Death Parade Season 2: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Death Parade is a Japanese anime series that was released in 2015. The television series has been conceived, conceptualized and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa. The series has been produced by the Madhouse. Death Parade aired its first season in Japan on 9th January 2015 while the finale aired on 27th March 2015. A short film based on the anime named Death Billiards was also made. Produced by Madhouse, it was initially made for the Young Animator Training Project’s Anime Mirai 2013. The movie premiered on 2nd March 2013. The anime has been licensed by Funimation in North America; Anime Limited licensed the series in the United Kingdom and in Australia and New Zealand, it was licensed by Madman Entertainment for distribution purpose. The dubbed version of the series started streaming on February 18, 2015, on Funimation and Twitch.

It is January 2019 and still, there is no response or a certified announcement related to the following season. At this point in time, there is not much of a substantial plot for the second season and the writer Yuzuri Tachikawa would have to write up a whole story, only then will it release. In conclusion, the official announcement for the release of the second season is yet to be made but popular fan speculation is of the opinion that it will release in the year 2019 or 2020. Madhouse hardly releases the sequel of any anime series but after the declaration, fans are waiting keenly for its announcement because the first season gained a lot of admiration and still a lot of things are desired to be discovered from the first season. Death Parade creates a very healthy impression over the mind of an audience which makes it get tremendous success. Audience and fans are sure Madhouse will absolutely consider the request of its fans for releasing Death parade season 2.

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Death Parade Plot:

After dying, humans either go to heaven if they were good or to hell if they were evil. However, when a person dies in an instant, he is sent to neither of the places, but to Quindecim bar, for unknown reasons. When arriving here, the souls have no recollection of how they died. From this bar, the souls can either be reincarnated or can either be sent into the void. The judgment of what will happen to a soul is passed by Decim, the white-haired bartender of the bar. In the Quindecim, these souls have to go through a series of games which reveal their true nature and helps Decim who is an arbiter of souls to make the correct judgments. However, everything changes for Decim when he meets his human assistant, a black-haired curious woman who works under the arbiter of souls to learn how the games are used to judge these souls.

Death Parade Characters:

Decim: The arbiter of souls, he is the protagonist of the story. He works as a bartender in the Quindecim bar and has to make decisions on what happens to a soul after judging them in the games. His is a difficult and trying job, His hobby is to make mannequins that resemble those guests that he had previously judged. He enjoys doing this immensely. He is known to have no human emotions and is the first puppet or dummy that Nona gave emotions to, for reasons unknown.

Chiyuki: The curious black-haired girl who turns Decim’s life around, she is a human with initially no memory of her life or even her name. She works as an assistant in the Quindecim bar to learn the basic methods and techniques that arbiters use to judge if a soul will be reincarnated or sent into the void, based on the game results. This can have strong repercussions.

Nona: The protagonists’ boss, she is the one who added human emotions in Decim for her own personal reasons. She manages the entire tower in which the Quindecim bar is located. She mostly works from the 90th floor and sometimes, though rarely, supervises or oversees the games. She is highly efficient at what she does and leaves no stone unturned in ensuring others too do the same.

Death Parade Season 2 Release Date:

After the finale of the first season, a lot of things were left unresolved, so the fans all over the world are waiting eagerly for the second season. By the finale, Decim had started showing some human emotions, but a lot of things and changes were yet to be discovered. An official statement was made by the production team at Madhouse about the second season after a long discussion in October 2016, but there has been no progress whatsoever. Madhouse is also known for not making sequels, but this anime can be an exception. The delay in the production of the sequel has been blamed on the lack of material and story plot. However, fans are still eagerly waiting after the announcement and there have been rumours that the second season will be released sometime in 2019. Rest assured, we will be updating this section with the latest news and developments in the series. An air date will be added as and when it is announced. The series has gained massive support from the audience, so let’s hope season 2 premieres soon. So, stay tuned!

Death Parade season 2 English Dubbed:

For the fans overseas, the production aired the English dubbed episodes of the previous seasons on the same day the original episodes were aired. Fans who prefer to watch anime having English audio can rejoice as there was a good deal of people who had requested the studio to release an English dub for it. The dubbing cast has been credited for doing a great job and the fans have also appreciated the dubbed episodes. The voice actors are a talented lot. You can watch Death Parade English dubbed on Funimation, and Crunchyroll.

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