Date A Live Season 4: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Date A Live, or Dēto A Raibu, is one of the most famous Japanese anime series, a series on dating, illustrated by Tsunako. In this series, the male protagonist has to date spirits in order to defeat them. The audience will love the character growth in this series. It’s a non-stop action series. Also, the music goes well with the storyline and that’s a plus. Its based on a light novel series which was released in March 2011. The first and second season premiered in 2013 and 2014 respectively, while Season 3 came out in 2019. Read on to find out more.

Date A Live Plot:

Thirty years before, a spatial quake devastates the entire world. The first Spacequake kills more than 150 millions of people due to an enormous eruption. These spacequakes are declared as a natural disaster. Thirty years later, the story takes place in Tokyo where a high school boy Shido Itsuka who has a cute adopted sister. One day, while trying to save his little sister, he gets into a blast. In the middle of the mayhem, he runs across a mysterious girl. Later he is saved by an Anti-Spirit Team which is commanded by her adopted sister. His adopted sister Kotori tells him that the girl he saw is one of the spirits that travel from different dimensions to the real world. He also gets to know that Kotori is the Commander of the airship Fraxinus which is run by Ratatoskr organization. He gets enlisted in the organization and is asked to use his powers to stop spirits before it gets too late. He has a task to make every girl spirit fall in love with him.

However, there is a catch: He has to kiss spirits in order to seal their powers. Origami Tobiichi is a classmate of Shido who is a sergeant of the Anti-Spirit Team. It is a unit which extinguishes threats caused by spirits. Shido starts dating spirits one by one and gathers strong allies. He has to safeguard his planet by those who tend to wreck it. In the second season, Shido Itsuka uses his power to the seal the first spirit. These spirits are known to be very dangerous who possess great powers. Shido is the lucky one to have the power to stop the spirits from cause any further destruction. He gets himself into threatening dates with pretty spirits to save mankind.

In Season 2, Shido has multiple dreams just like the ones he used to have in season 1. These dreams show some relation with the one of his dream of the graveyard and Yuri Hyuga. He also meets the spirit of Alice Elliot who had once occurred in his dreams. He wants to know about his past so he starts dating Alice. Alice is the girl from Shido’s past but he doesn’t have any memories of his past because of amnesia. He later starts acting like Yuri, even the colour of his hairs starts to change. In his dream, Alice used to call him by the name of Yuri and he realizes that he is Yuri. Long story short, Shido is a spirit but he doesn’t know that he is a spirit.

Date A Live Characters:

Shido Itsuka: He is a very kind-hearted and sympathetic young boy and has the power to seal 99% of the powers of spirits by kissing them. He is the main protagonist of the series. He is affected by supernatural disasters. He does not remember any of his life before his adoption. He likes helping all who are in trouble.

Tohka Yatogami: She is the first spirit encountered and later to be saved by Shido Itsuka. She has purple eyes and dark purple hair. She gets jealous when Shido kisses Yoshino because she has feelings for him. She is capable of absorbing power from all other spirits. She is also shown to be a foodie. She is shown to be expressive. For example, her ribbon wiggles when she is hungry or happy and excited. She is one of the strongest spirits to be shown in the story.

Kotori Itsuka: She is the commander of Ratatoskr. She is an adopted sister of Shido. She has red eyes and red hair.

Yoshino: She was the second spirit to be shown in the series. She has the ability to have rainfall whenever she is shown and the reason is that she can control all three states of matter. She is also shown to be of shy nature and has a hand puppet. Later in the series, she is shown to seal off her powers.

Kurumi Tokisaki: She is the third spirit that is shown and she kills people by dragging them into her shadow. She is quite a dark character shown to have killed 10000 people.

Yamai: Yamai is worth mentioning as she is twin spirit. Whenever they appear, they cause a storm to happen. Though originally they were one, they got split into two different personalities namely Kaguya and Yuzuru. This adds another arc to the plot of the series, one which is quite interesting and crucial to its storyline.

Mukuro Hoshmiya: She is the tenth spirit and shown to be an emotionless one. Later in the series, her emotions are unlocked and she shows emotions. Among all the spirits, she has been shown with the longest hair.

Date A Live Season 3 Release Date:

Fans had been waiting for a long time for season 3 of Date A Live. Finally, there prayers were answered and Season 3 released on Jan 11, 2019.  Now that the third season has premiered, fans are now eagerly waiting for the announcement of a Season 4.

It is expected that Season 4 announcement will be made soon considering the 4th volume of manga has already released. If Season 4, many of the key staff members would return. The biggest challenge would be if J.C. Staff will continue their production.  It doesn’t look like fans will have to wait too long for the series and the many travel antics of Kurumi’s time travel. With the addition of new characters and its recurring characters from the previous seasons, it is sure to make a worthy watch. Stay tuned to this section to find out more. If Season 4 happens, it is expected to release in either 2021 or 2022. We will update this section with relevant details.

Date A Live English Dubbed:

Being the popular anime that it proved to be, Date a Live swiftly received an English subbing for its series. It was licensed by Funimation and a host of talented voice-actors were brought on board to ensure no stone was left unturned in creating a masterpiece. If you are searching for English dub episodes of Date A Life then you can stream it on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Anime-Planet. Enjoy!

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