20 Best Christmas Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now

January 4, 2019
15 min read

Christmas is a jolly time. It is the time that brings joy and happiness. Every year, we look forward to it and no matter how much we wish Christmas came every month, if not every day, its position at the end of the calendar seems very strategic! No matter how the year went, it feels like Christmas is there to cleanse all the negativity and magnify all the positivity that surrounds our lives. There are many ways to celebrate Christmas. Because we choose to spend this day with the same bunch of people every year, certain traditions are called for. One of the most common traditions is watching a Christmas movie.

Christmas movies are also of various kinds. There are your typical Christmas films that are all about good-vibe, and family celebrations. Then there are mindless action kind of films that you can enjoy without worrying about who was the killer. And there are films that are romantic and hopeful that you like watching with your loved ones. In this list, we will try to mix all kind of Christmas films.

Finally, our biggest gratitude to all the online streaming services, that have made our life so much easier. No longer we have to rush to the nearest store to rent DVDs. Can you imagine going out in the middle of cold, snowy Christmas night? Now you just have to register yourself to one — or more — of these streaming services and forget all the worries. Today, we are going to specifically focus on films available to Amazon Prime. For the Netflix list, check out here. So, without further ado, here’s the list of best Christmas and Holiday movies on Amazon Prime.

20. Love at the Christmas Table (2012)

Sam and Kat’s fathers had been good friends and business partners. Due to this, every Christmas, Sam and Kat found themselves sitting next to each other at the children’s table. As the time passed, they grew up with their relationship fluctuating year after year. With all the ups and downs in their relationship, all sorts of complications arise as they pursue their own lives. Things couldn’t have gotten worse when a falling out between the two of them led Sam to not attend the Christmas party for five years. But now, he has come back with a realization that will make or break his relationship with Kat forever.

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19. Falling for Christmas (2016)

Claire is focused towards her career as a figure skater. Her coach doesn’t allow her any slack and even with Christmas closing in, she finds herself in Western Canada at a sports rehabilitation centre trying to recover from an injury that could put a stop in her career. There she meets Luke, a former hockey player and a single father. While their first interactions don’t end up so good, soon they realise how much they are alike and start to form a bond that changes both of their perspectives towards life.

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18. Operation Christmas List (2016)

The best thing about Christmas, apart from a lot of other things, is gifts. Everyone has something that they really hope they get on Christmas. For adults, these things vary depending on where they are in their life at the moment. But, for kids, well its really, simply is just about toys. Barney is a 12-year-old kid with his own bucket list for Christmas. But, since it is shopping season, the crowd makes it really difficult to buy things. Also, there is a fear of your wanted things running out. Especially the one that everyone wants the most! Before anyone can lay their hands on that special gift, Barney plans to raid the departmental store in its after hours. However, he is a fool if he thinks that someone else hasn’t thought of that, too.

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17. Christmas Angel (2009)

Times are hard on Ashley and they are getting even worse because Christmas is approaching and she has no job to support herself. Lamenting over her situation, she is allowed a rescue by her neighbour Nick. He asks her to help him in being the Secret Santa, helping others to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. His only condition is for her to not tell anyone about it. Ashley tries to honour his wishes but when she meets a young writer, a bit of the secret slips out which brings their secret in jeopardy.

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16. Santa and Me (2013)

When kids are told that Santa will come bearing gifts for them on Christmas, they are also told that they’ll only receive gifts if they have been good in the past year. It’s a nice trick to keep children in check of their own behaviour. However, not all children fall for this. Rubie is 13 years old, and she is nothing short of a spoiled brat. She is mean and callous and shows no signs for making herself better. So, Santa decides to teach her a lesson. He turns her into a monster and places a condition on her. If she receives a gift from a true friend by the end of Christmas, she’ll revert back to normal. If not, well then, she was acting like a monster kid anyway!

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15. A Country Christmas (2013)

The question on Santa’s identity has been there ever since the inception of his idea. As children, we believe in him because, obviously, he brings us gifts. As we grow up, we realise that our Santa was none other than our family. Anyways, we don’t really have a beef with Santa. But, it’s a different case for Max Schmucker. He hates the idea of Santa and wants the whole world to accept that. He starts a global campaign to renounce Santa and the people, too, seem to agree with him. This creates a big problem for Santa and his elf, Elliot. Christmas is nearing and with people not believing in him anymore, Santa is beginning to lose his power. When he gets stranded in a ranch, two children discover him and decide to help him get his, and Christmas’, magic back.

