15 Best Chick Flicks on Hulu Right Now

January 10, 2018
14 min read

What’s a chick flick? And is it sexist to even suggest that there is a genre of films meant only (for the most part) for women. Well, the answer to both the questions another question: how do you define a chick flick? If by chick flick, you mean, films that are about a group of women obsessed with make-up and break-ups, then I would answer yes to the second question. But I don’t think that’s what a chick flick is. The idea of a chick flick is — and should be — different. A film with central women characters dealing in female issues could a chick flick. Or a film that a woman can enjoy with her female friends can also be a chick flick. So, what I am saying is, the definition of a chick flick is not set in stone. For all practical purposes, I know many men, including myself, who love to watch chick flicks.

With that in mind, I set out to find the best chick flick movies that are available on Hulu. With the emergence of online streaming services, nowadays, people prefer watching movies sitting in the comforts of their home. Netflix, of course, has the lion share of eyeballs, but Hulu is not far behind. So, if you are planning to watch a chick flick with bunch of your female friends, you don’t need to go to a theater. You can just invite them to you house. Anyway, this list consists of all kinds of chick flicks: from love stories to coming-of-age stories. Again, here’s the list of really good chick flicks on Hulu.

15. Heathers (1988)

‘Heathers’ is an entertaining movie if you love black comedies. I have heard people who have watched it complain about the violence. But that’s the point, you can’t make everyone get into the black comedy genre. Anyways, coming to the plot ‘Heathers’ has two main characters, first one is Veronica Sawyer played by Winona Ryder and the other one is her lover JD played by Christian Slater. High school is a tough time for many but those who are popular end up having the most fun. Veronica wants to survive her high school like everyone else. She does this by staying close to a group of most popular and powerful girls known as Heathers. But she doesn’t necessarily like them or what they do but has no control. When she meets the sociopath JD her violent desires come to life as she starts murdering her so-called best friends.

14. Christmas Crush (2012)

Sometimes I like watching Christmas movies when I want to get away from crime mystery thriller genre. Well, these are the times when I don’t wanna follow subplots and complications and try to figure things out. Christmas movies are a great help during these times as they are fairly simple and showcase fun. This movie also tries to provide Christmas fun. The main character is a woman named Georgia who is in her late twenties. Though she has dated many men since her high school she knew that none would come close to her high school flame Craig whom she still wants. When she hears of a high school reunion a week before Christmas she becomes overjoyed to meet Craig but what she feels is something different it might not have been Craig all along but someone else?

13. 13 Going on 30 (2004)

The movie ’13 Going on 30′ has some great casts. Mark Ruffalo is in it along with Jennifer Garner. The movie can be entertaining for the right audience and people who love movies with themes of true love and all. The main protagonist of the movie is Jenna Rink played by Jennifer Garner (well, the adult part I mean). When Jenna was celebrating her 13th birthday she was humiliated. She couldn’t handle it well and wished if she could just hide until she is 30. Well, what do you know? Her wish was granted. She wakes up having a hot body, a hot boyfriend, a great house, and superstar friends. But as she tries to live her adult life she begins to realize that this not what she had wanted. Also, she wants Matt the boy she thought destroyed her birthday party. But when she finally finds him, he seems to have changed.

12. Election (1999)

I never thought that ‘Election’ would be an entertaining movie to watch. I mean the plot sounded mundane to me. But when I watched it I enjoyed it. It is fun to watch how several characters try to sabotage each other for their own ambitions. Reese Witherspoon plays the role of Tracy Flick who doesn’t get along with her Social Studies teacher Jim McAllister played by Matthew Broderick. When Tracy decides to run for school president Jim persuades Paul a football player to compete against her so that Tracy doesn’t win. But another person joins the race. She is Paul’s lesbian sister who gets angry after being dumped by her girlfriend who left her for Paul. Each of the candidates starts to play tricks to win the race, for example, Tracy brings muffins and gums to win the popular vote. Meanwhile, Jim’s married life isn’t going so well. Who will win the election?

11. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985)

‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ is a movie about girls who want to live their dream. The movie really has that 80s feel to it. I know it came out in the 80s only but still, it’s too 80s. Anyways, I think this a great movie if you just wanna hang out with your girlfriends (don’t get me wrong, I am talking about female friends and not multiple gfs) and have fun. The movie stars young Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker. The main protagonist of the movie is Janey (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Lynne (Helen Hunt). Janey is the daughter of a military man and is overjoyed when she hears that her dad is transferred to Chicago where her favorite dance show Dance TV takes place. She meets Lynne there and both share the same interests. But when they go to the audition, they end up making an enemy out of a rich girl by the name of Natalie Sands. The plot develops with these three characters in focus.

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10. To the Wonder (2012)

‘To the Wonder’ is a nice romantic movie but I think that more than that it is visually stunning. It has many beautiful visually appealing scenes. The movie also boasts of some of the best actors in the industry. Neil played by Ben Affleck is traveling to Europe. There he meets a beautiful Ukranian woman named Marina played by Olga Kurylenko. Marina is a divorcee and has a ten-year-old daughter named Tatiana. Neil and Marina fall in love and Neil asks her to come with her daughter to Oklahoma. Their Neil finds a job and the couple starts living their life. But soon things start to fall apart as Marina starts liking the company of Father Quintana played by Javier Bardem. Neil starts getting doubtful of her and when Marina’s visa expires she goes back. Neil then starts a relationship with his old flame Jane played by Rache McAdams. But Marina has fallen on hard times. Will Neil return to her or will he live with Jane?

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9. Dear Santa (2011)

Up next is another Christmas movie named ‘Dear Santa’ this movie is not necessarily for adults only as it can be a great watch for kids too. The female protagonist of the movie is Crystal. She is an ignorant woman who just loves spending money on herself. If it was her own money that she worked hard for then nobody would have judged her but that’s not the case. She lives off her rich parents. Annoyed by their daughter’s irresponsible habits Crystal’s parents give her a warning that she has until Christmas to get her act together otherwise they will block her credit cards. Afraid of losing money and having no boyfriend Crystal panics. She then finds a Dear Santa letter written by a girl who wants Santa to find her dad, Derek, a wife. Crystal starts falling for Derek who owns a Soup Kitchen. She starts to get close to Derek but his current girlfriend might end up being an obstacle.

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8. Goodbye First Love (2011)

This is a nice movie and for people who love romance dramas, this might be a great watch. The movie starts in 1999 where we are introduced to the main characters of the movie. Camille a 15-year-old girl and Sullivan a 19-year-old boy. They are crazy about each other and are intensely in a relationship. But Sullivan had other dreams. He dreams of going to South America. Camille doesn’t like the idea as they will be separated. But Sullivan still lives and promises to write to her. But after some time he stops. This great hurts Camille who then attempts suicide. After a period of four years, we see Camille living alone. She is a student of architecture. She meets a famous architect named Lorenz with who she gets into a relationship. But then she meets Sullivan again and their old feelings are rekindled. What will Camille do now?

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7. Young and Beautiful (2013)

‘Young and Beautiful’ is a romance drama. The main protagonist of the movie is Isabelle. Isabelle is a teenager of French descent. She along with her family traveled to the south of France to spend the summer vacations. Their she meets Felix who is a German teenager. She likes him and decides to get physical with and finally losing her virginity. This experience changes Isabelle or rather a hidden side of her emerges. She returns to Paris but secretly starts working as a call girl and adopts a professional name of Lea. She isn’t much into the encounters or the money. Then one day her client is George who is a married man. Isabelle takes a liking to him. One day while having sex George dies. Isabelle panics and then flees the scene. Police are soon on the investigation and find Isabelle’s true identity.

