Where is Build Me Up Filmed?

July 21, 2020
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‘Build Me Up’ is a home improvement series that dropped on HGTV in July 2020. Hosted by HGTV veteran, Orlando Soria, it features multiple homeowners who need help in getting a house makeover. Most of the highlighted people are those who wish to create a fresh start, following a major life crisis. ‘Build Me Up’ features a collection of the most beautiful properties, in and around America. And you might be wanting to know where these homes are located. Or in other words, where is this show filmed? Let’s dive straight into the details.

Build Me Up Filming Locations in California

Host Orlando Soria is a LA resident; and hence, most of the highlighted properties in ‘Build Me Up’ are located in and around California.

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The childhood I had in this house was lonely and beautiful, it reminds me of what life is feeling like right now. I was chatting with @ormomdo the other day and she reminded me of the hours I spent alone as a kid and what that led to. Mostly what it led to was a ton of creativity and exploration, hours of making stuff and playing outside, to which I owe my entire creative career. The first few weeks of quarantine I found myself aggressively trying to maintain normalcy, to keep working, working out, and socializing (digitally) like I had before. But I’ve kind of settled into what isolation can bring – time to reflect and explore and make things with my hands. I’m still struggling with it like most people are – 75% of the time I’m great and 25% of the time I’m feeling too sad to do anything. But this type of solitude is definitely taking me back to my childhood and energizing my creativity. In other news that is Yosemite Falls behind the house (my bedroom was on the opposite side of the house with premium waterfall view). My parents don’t live there anymore (you have to leave the park when you retire – we miss it very much). You can see a few more Yosemite pics in my stories today. Okay Goodbye. #HommeAlone #YOlando #Beforetimez

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For instance, in one episode, he visits a divorced mother of two, residing in Aliso Viejo, California. She wishes to flush out all the remnants of her past relationship. Soria steps up in full form and guides her in revamping her kitchen, living room, and her ex’s old garage.

Soria then heads to Huntington Beach, California, where he meets a father of two kids. The man is fed up with staying for so many years in the worn-out house of his ex-wife. Soria plans to breathe fresh, new life into the derelict space by removing the dated carpet, the ugly tiles, and dilapidated furniture while tackling the living room, dining room, and master suite.

Another episode is filmed in La Crescenta, California, which is inhabited by a mum of three. She is all geared up to start a new life in her house, but it features a poor design and is full of reminders of her past relationship. Soria offers a helping hand in renovating the kitchen, creating a more-functional office, and refreshing the master bedroom.

The team also shoots an entire episode in Soria’s home city, Los Angeles. A mother of four owns a daycare in her LA home and is attempting to get past her long breakup by overhauling her kitchen, laundry room, and master suite. Then, in Yorba Linda, California, Soria guides a single dad of two in moving on from his decade-old divorce by lending an entirely cool, new look to his home.

The designer revamps his kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. In ‘Despair to Repair’, Soria rolls up his sleeves and aids a young military mom from Santa Ana, California, who is attempting to rebound from her broken marriage — by renovating her kitchen, dining, laundry, and living rooms. Other filming locations in California include Playa del Rey, Irvine, Valley Village, and Somis, among others. [Feature Image Credits: HGTV]

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