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Christmas Cookie Challenge Season 3: Premiere Date and Host

Updated November 3, 2019
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Christmas Cookie Challenge is a reality TV series presented by Eddie Jackson. In each episode, he challenges five top cookie makers to bake cookies and prove their skills to the audience. The series is judged by Ree Drummond (main judge) and various guest judges like James Briscione, Jamika Pessoa, Aarti Sequeira, Joy Wilson, Damiano Carrara, Kimberly Bailey, Dan Langan as well as Jordan Pilarski. They decide which baker will get a chance to win a $10,000 cash price.

Every round of competition focuses on unique themes including 3D art, Christmas past, and future as well as ornaments. The bakers have to win each battle against their opponents to win the title of best cookie baker in the country.

Christmas Cookie Challenge Host and Judges?

The cast for this series include Daniel Langan serves as a judge, Kimberly Bailey serves as a Judge, Eddie Jackson serves as the host, Ree Drummond serves as a Judge, James Briscione serves as a Judge, and Damiano Carrara serves as a Judge. Jordan Pilarski also serves as a Judge. The contestants for the previous season include Tanya Dur, Peter Gray, Robert Teddy, Eric Voigt, Andrea Walters, Spirit Webb, Ricky Webster.

What is Christmas Cookie Challenge About?

In the first round, the bakers have to make decorative cookie toys, and in the second round, they have to create an edible cookie box which should be filled with different types of Christmas cookies. In the next episode, bakers have to use baked 3D cookies and showcase their talent by representing their most favourite Christmas Eve tradition. The cookie bakers have to bake Santa cookies without using cookie cutters. In the next round, the participants have to make Christmas wreath with the help of cookies. After the display round, their cookies get determined by the judges and the panellists.

In season 2, five cookie makers compete against each other in various competitions. They arrive at the beach to find the presenter Eddie Jackson laying in a beach chair settled under a palm tree. The bakers enter the workshop, and have to win their first baking round, and that is to bake delicious cookies which are suitable for Christmas in the tropical areas.

In the next episode, the host Eddie Jackson unknowingly takes his box of Halloween cookie cutters from cock loft which surprises the participants. Five cookie makers have to use the ideas of Halloween cutters into classic Christmas cookies. In the next episode, the cookie makers have to bake two types of cookies on sticks. In one of the sticks they have to represent cookies showing the best part for grown-ups, and in other stick, they have to represent the best part of Christmas for kids.

The next challenge for the participants is the decorating challenge. Five cookie makers have to decorate two different cookies. One cookie should feature a new ride of the Santa Clause, and another should include Santa’s new outfit. In the next episode, the five cleverest cookie makers have to create six cookies. They have to use only traditional nesting dolls in smaller shapes.

In this round, the presenter Eddie Jackson tells America’s five finest cookie makers to bake cookies while imagining what Christmas eve looks like for Mr Claus. They have to decorate the cookies by baking it by Santa Claus’s perspective.

In the final episode, the presenter tells five talented cookie makers to bake cookies which should at least include four shades of a particular colour and make their Christmas colourful.

Christmas Cookie Challenge Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Christmas Cookie Challenge Season 3 is all set to release on November 4, 2019, on Food Network.

Who doesn’t love a good baking show? If you haven’t watched the series then make sure to give it a try.

Christmas Cookie Challenge Trailer:

Check out previous episodes and clips from the show on its official website.

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