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14. Christmas Child (2004)

There is something about the festivity of Christmas air that infuses the sense of optimism in a person and presses them to look for things that they otherwise wouldn’t think about. Jack Davenport knew that he was adopted but never tried to go into his history. When his adoptive father dies, he finds some things amongst the possessions that lead him to Clearwater, Texas. In Clearwater, he finds the same church that was in the picture that his adoptive father had. Jack interacts with people in Clearwater, gets invested in their lives and in the process, discovers a truth about himself. Little does he know; his world is about to change.

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13. A Christmas Tree Miracle (2013)

Christmas holds different meanings for everyone. For David, it means working hard so he can provide better for his family. His wife, Julie, on the other hand, feels exhausted with the holiday season. One thing after another leaves her drained of time and energy and all she wants is a reprieve. David and Julie have three kids, two of whom are teenagers, Nick and Natalie. They are pumped up by the idea of Christmas and are focused on the things that they want on that day. Nina, the youngest member of the family is the only one who isn’t bound by any of the things that her family feels. No matter what they all feel about Christmas, the whole family faces a setback when David loses his job right before Christmas. With all the expenses weighing heavy on them, they are forced to leave their home and are sheltered by a tree farmer.

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12. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

This film might not be as bright-spirited as other films on the list, but if you want a bit different sort of Christmas story this year, this will be good! Strange things are happening in a town in Northern Finland. Children are mysteriously disappearing and reindeers are being killed by something that is not an animal. When a drilling project near the town stumbles upon an ancient cave, it seems like they have found the tomb of Santa Claus. But, turns out, the tomb was host to something evil which is nothing close to the Santa Claus that people have come to celebrate all over the world.

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11. Four Christmases (2008)

While getting together and celebrating Christmas with family is what everyone looks forward to, Kate and Brad are not one of those people. Both of their parents are divorced and having seen how marriages crumble apart, they have decided never to get married. They spend their Christmas by going on a trip so that they can get out from the prospect of visiting family. However, one Christmas, bad weather foils their plans and they are forced to visit their parents, thus counting for four Christmases on the same day. As the day progresses, they discover new things about each other, things they had never touched upon in the span of their three-year relationship. With the new information about each other on their hands, they are forced to re-evaluate their relationships.

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10. Saint Street (2012)

Success is an important criterion in people’s lives today and considering the cut-throat competition in the world today it seems rather justifiable. But, there are other things that are more important. The family is one of those things. Percy is a workaholic. And while this might have helped him ride up the ladders in his career, it has also distanced him from his family, the ones for whom he claims to do everything. He receives several warnings regarding his behaviour, about not spending enough time with his loved ones. But, Percy doesn’t heed them. On Christmas Eve, when everyone should be with family, Percy decides to stay in office and work. However, a tragedy strikes and Percy is robbed of everything he ever held dear. Now, he discovers a new meaning of his life.

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9. A Christmas Wish (2011)

Martha’s husband had never really worked for the family. In order to provide for her children, and her husband, she had to work twice as hard. She had been saving up but her husband ran away with that money leaving her and the children stranded just before Christmas. Things had never been smooth before, but now the future seemed even bleaker. In an attempt to find a place for them to live and to have food for them, Martha takes up a job as a waitress in a place that doesn’t see much crowd. With Christmas on the door, it seems like it’ll be the worst ever. But fate works in mysterious ways and all this travesty turns out to be a blessing in disguise for them.

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8. Lost Christmas (2011)

Every decision that we make has ripple effects that change the course of not only our lives but also, of others. Sometimes, these effects are good, sometimes, not so much! When Goose hid his father’s keys on Christmas Eve, it was just because the 10-year-old boy wanted his father to stay home with him. The kid didn’t realise that his father was a fireman who was sorely needed in the times of crisis. One such call comes on Christmas Eve and when his father is unable to locate his keys, his mother drives him. They meet a car accident on the way and die. A year later, Goose, affected by the tragedy has fallen on hard times. And then, he meets the mysterious Anthony, who even though knows nothing about himself, knows everything about Goose and everyone else.