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6. Heartbreakers (2001)

Up next is a romantic comedy starring Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Sigourney Weaver Maxine Conners who along with her daughter run an ingenious scheme that they use to con millionaires. What is the scheme, you ask? Well, it’s simple actually. Maxine makes the rich man fall in love with her and then marries them. Then her daughter Page (Man, Jennifer Love Hewitt is hot) seduces her mom’s new husband. Then what? Well, from their Maxine goes onto file a divorce case against her husband and makes lots of money settling the case. Everything would have been fine but Page falls in love with a bartender. Now what? Will Maxine Conners lose her best partner in crime or will she be able to pull Page back into the game.

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5. Pretty Woman (1990)

I liked ‘Pretty Woman’. It is a great romantic movie. I know the theme isn’t something new or original but still, the execution was great and the performance of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere was commendable. The plot follows Edward Lewis played by Richard Gere who is a ruthless businessman and along with his lawyer has taken over many businesses. But since he is all about work no woman sticks with for long. Edward hires Vivian, a Hollywood Boulevard prostitute, to be his escort for the week. But after a day he learns that there is much more to Vivian than her profession. Unaware, Edward slowly falls in love with Vivian. Will his encounter with Vivian change Edward for good?

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4. Music and Lyrics (2007)

Alex Fletcher played by Hugh is a musician who was quite famous during the 80s when he was the member of a band named POP along with partner Colin Thompson. But after they split Alex’s solo career wasn’t much successful. In present times, Alex lives off his old songs by performing them at parties and amusement parks. But his gigs are declining and he needs to find a way to get back on track to keep living comfortably. Fortunately, his manager set him up with an upcoming teen idol. Alex needs to come up with a new song for Cora but even though he has some great melodies, Alex isn’t good with lyrics. A chance encounter with his substitute gardener Sophie played by Drew Barrymore who happens to be a good lyricist. But after Sloan Cates, an author used their life as a plot for his novel Sophie isn’t much forthcoming about anything. Can Alex convince Sophie to write a song for her?

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3. Before Midnight (2013)

The final installment in Richard Linklater’s iconic romantic saga of the ‘Before’ films happens to be the most matured one of the three. ‘Before Midnight’ shows a Jesse and Celine, well beyond the playfulness and exuberance of youth and are now parents to twin girls as they look back the years flashed by, reminiscing about their lives and old selves. Linklater examines the beauty and flaws of marriage as Jesse and Celine’s relationship has complexly evolved with time as the realities of everyday existence along with the parental responsibilities and their clash of perspectives are forcing them to confront the rationality of the choices they made in their lives.

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2. The Notebook (2004)

The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. The book was a hit so was the movie. In the movie, we see an old resident of a nursing home reads a romantic story to another resident old woman. The woman has dementia with memory loss. The story is about a man named Noah and a woman named Allie. Allie belongs to a rich family while Noah is a local worker. But soon they fall in love. Noah one day takes Allie to an old home which he tells her is his dream to buy and rebuild. Allie’s family don’t approve of her relationship due to class difference and takes her to New York. Noah writes letters to Allie but her mother hides them. World War starts and Noah enlists in the arm,y and Allie becomes an army nurse where she meets another soldier who later proposes to her. But when she sees Noah’s photo along with the house that he had built Allie is conflicted by her current commitment and her first love.

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1. Arrival (2016)

With a cohesive screenplay and mature performances by the lead cast, ‘Arrival’ is a brilliantly directed science fiction film. Directed by Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, ‘Arrival’ follows linguist Louise Banks, essayed by Amy Adams, who is recruited by the military to communicate with alien life-forms after twelve mysterious spacecrafts land around the world. This 2016 film enthralls audiences with its philosophical inferences and allegories on life, humanity and existence. Based on the short story ‘Story of Your Life’ by Ted Chiang, published in 1998, the Academy Award-nominated screenplay is luminously adapted by Eric Heisserer. The incandescent talent of the crew earned ‘Arrival’ the rare distinction of being nominated in the “Best Film” categories at the Academy Awards and BAFTA, and was cited as being the best science fiction movie of 2016 by various scientific institutions.

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