Bridezillas Season 12: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

Bridezillas is an American action and reality television series narrated by Mindy Burbano, Laura Halperin and Jamie Zimmer. The first season aired on 1st June 2004 on WE TV. It revolves around women who are brides-to-be. After their engagements, they get busy picking wedding attires, location and other formalities that it some details get left out leading for them to neglect their fashion planning for the big day. Numerous engaged women showcase their journeys from the first day of meeting their partners to their marriage days. These women are ready to cross boundaries if anyone gets in the way of their wedding. Laura Halperin, Mary Pelloni, Lauren P. Gellert, David Green, Jeff Collins as well as Suzanne Gladstone are the executive producers of the show. The show is produced by September films on WE TV. The show was revived on 2nd March 2018.

The name “Bridezilla” is derived from the combination of fictional rampaging monster named “Godzilla” making us understand that how tough and impossible a bride can be. This word was used for the first time by a Boston writer Diane White in 1995. In 2001, the first two seasons were produced, and they premiered on Metro TV. In 2004, the show started with its debut on WE tv. Later on, it became one of the most famous and highest rated programs on WE tv.

Bridezillas Season 12 Cast: Who is in it?

The cast for the 11th season has not been disclosed. Mindy Burbano is the main cast of the show while Ryan Murray is the dancer. The brides for the previous season included Natashia, Michelle, Taylor, Sam, Helena, Ruby as well as Crystal. Stay tuned for more information.

Bridezillas Season 12 Plot: What is it about?

In season 11, Natashia takes out her anger over the flowers, a missing groom and mama drama. Carme has an emotional outburst when she doesn’t find her makeup artist and a photographer. Her groom also makes threats to call off the wedding. Michelle’s fiance gets to know about her unknown guest named Python who was invited to her wild Bachelorette party. A bride-to-be’s Bachelorette plan gets ruined, and she fears missing out on her social media during her wedding. Taylor wants her wedding to go viral or else she will lose her temper. When she has an emotional breakdown, her fiancé is forced to give their relationship a second thought.

After the bridesmaids storm out of the wedding, Sam loses her temper. Helena has a huge argument with the wedding crew and makes a shocking threat. Sam causes havoc that affects her mother in law. Seeing his mother hurt, the groom gets agitated. Her mother in law decides to cancel the marriage, and the groom leaves the place. Ruby’s royal wedding may become unsuccessful when she goes medieval on her fiancé who doesn’t like the idea and warns her to call it off. The wedding venue also threatens to shut down due to her behaviour. Crystal’s bachelor party turns into a battleground, and things turn serious when an ambulance is called. All this drama and much more is what would be in store for you in the upcoming season.

Bridezillas Season 12 Release Date: When will it premiere?

WE TV has not officially announced the air date of Bridezillas season 12, but the wedding-planning series has been renewed and should return sometime in early 2019. We will keep you posted with further updates.

“’Bridezillas’ came roaring back with a whole new layer of drama thanks to the ubiquity of social media, making the show more relevant than ever, and we’re excited to see what outrageousness unfolds during this upcoming season,” the Presiden of WE Tv Marc Juris said.

Bridezillas Season 12 Trailer:

Season 12 for Bridezillas is not renewed yet. You can watch the trailer of the previous season in the meantime.

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