20 Most Dangerous Movies Ever Made

How do you classify what’s dangerous? Obviously, “dangerous” here doesn’t mean that these movies are going to hurt you physically. But what if a film psychologically “hurts” you? A film that leaves such a lasting impression on your mind that you can’t sleep or function right for a couple of days. Some of you might say that is impossible for a film to have such psychological impact. To which, I would say: “You haven’t watched the films on this list”. I remember watching ‘Funny Games’ and despite not particularly liking it, I couldn’t brush the film off my mind. It was difficult to not think what if the incidents in the film happened to me.

Hopefully I was able to make the meaning of “dangerous” clear in this article’s context. Here is the list of 20 most dangerous movies ever made.


20. Enter the Void (2009)

A Gasper Noe’s flick, ‘Enter the Void’ is a first person’s rendering of the delusions and nightmares mostly faced by Oscar, a drug dealer who lives in Tokyo with his younger sister Linda. The video-game kind of setting, fantasies, glowy and flashy colours, voyeurism on people having sex with fluorescent genitals, and bodily fluids, makes ‘Enter the Void’ a dangerous watch.


19. Moebius (2013)

A story of incest, adultery and involving scenes of castration, Moebius is spot on for a disturbing genre of revenge and sorrow combined, with an Asian flavour to it. A mother who is rather troubled by her husband’s affair is headed to castrate him, only to castrate her son instead and ends up eating his phallus. That’s enough to completely fu*k your mind.


18. Hostel Series (2005/2007/2011)

Not for the faint of heart and guts, ‘Hostel’ is filled with severed body parts in almost every frame. Involving a demented game of torture and horrendously filmed gore, Hostel will startle you at some places whereas otherwise, it could make your guts turn upside down.


17. Funny Games (2007)

Funny Games US

Two psychopathic young men take a family hostage in their cabin.. A sadistic game of cruelty starts with the bet that the captives will not be able to sustain by next morning. You keep watching the movie with the hope that eventually someone will escape their murderous intentions. Don’t be surprised if you feel very angry after watching this film.


16. The Piano Teacher (2001)

Self-denial and masochism are the words that could wholly summarise this movie. Even though in her forties, a piano teacher constantly indulges in self-mutilation, pornography and paraphilia. She later gets attracted to one of her students, with her desires giving in to his innuendos resulting in an aftermath she’d not expected out of her fetishes.

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