Are David and Lydia From Too Hot To Handle Still Together?

April 17, 2020
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Netflix’s steamy new reality show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ is probably the sauciest dating competition of the year. Filled with smoke-shows and some of the sexiest individuals from around the world, the new series focuses on developing meaningful connections. Eliminating the desire to indulge in insignificant flings, the journey allows the players to forge emotional bonds with their partners. While many felt challenged by the show’s ‘sex-ban’, David breezed through it. He adjusted to the process after a few days and even changed his perspective on relationships. David Birtwistle wasn’t worried about causing a deduction in the $100,000 prize money as he hadn’t formed a successful connection with anyone. That was until Lydia Clyma walked in.

David and Lydia: Too Hot To Handle Journey

David, the super-ripped hunk from London, is probably the best player on the show. A perfect gentleman and a great friend, he is not only a fan-favorite but also earned love and respect from his co-stars. David had fancied Rhonda from the very first day and tried to make a move on her too. But, she was swept off her feet by Sharron.

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It’s rare I do this but more recently I’ve been looking back and looking forward because the right now isn’t too exciting . Being at home so much with less to do than normal, it’s given me time to reflect on what I love about life . 1) Freedom – to travel, to talk, to think, to create, to do. It is a great privilege to do all of them and something that brings me great joy. 2) Flexibility – monotony kills my happiness. I want the variety and the new. New experiences shape our beliefs and allow us to grow as people. Being stuck in the same environment provides no new stimulus to evolve. 3) Family – Riding solo is fun but lacks depth. The more I invest in people, show them my vulnerabilities, flaws and talk openly with them, the deeper our relationships go. . How many of the people you used to hang out with are actually checking in with you at the moment? . By taking this time of a slightly less fast paced life, I’m learning a lot about myself, that I can hopefully take into the future. . What have you learned about yourself recently? . #actionsreflectpriorities

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The producers and players later tried to pair him up with Chloe, as they shared a friendly and flirtatious bond that had the potential to turn into something more. They even went on a date, but Chloe didn’t feel a spark with him and shut him down. David stayed patient and smiled through the heartbreak.

Once again, during a workshop, when he was partnered up with Rhonda, he felt his emotions for her bubble up inside. Rhonda, too, seemed to be open to explore an equation with him. But, he later stepped away from her out of respect for Sharron.

Just when he was about to give up on the process, Lydia walked in. Lydia was a new addition to the show, who appeared in episode 6. Her late entry, just a few days before the finale, didn’t help David’s case. Even though he wooed her and enjoyed a good connection with her, they couldn’t become an official couple.

David was smitten by Lydia from the first time he laid his eyes on her. He described her as his type. They clicked instantly, and David set up a romantic date for her. Experiencing intense sexual chemistry, the duo broke the rule by kissing each other and lost $3,000 from the prize fund. Their young blossoming romance helped David end the show on a positive and hopeful note.

Are David and Lydia Still Together?

According to David and Lydia’s Instagram accounts, it doesn’t seem like their budding love transformed into anything substantial. Even though both of them reside in London, and a full-fledged relationship could have been easy, it seems as if they weren’t quite ready for it yet. While David embraced the learning process, the same cannot be said about Lydia.

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I’d like to think I was a pretty strong willed individual. I’ve put myself through countless gruelling fitness challenges, 2 degrees & got up at 5am and worked till 7pm for years. . Yet when it comes to girls, everything just seems tougher. . A recent relationship I had was brilliant in every way 6 days of the week. Someone I got on with amazingly, like when you just click with someone and it’s awesome. Only problem was, once each week we would argue about something. Often nothing even important. I had this battle in my head about what to do. . For 6 months I went through this pattern of being super happy, arguing, getting very upset and having lots of my mental strength go into trying to resolve it. . I knew it wasn’t good for me but when I’m in it, I found it so hard to leave. Always hoping that it would be the last argument and that the happy days would just continue. . Why do we stop thinking clearly when we like someone? . When we finally broke up I was not the guy that I was 6 months prior, it was a genuine low point for me. My confidence was knocked, I was quiet and ducking out of parties early. I’m usually the life of the party, not chilling in a corner. . The things I took from this are: 1) Your partner should always be looking for solutions and resolutions when there is a disagreement 2) Trust your instincts 3) If you’re unhappy, you’ve got to be strong and take action to change that 4) Don’t get blinded by the love 5) Compassion, understanding, trust and support are key to happiness in a relationship . I prioritise a happy long term relationship . #actionsreflectpriorities . . . . . . #relationshipquotes #relationshipgoals #relationships #happiness #mentality #mindset #relationship #lifestyle #pma

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First of all, let’s appreciate David for creating a brand new Instagram account right after the filming wrapped up in June 2019. He was probably building up for his brand-new reality TV stardom. David is seen as a changed man by the end of the season, who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. He has since then opened up about his insecurities on his social media page. His picture captions tell his story and motivate his followers to do the same. Some of his Instagram captions hint at the possibility of him still being single.

On the other hand, Lydia seems to have gotten close to co-star, Bryce, after the show ended. Bryce hosts boat parties in California and Lydia seemed to be at one of them after the shoot ended. Bryce’s boat party account on Instagram recently posted a picture of Lydia from a party that was held in June 2019. He had also jokingly called her ‘wife’ in the comments section.

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Other than that, the duo seems to be busy with their respective careers. While David is a fitness coach and an ambassador for Nike Training, Lydia is a model, actor, and TV presenter. She used to be a ring girl for boxing and MMA and has also featured on reality shows before.

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MMA Presenting 🎤🥊

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