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Criminal Minds Season 15: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

Updated March 5, 2019
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CBS’ long-standing show, ‘Criminal Minds’, is nearing its end. In the show, FBI Supervisory Special Agent David Rossi leads his team into solving criminal cases through psychological profiling of the criminals. Whether the FBI team is able to identify and stop criminals before they strike again is the central question that permeates the long-standing show.

Based in Quantico, ‘Criminal Minds’ follows the cases and adventures of a team under the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). The team consists of an ensemble of interesting characters led by Rossi. Rossi is aided by Special Agent Emily Prentiss, the daughter of a powerful diplomat who joins the BAU after a stint as head profiler at Interpol. Another major pillar of the team is Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid. A genius with an IQ of 187 and an eidetic memory, Dr. Reid is an eccentric and supremely intelligent character who is often misunderstood owing to his poor EQ. Rossi’s team of profilers also consists of Dr. Tara Lewis, a specialist in interviewing serial killers. They are also joined by a Jennifer ‘JJ’ Jareau, a former unit liaison with a high IQ.

While the team consists of skilled profilers, it isn’t the same without the charming computer wizard, Penelope Garcia. Neither is the team as proficient on the field without the services of former FBI Fugitive Task Force member Luke Alvez, who specializes in tracking people down. Meanwhile, Special Agent Matt Simmons, an ex-Delta Soldier and a former member of the International Response Team, lends his special ops and profiling experience to the team’s vast range of skills.

After a stint of 13 years, CBS, on May 12, 2018, renewed the police procedural crime drama show for its fourteenth season. Season 14, consisting of 15 episodes, hit viewers’ screens on October 3, 2018, and came to a conclusion on February 6, 2019. Now, the long-standing drama is slated to end with its final season – Season 15.

Criminal Minds Cast: Who’s in it?

In Season 14, the main cast of ‘Criminal Minds’ all made a comeback and slipped into their roles as they had done for so many years. Joe Mantenga reprised his role as Supervisory Special Agent David Rossi, while Matthew Gray Gubler returned as the supremely intelligent Dr. Spencer Reid. Paget Brewster reprised her role as Emily Prentiss, as did Aisha Tyler and AJ Cook as Dr. Tara Lewis and Jennifer Jareau, respectively. Meanwhile, Kirsten Vangsness made a return as computer wizard Penelope Garcia, while Adam Rodriguez and Daniel Henney returned as Luke Alvez and Matt Simmons, respectively. Naturally, they’re all expected to return again for the final season of the show.

Criminal Minds Plot: What is it about?

In a nutshell, ‘Criminal Minds’ follows the Rossi’s BAU team that profiles the psyche of serial killers and other criminals to stop them from committing crimes again. A psychologically thrilling show presented in a police procedural format, this series is a must watch for those who are interested in police investigations involving an exploration of the psyche of criminals.

In the upcoming season, that will consist of 10 episodes, viewers can expect several more intriguing cases, as the team, for the last time, tries to stay ahead of hardened criminals by profiling more complex individuals with sinister and twisted backgrounds. As with all the other seasons, dirty politics is likely to be involved, and team will have to face adverse odds and difficult situations from which they must emerge using a combination of their wits and their skills.

While the general outline of the show is clear by now, no concrete details have surfaced about Season 15. However, considering that Season 15 will be last one of this time-tested show, CBS will want to end everything with a bang. So, it wouldn’t hurt to keep your hopes up about an explosive and intriguing last season.

While ‘Criminal Minds’ does not enjoy the distinction of being a critically acclaimed show, it remains a fan favorite, boasting an overall rating of 8.1/10 on IMDb, after 14 long seasons. It also enjoys an average audience score of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s worth noting here that the 10 episodes of Season 15 will bring the total number of ‘Criminal Minds’ episodes to a whopping 325, thereby making it one of the longest-running English language television shows in history.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Criminal Minds Season 14, consisting of 15 episodes, hit viewers’ screens on October 3, 2018. While CBS has confirmed that Season 15 will be the last time audiences see the Rossi-led BAU team, not much more is known about it.  However, what we do know is that the 10 episodes of Season 15 were shot back-to-back with the episodes of Season 14, and it’s understood that the final episodes of the final season are currently being worked on.

Further, it has also been reported that Season 15 could release in fall 2019, but the same has not been confirmed by any official announcements. That said, considering the fact that CBS, over the last 14 years, has released all 14 seasons of ‘Criminal Minds’ in either September or October, it’s highly likely that Season 15 will follow suit.

We will update this section when more information about the particulars of Season 15’s release surfaces. Hence, do check back from time to time so that you can prepare yourself for the release of the final season.

Criminal Minds Trailer:

While you wait for more news about the release of the final season of ‘Criminal Minds’, here’s the promo trailer for Season 14 to give you a glimpse into the penultimate season of the show, in case you missed it. As is usual, we will update this section with the trailer of Season 15, once CBS releases it. So stay tuned, and till then, have fun watching Rossi and his team delving into the minds of criminals.

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