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Dino Dana Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

December 6, 2018
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Dino Dana started first premiered on 26 May 2017 and was followed by the second season on 24 May 2018. It is a Canadian education cum animation show started by Sinking Ship Entertainment in association within Two Kids, a renowned production company. In this series, a nine-year old girl named Dana Jain starts a journey to conduct dinosaur or Dino experiments. Her world changes forever when she is handed the Dino field guide which makes her come face to face with dinosaurs in reality. Through her experiments, she learns about dinosaurs, pterosaurs, prehistoric marine reptiles, and prehistoric mammals. The series revolves around the experiments along with Dana’s mother, grandmother and her older stepsister.

The show has won not only many hearts but has gone on to become a highly acclaimed TV series and won the Won the Shaw Rocket Prize for Best Independently Produced Canadian Children’s, Youth, or family program, in 2010 it won the Young Artist Award for Most Outstanding Young Ensemble In A TV Series, in 2015 Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Pre-School Children’s Series and in 2017, it won the Kidscreen Award for Best New Series. The series teaches children a lot about the biggest creatures that roamed earth once upon a time in a fun manner using some good quality animation. The show has highly been recommended by everyone for viewership by children as it teaches them life lessons along with some quality education.

Dino Dana Season 3 Cast: Who is in it?

The show boasts of a powerful star cast that is a storehouse of talent. The show stars Sydney Kuhne as Angie, Isaac Durnford as Cory Schluter, Jaclyn Forbes as Kami, Alana Harkin as Mom (Melissa Jessica), Ricardo Hoyos as Ricardo Sanchez, Trek Buccino as Trek Henderson, KaenaBastidas as Jordan, Sarah Carver as Mrs. Carver, Andrea Martin as Mrs. Hahn, Jayne Eastwood as Dan’s grandmother (Ms. Currie), Mark McKinney as Mr. Drumheller, Jason spevack as Dan Henderson who have kept the audience glued with their amazing performances. The highlight of the show is the captivating animation by the team.

Dino Dana Season 3 Plot: What is it about?

The 3rd season will be expected to pick up with the same zeal with which the previous season ended, i.e., it will continue to sensationalize its encounters with dinosaurs. Paleontologist-in-training, Dan Henderson will continue to conduct experiments with his friend. The animation is combined with live action to explore the past world of dinosaurs. They roam freely to learn more about this species, their facts and figures, types of dinosaurs and pass on this information to the children. Trek’s adventure is about Dan’s younger brother who also conducts experiments like his elder brother. Dan gives him the responsibility to conduct the experience on his behalf as he has to help their father.

Dino Dana Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The air date for season 3 of Dino Dana is yet to be declared by the production company. We have no word on the renewal status as yet but will be looking to update this section as soon as we know. Stay tuned until then!

Dino Dana Season 3 Trailer

Here is the trailer for the seconf season of Dino Dana to bring up your enthusiasm for the series a notch higher. We will update this section with a new trailer for season 3 whenever it is released. Stay tuned for updates.

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