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7. I Want A Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown (2003)

The characters of Charlie Brown and his dog Snoopy need no introduction. In the various comics and movies that depict Charlie Brown’s misadventures, his relationship with Snoopy comes out strongly. Rerun van Pelt is taken by their relationship and wants a dog for himself. When he demands one from his family, they refuse on the grounds that he is too young to take care of a dog. In order to fulfill his wish, Rerun asks Charlie Brown to loan Snoopy to him to which Charlie agrees. However, Snoopy isn’t an easy dog to be around and Rerun soon realises that!

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6. Scrooged (1988)

This film stars Bill Murray as the present-time version of Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ famous story ‘A Christmas Carol’. Murray plays the role of Frank Cross who is occupied with a hectic job that has taken his social life away and, in the process, Cross is making his juniors work harder too, especially on days like Christmas. The night before his network is about to broadcast the live production of ‘A Christmas Carol’, Cross is visited by Lew Hayward’s ghost. Hayward was his mentor and he warns Cross to heed the warnings coming across his way if he doesn’t want to end up like him. Will Cross learn his lesson before it’s too late?

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5. A Norman Rockwell Christmas Story (1995)

A writer can find inspiration in the oddest of places to craft new stories. ‘A Norman Rockwell Christmas Story’ owes its existence to the man in its title. This film is based on a famous painting by Norman Rockwell. It tells the story of a man and a boy both of whom appear in the painting. Samuel is withered and happy things don’t seem to exist for him anymore. Every year, he visits a frozen lake and ponders upon the happy times that he had spent before everything came crashing down on him. Parallel to him runs the story of Michael. His father had gone MIA in Korea and Michael never heard about him again. He tries to keep in touch with the memories of his father by trying to use his oversized skates. Samuel and Michael have chance encounters that change their lives.

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4. Jack Frost (1979)

A groundhog is trusted with predicting the late or early arrival of spring. But who knew, groundhogs make a deal of their own disregarding the predictions and all the show of Groundhog Day! In this film, a groundhog tells how he made a deal with Jack Frost, a winter sprite, to extend the winter by a few more weeks so it could sleep soundly in its den for a little more time. The groundhog proceeds to tell the story of the sprite who fell in love with a human and asked Father Winter to make him human as well so he could be with the one he loved. As Father Winter granted him his wish, he also gave him a deadline before which he had to accomplish some human things. Jack Frost soon find out how quite difficult it is to be human.

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3. Home Alone (1990)

The best feeling about Christmas is the one of celebrating it with family. But what happens when you are left behind and the whole family goes somewhere else? Especially when you are just an eight-year-old? Kevin’s family has planned to spend their Christmas in France. But, in the hustle and bustle of preparations, getting ready and leaving for the airport, no one seems to realise that Kevin is still sleeping in his room. When he wakes, Kevin realises that everyone is gone. This should have saddened him, but Kevin is a resourceful kid. He finds ways to keep himself busy. Especially when he discovers that two thieves are trying to get to him knowing that he is alone at home.

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2. The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017)

Christmas spirit is defined by the stories surrounding it. ‘A Christmas Carol’ is synonymous to that spirit because of how deep and hard-hitting it is while being as much entertaining. But things weren’t so bright for Dickens before he wrote that story. For a couple of years, he had been struggling financially because his books hadn’t been doing so well. When he saw a rich man’s funeral with almost no one attending it, he was hit with the idea of a Christmas story. With only weeks left before Christmas arrives, Dickens was forced to confront his own issues while finding a perfect end to Scrooge’s story.

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1. The Miracle On 34th Street (1947)

One of the most important things associated with the idea of Christmas is Santa Claus. Kids love Santa and, every year, wait for him to shower them with gifts. Whether Santa is real or not doesn’t matter, because Christmas would be an incomplete affair without him. The market-people too know this. So, these people bank of this idea by making Santa sell, or at least nudge us to buy things. Macy’s store on the 34th street in New York City had been doing something similar. When Kris Kringle discovers that the man playing Santa is actually a drunkard, he reports it to his superior. In turn, the superior asks Kris to play Santa and finds him quite good at the job. However, in a dramatic turn of events, Kris starts telling people that he really is Santa!

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