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Deadly Women Season 13: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

February 23, 2019
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Good characters and script are what engages people. A good collection of characters interacting with each other makes people return to a TV series every time they are in front of the TV or a desktop. Deadly Woman is one such impeccable Investigative Discovery series.  We have always seen male murders and their world of horror, but this series focuses on the intention of female murderers and their methods of murder. Through this series, the director takes the audience inside the chaotic heads of these Deadly Women.

Investigation Discovery investigates “the motives and M.O. of female murderers.” It is said, “While males are often driven by anger, impulse and destruction, women usually have more complex, long-term reasons to kill.”

Deadly Women Season 13 Cast: Who is in it?

Cast in not permanent in crime documentaries as the story changes and so the cast changes with time. The only people who have remained constant in this in thrilling crime documentary are Lynnanne Zager (Narrator), Candice Delong (criminal profiler) and Janis Amatuzio (Forensic pathologist). TheTV series first aired on Discovery Channel back in 2005 as a three-part miniseries, its episodes titled Greed, Obsession, and Revenge. After three years, it resumed in 2008 through Investigation Discovery and gained popularity in time. After completing twelve seasons, the producer and director should be all set for season 13.

Deadly Women Season 13 Plot: What is about?

This is an investigative crime documentary that lets the audience know about the cold blood killings committed by females. Some killed fora personal grudge, some killed out of thrill. To be precise, crime writers and detectives reveals the inside truth of women murderers who have been involved in some of the deadliest murders that mankind has witnessed.

Season 2 (2008-2009) is when Deadly Women actually got the fame it deserved as it was resurrected through ID.  This season came with changes where each episode portrayed three cases instead of the four that were part of the format of its previous season.

In one episode aired on December 24, 2008, Melinda Loveless, a girl kidnaps a 12-year-old in Madison, Indiana with the help of three of her buddies. The victim named shanda Renne Sharer was tortured and burned by her kidnappers. This incident brought worldwide attention since this sinful activity was done by minors aged 15 and 17. This murder was documented and portrayed in this episode which made the audience very emotional.

In another episode, the case of Brenda Spencer, a minor of 16 years old was portrayed. This girl open-fired on a schoolyard saying that she didn’t like Mondays. This stupid act of hers killed two and injured nine. Police sentenced her to 25 years in prison and Brenda has never been excused for parole since then. This case showed the audience that teenagers can be fickle minded and so it is very important to give them attention.  The case earned worldwide recognition through this episode

Futher into the psyche of deadly women, the murder by Bobble sue Dudley was documented – a nurse who killed more than 12 patients with an overdose of insulin. The police found the women guilty of second-degree murder, and she was sentenced to 65 years’ imprisonment. She could not serve her sentence in its entirety as she died behind prison bars before her term was up. This registered nurse was a victim of the Munchausen Syndrome which formed the main reason behind the killings. The episode aptly covered all her flaws.

A season 5 episode aired on August 9, 2011, focused on Darlie Router, a taxed housewife who killed her own children. According to police reports, she was jealous of the attention given to her children. In order to prevent going to jail, she staged a break-in. She brutally stabbed her two sons and now awaits the death penalty.

The series also told the grappling account of Frances Elaine Newton, a cold-hearted woman who killed her two children and husband for insurance money. The woman was executed by the state of Texas in 2005. Susan Diane Eubanks, a woman with the belief that all men are liars and cheaters, killed her ex-husband and also her four children. Susan was sentenced to death in California.

Deadly Women brings to screen some of the most horrifying, sinful, and malicious crimes of passion committed by women and shares insight into their psyche. Season 13 will be seen following suit.

Deadly Women Season 13: Release Date: When it will premiere?

Going with its continuity of coming every year, you can expect season 13 to air in the latter half of 2019. Rumours have been doing rounds that it will be the best season till date with some hair-raising and gruelling cases of greed, obsession and revenge brought to light through its episodes. However, there is no official statement confirming its air date. We will keep you updated with the latest news and development in the series.

Deadly Women Season 13 Trailer

It’s only a matter of time that season 13 will premiere at your doorstep. The show will be available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Investigation Discovery. For now, just enjoy the flavour of the last season which has got everyone hooked. Enjoy the beautiful narration by Lynnanne Zager and crime profiling by Candice Delong.

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