15 Dark Romantic Movies Completely Worth Your Time

Romance is often linked with comedy or drama. But nothing can be more than exciting and intoxicating than romance at its darkest and most morbid. Love can be a wildly fascinating theme to explore but very, very few films have peeled off the darkest layers of this tender most human emotion. It might be our voyeuristic pleasure as cinephiles but to watch something dark and disturbing that isn’t, in reality, happening to us is a peculiar nature ingrained in human beings. So with all that said now, let’s take a look at the list of top sad love movies that has darkness at their core.


15. Grosse Point Blank (1997)

This classic 80s themed comedy crime drama focuses on a professional assassin, Martin Blank, who finds himself growing increasingly tired of his work. Martin soon receives an invitation for a high school reunion but doesn’t seem interested in the same. However, his therapist and secretary convince him to attend the reunion and plans on coinciding his new assignment with the function. He happens to meet his high school sweetheart, Debi, with whom he tries to reconcile but things take a wild turn as Martin realises that someone is set out to kill him. Plot unfolds with wild twists and turns and Martin opens up to Debi about his past and how he ended up being the man he is today. It’s an absolute fun ride with a delectable mix of violence, comedy and romance.


14. Harold and Maude (1971)

Maybe a surprising pick because apparently there’s nothing dark about this film although a romance between a 20 year old and a woman in her 80s may seem quite strange and unusual. But it’s the dark, awkward tone that is present throughout the film that sealed its spot on the list. Harold is an emotionally disturbed, lonely man obsessed with death and frequently attends funerals. He meets an 80 year old woman at one of the funerals and the two begin a strange, awkward relationship that takes the form of a romance. Their contrasting views on life and death forms much of the film’s thematic aspects. It manages to blend elements of comedy, romance and existentialism.


13. Hallam Foe (2007)

‘Hallam Foe’ centres around a teenage boy who is obsessed with his mother and believes that her stepmother is responsible for her death. He runs away Edinburgh and meets a woman who gives him a job. She reminds him of his mother and the two develop a strange, emotionally complex relationship with dark, mysterious tones. Hallam is desperate for motherly love and affection and falls into Kate’s arms despite initially being hesitant as he tries to make up for the emotional vacuüm created by his mother’s death.


12. Days of Heaven (1978)

‘Days of Heaven’ is on the list purely because of the kind of feeling it evokes in you, dark, mysterious and enigmatic and certainly not because of a well toned plot or a storyline because clearly that seems to be Malick’s intentions here. ‘Days of Heaven’ was Malick’s second feature after ‘Badlands’ and it continues his exploration of dark, tragic romance set in the serene lands of Americana. There’s a hauntingly surreal and poetic beauty to it that makes the film such an emotionally enriching experience. The genius of Malick turns a romance so brutal and tragic into something so seductively gorgeous and intriguing.


11. True Romance (1993)

‘True Romance’ tells the story of a nerdy Elvis Presley fanatic who meets a call girl and falls in love with her. The two set out on a journey for California trying to sell Cocaine stolen from the pimp in California. Written by Quentin Tarantino, the film seamlessly fuses elements of crime drama, black comedy and romance and is translated on screen by Tony Scott with raw energy and passion. The characters have a refreshing feel and quality and they are unapologetically who they are. The romance here is exciting, adrenaline pumping and darkly funny in its tone.

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