Where is David From Too Hot To Handle Today?

April 18, 2020
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When David first entered Netflix’s new reality dating competition ‘Too Hot To Handle’, he wasn’t expecting the retreat to be so enlightening. The show became a turning point in this gentleman’s life. With ten hot singles from around the world locked away in a villa and a ‘sex-ban’ in place, the series definitely tested the player’s self-control and will power. David is one of the cast members who showed genuine and tremendous growth in the show. He not only tried to embrace the process but also learned about letting go and vulnerability.

Who is David Birtwistle?

The 28-year-old personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach, David Birtwistle, belongs to London. Having a background in petroleum engineering, this smart and sexy hunk was also a rugby player. David is an ambassador for Nike Training and also hosts Helios Fitness Retreats. He is also the owner of a performance coaching company and entertains clients from all over the world.

David is a fan-favorite whose character arc development shows massive potential on the show. Always a gentleman and a true friend, he keeps other’s needs before his. His relentless attempts to form a connection with Rhonda and Chloe earns our respect. But, the rejections and failure don’t keep him heartbroken for long.

Instead of sulking, he participates in the workshops with all his heart. Immersing himself into the process, he embraces the true nature of masculinity, the art of being vulnerable, letting go of the past, and getting over insecurities. A lot of times, these workshops make him emotional and leave him teary-eyed. But, he doesn’t give up.

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OMG I cannot believe the overwhelmingly positive reaction from everyone today! 💙 . I’ve been waiting a year to see this and I was so nervous this morning but I could not be more happy with how @toohotnetflix has come out. . I’ve always been sceptical of reality TV but I trusted in this process and to go on this journey was amazing. . Right now, I am back in the villa, reliving those moments again with some amazing people that bring me joy, happiness and excitement. . Thank you to everyone who has messaged me today with such kind words. They mean so much 💙 . Right now I’m on Ep.4 and trying to save some more excitement for tomorrow so no spoilers in the comments 😉 . #actionsreflectpriorities

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He finally finds a mutual liking with the newcomer, Lydia. Their young blossoming romance keeps the audience hopeful for David’s victory. In the finale, he wins a piece of the prize money and manages to take home $7,500.

Where is David Now?

According to his Instagram account, David is back in London and focusing on his fitness career. It seems like things between him and Lydia didn’t get too far. Probably single, he confessed to being a changed man. In a recent interview, he shared that the show changed his perspective on relationships. He has now stopped dating meaninglessly. He is looking for a long-term commitment and partner now because he wants a wife in the future. David is also in touch with all cast members and on good terms with all. He can be seen engaging in ‘witty banter’ with his co-star, Nicole, in the comments section of her photos. He is mostly seen working out in the gym or at home.

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