proceed to shuffle 18 members to find the best combinations of artists. They are asked to perform live, and if they fail to live up to their expectations, they are sent to the elimination round where they get their last chance to perform in a solo survival round from being eliminated.

At the end of the season, the singers become a part of the next music phenomenon. They form a band, sign a contract with Hollywood Records written by hitmaker Justin Tranter and release their new single for the first time.

Boy Band Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The ratings of the first season were outstanding, and fans are hotly anticipating season 2. Chances for season 2 are very high because it was quite clear that the audience enjoyed the first show. More than 2.46 million viewers thrived on the drama in the show. The average rating for Boy Band was recorded at 0.55 in the 18-49 demographic. Keeping visiting for updates.

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Boy Band Season 2 Trailer

The official teaser for the second season is not released yet. Here is a little reminder from the last season.

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